Xiaomi Mijia High-Speed Hair Dryer H701 Unveild In China

Xiaomi has just made waves in the beauty and grooming industry by announcing the launch of its latest innovation, the Mijia High-speed Hair Dryer H701. Set to officially hit the market on September 6, this advanced hair dryer is poised to revolutionize the way we approach hair care. With a starting price of 579 yuan (about $80), Xiaomi is making a bold statement with this new addition to their Mijia product lineup.

The Xiaomi Mijia High-speed Hair Dryer H701 boasts a plethora of features and technologies, positioning it as a must-have tool for anyone seeking salon-quality hair care in the comfort of their own home. Below are the key features that make this hair dryer stand out:

Double-needle Nano Water Ion Hair Care and 65m/s High Wind Speed

Xiaomi has integrated advanced double-needle nano water ion technology into the H701, which delivers unparalleled hair care benefits. This innovative feature ensures that your hair remains hydrated and nourished, even during the drying process.

Besides, with a remarkable wind speed of 65 meters per second, the Mijia H701 dries your hair in record time. Say goodbye to long and tedious drying sessions, as this hair dryer will have your locks looking fabulous in no time.

13 Hair Blowing Modes and 57° Constant Temperature Hair Care

Xiaomi understands that every hair type is unique. That’s why they’ve equipped the H701 with an impressive array of 13 hair-blowing modes, allowing you to customize your drying experience to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Maintaining the right temperature is crucial for healthy hair. The H701 ensures your hair is exposed to a gentle and consistent 57-degree temperature, preventing heat damage and promoting hair health.

200 Million Negative Ions to Soothe Frizz

Frizzy hair can be a challenge, but Xiaomi’s solution lies in the generation of 200 million negative ions. These ions help to tame frizz, leaving your hair looking smooth and sleek.

Multiple Noise Reduction Design

Xiaomi has also prioritized your comfort during the hair-drying process. The multiple noise reduction design ensures a quiet and peaceful experience, allowing you to focus on getting ready without any unnecessary distractions.

Triple Overheating Protection

Safety is paramount, and Xiaomi has taken it seriously. The H701 is equipped with triple overheating protection mechanisms, ensuring that it operates safely and reliably.

Double-layer Magnetic Suction Nozzle and Detachable Wind Net

Changing nozzles on your hair dryer has never been easier. The double-layer magnetic suction nozzle design simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. Cleaning your hair dryer is now a breeze, thanks to the detachable wind net. It’s a simple yet effective feature that enhances the overall maintenance of the H701.

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Although platforms like Xiaomi Mall and JD Mall have yet to list the Mijia High-speed Hair Dryer H701, eager customers can anticipate more detailed information in the near future.

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