Xiaomi Mijia Graphene Baseboard Heater 2 Presented, Priced at $55

The new smart electric heater has a power of 2200W and can reach a temperature of 28°C in a few seconds.

Xiaomi, known for its innovative and affordable tech products, has once again stepped up its game with the release of the Xiaomi Mijia Graphene Baseboard Electric Heater 2. This advanced heating solution is hitting the market well in advance of winter, allowing users to prepare for the colder months ahead.

This advanced electric heater was officially presented on the Xiaomi Mijia Department Store, the online sales channel dedicated to Xiaomi smart home products in China. The introductory price is 399 yuan (about $55), and shipments will start from 10 September. Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of this impressive heater.

Elegant and Functional Design

The Xiaomi Mijia Graphene Baseboard Electric Heater 2 features a sleek, arc-shaped streamlined design that complements any room decor. Its all-in-one pure white body adds a touch of modernity to your living space. The LED screen and touch buttons make it easy to adjust the temperature to your liking, offering a range of 16-28°C. Additionally, you can set it to operate for 1-12 hours with the built-in timer function.

Efficient Heating Performance

The Xiaomi Mijia Graphene Baseboard Electric Heater 2 boasts a powerful 2200W heating element that can provide rapid warmth. It achieves this through the use of a graphene-coated heating plate, which is a remarkable advancement in heating technology. Graphene is known for its exceptional thermal conductivity, and in this heater, it efficiently conducts heat, resulting in a 23.7% increase in heat dissipation efficiency. With this system, you can experience cozy warmth in just 5 seconds after powering it on.

Convection and Graphene Technology

Unlike traditional air-conditioning heating systems, this baseboard heater utilizes a combination of thermal convection and graphene thermal conductivity. This approach minimizes the sensation of blowing air, reducing the evaporation of moisture in the atmosphere, and helping to maintain a comfortable level of humidity indoors. This feature is especially beneficial in preventing the dryness that often accompanies other heating methods.

Versatile Control Options

This heater doesn’t just stop at physical controls. It embraces smart technology with IPX4 waterproofing, making it resistant to splashes from various angles. You can also control it through voice commands with Xiaoai voice control, use the Mijia App for remote control, and schedule operations such as timing on/off and target temperature adjustments.


Safety Features

Safety is a top priority for Xiaomi, and the Mijia Graphene Baseboard Heater 2 reflects that commitment. It includes features like overheating and power-off protection to prevent any accidents. If the heater is accidentally knocked over, it will automatically power off. Furthermore, there’s a child lock design to keep curious little hands away from potentially hot surfaces.

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