Get a $390 Discount for Top-Selling EKX X20 Electric Bike and 51% off on X21 E-Bike

The EKX X20 electric bike is now available with two extravagant discount coupons, a $390, and a $200 coupon. The new EKX X21 SE Ebike is also available with a 51% off discount. Both are among the top-selling e-bikes. So, if you spend $1,790, you will get a $390 discount, and the off-road Ebike will only cost you $1,400. And if you spend or purchase $1,650, a $200 discount coupon will apply. Thus, you can buy the EKX X20 electric cycle for only $1,450. But the benefit of using these coupons is that you can buy a 2000W motor with a 35AH large-capacity battery while saving a lot. Famous YouTuber, Unbox Therapy, recommended the X20 mountain e-bike for many reasons. However, the $390 discount coupon is only available till August 20, and the $200 coupon till August 13, PT.

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EKX X20 and X21 Off-Road E-Bike Features:

The fat tire e-bike from the EKX brand is one of the best-selling snow tire electric bikes. It comes with 4-inch wide and 20-inch-wide tires for all types of roads and terrain. This Ebike has an aluminum alloy frame, an LCD, dual disc brakes, 7-Speed Shimano gears, and 1000W and 2000W motor options. Also, there are car damping shock absorbers for extreme comfort on rocky or bumpy roads. EKX X20 electric bike has a 55km/h max speed, 40–120 km mileage, a 150kg load capacity, and three riding modes.

On the other hand, the EKX X21 SE off-road electric bike has 150km of mileage, a 55km/h max speed, a 2000W motor, and a 35AH battery. In addition to the adjustable front hydraulic shocks, it also has a rear shock. There are professional oil disc brakes and stronger shocks for mountaineering, trekking, or sports.

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How to buy EKX X21 or EKX X20 electric bike using discount coupons?

Details for the store coupons: 

Spend $1,780, Get $390 off(excludes shipping costs)

Expires 2023/08/20

$390 Coupon Code: 9FE6CR347TOI

Spend $1,650, Get $200 off(excludes shipping costs)

Expires 2023/08/13

$200 Coupon Code: 4CMRJC6YSAYP

The EKX X20 electric bike price starts at $1,299 with a 1000W motor and 10AH battery. But the 2000W with 35AH battery model costs $1,899. So, if you collect or use the $390 over $1,780 store coupon code, it will only cost $1,509. There is also the option of a 2000W with a 30AH battery model that has a $1,799 price. If you use the $390 coupon for this order, it will only cost $1,409. In addition, there is the 2000W motor with a 25AH battery that has a $1,699 price. The $200 over $1,650 coupon is applicable here, and the discounted price will be only $1,499. Hence, the 2000W with a 30AH or 35AH battery is the best option for maximum savings.

The EKX X21 SE off-road electric bike has a $1,959 price tag for a 2000W and 35AH battery model. But it is also available with a 2000W motor and 20AH battery for only $1,799.

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