N-One Npad Pro Android 12 Tablet Review

In recent years, the rise of smartphones with larger screens has threatened the market share of tablet PCs. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent surge in online learning have revived the demand for tablets. The need for larger screens for online courses and the added advantage of enhanced productivity and entertainment features have fueled the rapid recovery of the tablet market, particularly in the entry-level segment. To cater to the diverse requirements of users at an affordable price, N-One, an innovative brand known for its high-quality yet cost-effective smart products, has launched the N-One NPad Pro tablet.

The N-One NPad Pro tablet is the latest addition to the brand’s portfolio, promising an exceptional user experience in various scenarios. During our testing and user experience trials, we will delve into its performance and features. Designed to meet the fundamental needs of connectivity, multimedia consumption, and work-related tasks, this tablet stands out with its 4G capabilities akin to a smartphone, a QHD LCD screen for immersive visuals, and four high-quality speakers. With a compact and lightweight design, it boasts a sturdy metal chassis and comes pre-installed with the Android 12 operating system.

The N-One NPad Pro tablet caters to a wide range of user requirements, making it an appealing option for those seeking a reliable and versatile device. With a focus on delivering a seamless and efficient experience, this tablet aims to bridge the gap between mobile phones and traditional tablet PCs. Whether you’re attending online courses, engaging in office productivity, or enjoying entertainment and gaming, the N-One NPad Pro tablet ensures you won’t compromise on performance or functionality. With its competitive price point and commitment to quality, N-One continues to establish itself as a brand that offers accessible and innovative smart devices.

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The N-One NPad Pro tablet arrives in sleek and minimalistic packaging, resembling that of a high-end smartphone. The large white box, constructed from durable cardboard, features a smooth white surface with minimal branding and product information. Its simplistic design exudes elegance and professionalism.

Opening the box reveals a meticulously organized interior, with each component securely placed in foam holders. The package includes the N-One NPad Pro tablet itself, equipped with 8GB of memory, along with an 18W charging adapter and a USB-C charging and data cable. For added convenience, a SIM tray extractor is also included, making it effortless to install or replace the SIM card.

Furthermore, the package contains essential documentation to assist users in setting up and navigating the tablet. To ensure the tablet’s longevity, a protective plastic sheet is pre-applied to the screen. Additionally, the manufacturer has thoughtfully included a case with an extra hard shell and a tempered glass screen protector. These accessories are considered indispensable for users who desire continuous usage and enhanced protection for their devices.

The case being referred to is a durable and sturdy plastic casing designed specifically to hold and protect tablets. It features a thick edge and additional insulation around the camera area to ensure optimal safeguarding. Moreover, the casing is cleverly integrated into a textile cover, resembling a book in design. This unique cover not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves practical purposes. It allows for easy closure over the tablet’s screen and offers various angles for horizontal placement, catering to different user preferences. The combination of the rigid plastic casing and the textile cover creates a comfortable and secure environment for the device.

As a result, it is highly recommended for individuals who frequently travel or engage in outdoor activities. The purchase of this case ensures both convenience and peace of mind when using your tablet on the go.


The N-One NPad Pro stands out with its sleek and sturdy design! featuring an aluminum chassis that extends to both the rear area and edges. With dimensions of 280 mm in width, 180 mm in height, and a remarkable thickness of just 7.5 mm, this tablet impresses with its compactness, even in a competitive market. Weighing a mere 550 g, it promises effortless portability without compromising on performance. While it falls into the affordable tablet category! the N-One NPad Pro exudes a sense of quality upon the first touch. The dark gray color and refined finish on the back of the case elevate its appearance! giving it the allure of a higher-end product.

The screen area of the device is optimally utilized, featuring a sleek design with a 10 mm frame seamlessly integrated into the screen. One notable aesthetic aspect is its rounded corners, reminiscent of smartphone designs! which not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures seamless integration with the Android operating system. Positioned on the upper edge of the device in horizontal orientation! we find the selfie camera, accompanied by ambient light and proximity sensors! offering convenient functionality and further enhancing the user experience.

The rear side of the device features a unibody design that extends toward the edges! creating a sleek and seamless look. This design choice results in gentle curvature in the corners and edges, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the screen frames are adorned with bevels, adding a touch of sophistication. The material used in the construction of the device is metal! which gives it a premium feel and provides a satisfying grip when held with one or two hands.

Located in the upper corner of the rear side is the main camera, which showcases a modern and eye-catching design. It is housed within a prominent metal circle that stands out with its polished finish! adding a visual highlight to the device. Positioned just below the camera is the LED flash, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for capturing photos and videos.

The design of the speakers in this device is quite unique. They are positioned in the corners of both the top and bottom edges, and they feature small exit grills that allow sound to be emitted clearly and efficiently. Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the upper edge of the device has a central plastic area, a common feature found in other tablets. This area serves as a housing for the removable tray, which is capable of accommodating Dual NanoSIM cards as well as MicroSD cards. This arrangement provides users with the convenience of easily swapping out SIM cards or expanding the device’s storage capacity using a MicroSD card.

