Surfshark VPN Review: Your Ultimate Online Protector

As an avid internet user, I understand the importance of online privacy and security. That’s why I rely on Surfshark VPN, the best VPN in the market. The Surfshark app has been my loyal companion, ensuring my online activities remain private and secure. In this Surfshark VPN review, I’ll share my experience with its remarkable features and how it benefits me as a user.

What is a VPN? Virtual Private Networks 101

Surfshark VPN is a virtual private network software that establishes a protected and private connection, safeguarding my internet access, even when I’m on public networks. It does this by:

  • Making my browsing private, keeping my online activities away from prying eyes.
  • Hiding my IP address, ensuring that my online identity remains anonymous.
  • Preventing my internet provider from tracking my online movements.

I find Surfshark VPN invaluable when using public Wi-Fi hotspots, as it keeps me secure and protected from basic cyberattacks.

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Safety Online & Offline with Surfshark VPN

Beyond online protection, Surfshark VPN review shows it takes care of my digital identity, device security, and overall online activities. Its malware, spyware, and virus protection shield my devices from potential threats. Plus, the real-time breach alerts for emails, credit cards, and IDs provide an extra layer of security. Learn more about the best VPN.

The VPN’s ability to change my IP address is a powerful feature, ensuring that my online location is hidden, and granting me greater privacy while surfing the web.

How does Surfshark VPN work?

Surfshark VPN creates a secure connection between its server and my device, effectively creating a virtual tunnel. All my internet traffic is then routed through this tunnel, securing my data.

The VPN changes my IP address, making it appear as though I’m connecting from the location of the chosen server. This feature allows me to access censored websites and bypass geo-restrictions with ease. Learn more.

Furthermore, Surfshark VPN encrypts my data, ensuring that no one can identify me or access my information. This encryption process keeps my online activities truly private and secure.

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What can Surfshark VPN do for me?

Surfshark VPN offers a wide range of benefits that greatly enhance my online experience:

  • Protects me on public Wi-Fi, securing my personal information from potential hackers.
  • Masks my browsing, ensuring my location and browsing history remain hidden.
  • Unlocks censored websites, allowing me to access content from different regions.
  • Avoids personal data sales by hiding my browsing habits and other sensitive information.
  • Provides safe and fast streaming, ensuring buffer-free enjoyment of my favorite streaming services.
  • Reduces price discrimination, enabling me to save money while shopping online.


This VPN has become an indispensable tool for me as an internet user. While it doesn’t promise complete anonymity, it offers robust security and privacy features that give me peace of mind while browsing online. The AES 256-bit encryption ensures top-notch protection, and the Perfect Forward Secrecy further adds to its security prowess. With Surfshark, I can confidently use public Wi-Fi hotspots without worrying about cyber threats. It allows me to bypass censorship, access blocked content, and enjoy fast streaming services without buffering.

The Surfshark VPN price starts with the starter plan for only $2.39/month. There are two more plans with extra security features. The Surfshark One plan includes keeping your devices secure and protecting your identity with a $3.35/month subscription fee. The One Plus plan includes removing your data from databases and it costs $6.23/month. All plans include one month of free usage.

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