Annoytools 3018 Plus CNC Machine now available at $389

In addition to 3D printers and laser engravers, we also have CNC machines, perhaps a little less well-known. A CNC machine is an automated device that uses a computer to control and guide tool movements in manufacturing and production. It enables cutting, milling, drilling, turning and other manufacturing processes to be carried out with high precision and high repeatability. This type of machine is also becoming more and more affordable for the general public, who can do many DIY things. This is particularly the case with the ANNOYTOOLS CNC 3018 Plus on sale today.

Super Offer

The Annoytools 3018 plus CNC is currently available on for only $389 after redeeming the coupon code: GBAN20 :. So, If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is a great deal.

Buy and Save

Advantages to purchase on operates with a local warehouse, which means your products are likely to be readily available for shipping. Not only that, he offers free shipping with a generous 7-day refund and a 30-day exchange policy.

Characteristics of Annoytools 3018 Plus

This 3018+ CNC milling machine is an advanced and affordable carving, milling, and engraving machine. It is easy to assemble, in less than 45 minutes.

The chassis is made of very thick aluminum alloy. The drives are endless screws. The linear guides are made of 12mm diameter precision steel, which allows for smooth and precise movements. A powerful 500W 52mm motor with E11 collet is included and can engrave and cut many materials including aluminum.

The all-metal Z-axis has 60mm of vertical travel, allowing you to use 1/4? bits! Your creative possibilities can be taken to the next level while saving money. The motherboard of this CNC machine is GRBL F1.1, which is compatible with related design and control software. Software and assembly instructions are included.

Buy and Save

It allows you to work with many materials: wood, of course, but also aluminum, carbon fiber, etc.

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