Apple Watch X Set to Amaze with Fresh Body, Straps, and Sensor Advancements

Apple is gearing up for the unveiling of its latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch X, the Series 9. However, insights from leaks and the crystal ball of analysts indicate that the forthcoming smart watch might embrace a sense of déjà vu in the 2022 models. Mark Gurman, a voice from Bloomberg, boldly suggests that the Series 9 is poised to etch its name in the annals of the Apple Watch saga as “perhaps the most subtly evolved upgrade the product lineage has witnessed.

The upcoming Apple Watch Series X will introduce a swifter chipset. Also, fresh color options, but the changes remain relatively modest. If you happen to own a 2022 model, there’s scant justification to consider switching. This scenario is a recurring theme each year. Thus, prompting Apple to supposedly engage in earnest deliberations about elongating the intervals between Apple Watch releases. The aim is to provide more noteworthy upgrades over extended periods.

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The iPhone brand will probably stick to yearly releases. This is mainly to attract users from other smartwatch brands, rather than getting Apple Watch users to upgrade annually.

The 10th generation is on the horizon. The iPhone brand intends to name it the “Watch X.” Unlike the Series 9, Gurman asserts that the X will mark the most significant upgrade in Apple Watch history. This aligns with watchOS 10, a major overhaul of Apple’s wrist OS. Still, note that watchOS 10 will reach older watches too; it’s not exclusive to the 2024 generation.

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Apple wants to make the Apple Watch X case thinner. They’re also planning to change how the wristbands attach to it, something they haven’t done before. The way it’s currently done takes up too much space that is usable for the battery, according to people in the know. They’re thinking about using magnets to attach the wristbands, but that might not be ready for the launch next year.

Apple was the first to use LTPO displays in Watch Series 5 smartwatch. Now, they’re preparing for the next step – microLED displays. Also, they’ve been developing a blood pressure sensor for a while, and it might be ready by 2024.

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