Historic Low: EKX X21 E-Bike – $1,799 from $1,999!

Epic Price Drop: EKX X21 E-Bike - $1,799, was $1,999!

One of the highest selling off-road electric bikes, the EKX X21 e-bike, is now available for only $1,799. What’s so exciting about this deal? It is the first time that this 2000W motor with 35AH battery electric mountain bike gets this low a price. Originally, it cost $1,999, but it went as low as $1,950. So now is your chance to get a 120-150 km endurance battery pack with a 2000-watt motor that can reach up to 55km/h max speed.

Also, there is a rear shock, double hydraulic disc brakes, a 7-Speed Shimano gear system, and an LCD. What’s the cost of an e-bike? Usually, the 2000-watt and higher e-mountain bikes cost over $2,500. Plus, the EKX X20 off-road e-bike with 2000W and a 35AH battery is also available with a $388 off coupon code: W8LCT1XEJM32 for an incredible $1,411 price. However, this $388 coupon expires August 30, PST.

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The EKX X21 SE and the X20 electric mountain bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, 20-inch x 4-inch-wide snow tires, a 2000W brushless motor, and a 35AH battery. However, the EKX X21 SE has an extra rear shock and an upgraded design for more comfort on mountains, hills, or muddy tracks. The EKX X21 e-bike is for bicycle sports, stunts, off-roading, or a daily commute. In contrast, the EKX X20 has more city and trekking e-bike appeal. Also, the X20 costs much less than the X21 SE. Both have the latest LCDs, ergonomic throttles, oil damping for extra comfort, and aluminum alloy frames. These have front LED and rear LED headlights.

So these best-selling electric bicycles with car damping, a 2000W motor, and a 35AH large-capacity battery are available with fantastic discounts. The EKX X21 e-bike price is only $1,799 for a limited time. And if you want to save even more, the X20 off-road e-bike is available for only $1,411 with a 2000W and 35AH battery.

Buy EKX X21 for only $1,799 on AliExpress.

Buy EKX X21 for only $1,411 on AliExpress. Collect $388 store coupon.

$388 Coupon Code: W8LCT1XEJM32

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