On the left side edge, you can find various other components and features. These include the power/lock button, which allows you to turn the device on or off and lock the screen. Adjacent to it are the volume buttons, which enable you to adjust the sound level of your device. Additionally, there is a call microphone, which ensures clear audio during phone calls. Lastly, you’ll find a USB-C charging and data port, which serves the purpose of both charging the device and transferring data to and from it.


The screen of the tablet is quite impressive considering its selling price. It features a 10.4-inch LCD IPS display that offers a native resolution of 2000x1200p. This high resolution results in a remarkable pixel density, ensuring excellent sharpness and image quality. However, when it comes to brightness, the tablet’s screen may not be its strongest feature. With a brightness rating of 300 nits, it performs adequately for outdoor use in well-lit environments. The refresh rate of the screen is the standard 60 Hz, without any surprises in that aspect.

Being an LCD IPS panel, the tablet’s screen may not offer the most vibrant colors or peak brightness levels. Nevertheless, it does provide a good color range and decent viewing angles. The combination of resolution and diagonal size contributes to a favorable pixel density per inch, enhancing the overall visual experience.

The tablet’s screen is comfortable for various activities such as watching movies, thanks in part to the quality of the sound reproduction. It is also suitable for gaming and reading. However, it may encounter some difficulties when used outdoors under direct sunlight, as the image readability diminishes in such conditions.

The tablet boasts an impressive feature that sets it apart from its competitors: Widevine L1 certification. This certification signifies that the tablet is equipped to support high-definition streaming on popular video platforms like Netflix and Prime Video, among others. With Widevine L1 certification, users can enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, and other video content in stunning high definition, immersing themselves in a visually captivating experience. This ensures that the tablet delivers exceptional video quality and meets the stringent requirements set by major streaming services. Whether it’s binge-watching a gripping series or indulging in a cinematic masterpiece, this tablet’s Widevine L1 certification guarantees an optimal streaming experience without compromising on visual fidelity.


The N-One Npad Pro Tablet boasts an impressive sound system that enhances the overall audio experience. The tablet is equipped with four strategically positioned speakers located in the corners and facing the front, which contributes to creating an immersive surround sound effect. However, what truly sets these speakers apart is their remarkable power. Even at the lowest volume setting, they produce a significant level of sound that can easily fill a quiet room, ensuring that every audio detail is heard with clarity.

Moreover, when cranked up to the maximum volume, the sound system maintains a commendable frequency balance, delivering a rich and well-rounded audio performance. The bass reproduction is particularly noteworthy, providing a satisfying level of depth without compromising the overall sound quality. Additionally, the absence of treble distortion ensures that high-frequency sounds are reproduced accurately, contributing to a pleasurable listening experience across various types of multimedia content.

Overall, the N-One Npad Pro Tablet excels in its multimedia capabilities! offering an impressive sound system that leaves users thoroughly satisfied. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to music, or engaging in any other form of multimedia consumption! this tablet’s sound system performs exceptionally well, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable audio experience.

Hardware Performance

The tablet is powered by a UNISOC Tiger T616 system-on-a-chip (SoC), which can be considered a low-end CPU based on ARM 64-bit 12 nm architecture. The SoC features eight cores clocked at 2 GHz, consisting of two Cortex A75 cores and six Cortex A55 cores. Accompanying the CPU is a Mali-G57 MP1 GPU, which provides a basic level of graphics processing capability. However, due to the limitations of the GPU, it is not expected to handle 3D games smoothly.

In terms of performance, the UNISOC Tiger T616 falls behind in the power-to-consumption ratio, as it utilizes a 12 nm architecture similar to mobile CPUs from 4 to 5 years ago. This might result in lower efficiency and performance compared to more modern processors. Additionally, the multitasking management on Android 12 may be somewhat limited with this processor.

The tablet boasts 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which is a decent memory configuration commonly found in mid-range to low-end tablets. For storage, it offers 128 GB of UFS 2.1 storage, which is more interesting than the previous specifications. The UFS interface provides better transfer speeds and application loading times compared to the older eMMC standard. Moreover, the tablet supports Micro SD cards with a capacity of up to 1 TB, allowing for additional storage expansion.

Considering its specifications, the tablet is not suitable for playing 3D games at maximum resolutions or shooting 4K videos. However, it is well-suited for multimedia consumption, web browsing, and other general activities. Despite its limitations, the N-One NPAD Pro is expected to offer better performance compared to other tablets in the same price range. Users can expect a smooth experience without slowdowns or major issues.

Android 12 OS

The N-One Npad Pro Tablet operates on Android 12, which is not heavily customized by the brand with any additional graphical user interface (GUI). Although it may not be the latest version of Google’s operating system, it is a common practice for tablets in this price range to come with the stock Android GUI. This decision proves to be wise, particularly considering the tablet’s less-than-ideal performance. Despite occasional micro-stuttering, the stock Android interface ensures a smooth user experience.

The N-One Npad Pro 8GB variant comes preloaded with Android 12 in a clean and uncluttered layer, devoid of unnecessary bloatware. The customization options are limited to background and theme customization, keeping the interface light. However, due to the chosen CPU, this version of Android may be slightly demanding! affecting the fluidity of the device when running multiple applications simultaneously or having several tabs open in Chrome.

Upon initial setup, the tablet includes the entire suite of Google services, ensuring seamless integration with the Google ecosystem. The Italian language support is satisfactory, with only a few minor translation defects. Additionally, the tablet is equipped with Widevine L1 certificates, enabling the playback of high-definition content from various streaming platforms.


The N-One Npad Pro Tablet is equipped with a 5 MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera, allowing users to capture their memorable moments. We have taken some screenshots to provide you with a glimpse of its camera performance.

However, it comes as no surprise that the tablet’s camera performance falls short when compared to that of a basic smartphone. The N-One Npad Pro Tablet struggles with adaptability and light treatment, often resulting in overexposed or poorly balanced shots, especially in areas with contrasting light and shadow. While the image definition can be considered decent, it is important to note that the camera’s capabilities are primarily geared toward video calls rather than delivering high-quality photography.

Overall, while the N-One Npad Pro Tablet offers a camera setup suitable for video calls, it may not meet the expectations of users seeking exceptional image quality or advanced photography features.


The connectivity options of the N-One Npad Pro Tablet are quite impressive, considering its affordable price. It comes equipped with a 4G LTE modem, allowing users to enjoy fast and reliable internet connectivity on the go. What sets it apart is the provision for a double NanoSIM card! which is a great feature for users who desire the convenience of using two SIM cards simultaneously, similar to a smartphone.

In addition to the 4G connectivity, the tablet also offers Wi-Fi 5 Dual-band support! enabling users to connect to wireless networks and enjoy faster internet speeds. The Dual band feature allows the tablet to operate on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands! offering improved performance and reduced interference.

Furthermore, the tablet is equipped with Bluetooth 5 LE (Low Energy), which enhances the efficiency and range of wireless communication with other compatible devices. This feature allows users to connect wireless headphones, speakers! keyboards, and other Bluetooth-enabled peripherals to the tablet effortlessly.

When it comes to geolocation, the N-One Npad Pro Tablet doesn’t disappoint. It is compatible with multiple satellite systems, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo. This means that users can rely on accurate and precise positioning information! whether they are navigating through unfamiliar places or using location-based apps and services.

While the tablet lacks NFC (Near Field Communication) support! which is commonly used for contactless payments and data transfer, its extensive connectivity options more than compensate for this omission. The N-One Npad Pro Tablet offers a great balance of capabilities and versatility! allowing users to stay connected, navigate, and enjoy various wireless functionalities without breaking the bank.

Charging and Battery

The N-One Npad Pro Tablet comes equipped with a 6600 mAh capacity battery that supports 18W fast charging technology. When completely drained, the battery requires approximately 4 and a half hours to reach a full charge. As for the tablet’s overall battery life, it may not be as impressive as anticipated due to the implementation of a 12 nm System-on-Chip (SoC).

However, starting from 80% battery capacity, the tablet has been able to provide around 6 hours of screen-on time with the brightness set at 70%. This usage involved running benchmarks and extensively utilizing Wi-Fi. By conserving certain resources and optimizing settings! users can extend the battery life to approximately 9 hours without encountering significant issues.

The charging capability of the N-One Npad Pro Tablet is also commendable. Its 18W fast charging technology allows for considerably quicker charging times compared to other tablets available within the same price range.


The N-One NPad Pro tablet excels in delivering a seamless user experience through its sleek design! impressive display, and adequate hardware specifications. While it may not be suitable for intensive tasks such as gaming or resource-heavy activities! it offers smooth performance for everyday use and multimedia consumption. The tablet’s integration into the Google ecosystem, along with its versatile connectivity options! ensures that users can stay connected and enjoy wireless functionalities without limitations. Additionally, the tablet’s camera setup, battery life, and fast charging technology further enhance its appeal.

One of the standout features of the N-One NPad Pro tablet is its affordable price point! making it an attractive option for those on a budget. Despite its affordability, the tablet does not compromise on essential features and functionality! making it suitable for a wide range of user requirements. Whether it’s online learning, office productivity, or entertainment, the N-One NPad Pro tablet provides a reliable and versatile device that can meet these needs effectively.

In summary, the N-One NPad Pro tablet strikes a balance between affordability and functionality! making it a compelling choice in the tablet market. Its sleek design, impressive display, sound performance, and adequate hardware specifications contribute to a seamless user experience. With its integration into the Google ecosystem, versatile connectivity options! and decent battery life, the tablet offers a reliable and versatile device for various purposes. For individuals seeking a budget-friendly tablet without compromising on essential features, the N-One NPad Pro tablet is definitely worth considering.

Buy From Aliexpress Store at €109.99

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