Moza Aircross S Review: All in One Gimbal Under $250

Gudsen Moza has significantly improved their professional AirCross gimbal series over the past four years. The latest addition, the Moza AirCross S, builds upon this progress by offering enhanced compactness and versatility. It is designed to support a wide range of camera devices, allowing users to utilize multiple cameras simultaneously.Moza Aircross S

If you’re tired of struggling to stabilize your camera while walking and ending up with shaky footage for your YouTube videos, it’s time to consider getting a gimbal. In the past, gimbals were primarily used in the film industry and were extensive and costly. However, they have become more accessible to prosumer videographers regarding size and price. The Moza AirCross S gimbal is designed to provide smooth cinematic shots for content creators who use mirrorless and compact cameras, smartphones, or 360° action cameras, as long as the combined weight does not exceed 1800 grams (3.96 pounds).

I was fortunate to receive the AirCross S gimbal as part of a collaborative product review with Gudzen Moza. Gudsen Technology, a leading innovator in the gimbal market, has been at the forefront of introducing groundbreaking technology and making its products more accessible to content creators, surpassing some of its higher-priced competitors. They offer three professional camera stabilizer series (Air, AirCross, and Cinematic) and a consumer-oriented option called Moza Mini.

The latest addition to their lineup, the AirCross S, follows a chronological progression from the 3-axis gimbal, the 2-axis gimbal, and the original AirCross. Over time, the AirCross series has undergone significant advancements and transformations. While the MOZA AirCross 3 featured a 4-in-1 convertible design to accommodate various shooting angles, its successor, the AirCross S, has been further optimized to simultaneously support up to three cameras or one camera with additional attachments like a fill light. Let’s find out more in our review.

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UnboxingMoza Aircross S

Gudzen presents the AirCross S gimbal, thoughtfully packaged in an elegant carrying bag with a convenient handle. By default, it features precision-cut foam padding meticulously designed for optimal protection. However, the manufacturer goes the extra mile by including a set of versatile velcro dividers, allowing you to customize the internal layout to suit your specific requirements. In addition to the stabilizer itself, the package boasts a mini tripod, three camera cables (Type-C, Micro-USB, and Mini-USB), a camera bracket, a quick-release plate, and a phone mount. It would be truly remarkable if they also provided a hot shoe camera mount, a magic arm, and a 1/4? tripod. These additional accessories are essential for seamlessly utilizing two or even three cameras simultaneously, enhancing your filming experience.

DesignMoza Aircross S

The Moza Aicross S appears aesthetically pleasing and offers a sturdy feel when held. Its design exhibits excellent ergonomics and user-friendliness. Additionally, including a foldable feature enhances its portability and compactness, making it comparable to a conventional smartphone gimbal but with amplified capabilities. The gimbal boasts three motors, each with a convenient locking mechanism on its arm.Moza Aircross S

With 16.4 by 26.5 by 14.7cm (HWD) and weighing only 700 grams, the gimbal’s compact size allows it to fit effortlessly into any bag. Furthermore, it features sturdy metal locks on all axes, facilitating effortless camera balance during setup compared to the previous Aircross 3 model.Moza Aircross S

The grip houses the majority of the controls. Positioned at the center is a compact screen with a couple of buttons on either side, a joystick on the left, and a shutter button discreetly placed on the rear side of the grip. All these buttons and controls are thoughtfully positioned for optimal accessibility. Unlike the Moza Mini MX, the ¼ thread is beneath the hand grip.Moza Aircross S

Constructed using a combination of metal and plastic, the Moza AirCross S achieves a lightweight build. Although the quality may be convincing, the primary focus lies in its portability, lightness, and ease of use. The Moza AirCross S is an exquisite hybrid gimbal with satisfactory build quality, exceptional design, and ergonomic controls.

Configuring the Moza AirCross SMoza Aircross S

Let’s activate the camera and adjust its settings accordingly. The EOS 200D is a rather bulky camera, so it’s crucial to correctly balance and calibrate the motors. Fortunately, most options can be accessed through the gimbal’s convenient small screen. Use the joystick and the button on the right side to navigate the menu and fine-tune the gimbal as needed.Moza Aircross S

Regarding tuning options, the Moza AirCross S offers both automatic and manual modes. However, in my experience, the automatic mode consistently failed to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, I recommend utilizing the manual mode instead. It’s worth noting that a future firmware update may address this issue, but until then, manual tuning is the way to go.

With the Moza Smartphone App, you have multiple options for controlling the gimbal. You can use the controls on the handle, the smartphone app, or even a wired interface to remotely trigger the camera. One aspect I particularly appreciate is the well-placed buttons. They are easily accessible and situated far enough from accidental touches. The trigger button, in particular, serves a dual purpose. It can automatically activate the selfie mode and reset the angles to their default positions.

PerformanceMoza Aircross S

Let’s start with my primary camera, the EOS 200D. The footage it produces is incredibly smooth, and I have complete confidence in the gimbal’s ability to maintain stability in various situations. Despite its weight, I can hold the gimbal for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort.

When it comes to using the Moza Aircross with a smartphone, the gimbal is perfect. It offers effortless control and feels incredibly lightweight in my hand. Before attaching the smartphone to the gimbal, I recommend turning off the device’s built-in stabilization. This allows for better-quality video and enables the option to apply software stabilization during post-production. Additionally, the vertical mode is handy for smartphone users and is a favorite feature among social media content creators.Moza Aircross S

Using the Moza gimbal with a GoPro yields similar results to action cameras. The video footage remains incredibly smooth, thanks to the outstanding stabilization capabilities of the GoPro. I noticed a minor difference in quality with or without the gimbal.

Moza APPMoza AirCross S

The AirCross S collaborates seamlessly with Gudsen’s MozaMaster mobile application, available for iOS and Android smartphones. When connected via Bluetooth, this app provides a comprehensive range of creative tools, including specialized modes for capturing motion time-lapses, tracking recordings, and panoramic shots. Moreover, the app enables remote control, gimbal calibration, and firmware upgrades.

Among the impressive capabilities of the MozaMaster app is its motion gyro control feature. You can effortlessly manipulate each axis to achieve precise control by tilting your phone in the desired direction.

Vertical ModeMoza Aircross S

The Moza AirCross S introduces an innovative function called Vertical Mode, which enhances your ability to capture selfies and group pictures from the front. Enabling Vertical Mode on your camera instantly adjusts it for vertical photo shooting, providing a broader perspective of the scene ahead. To effortlessly capture a selfie or group photo from the front, tap the screen and smoothly swipe upward or downward until your subject occupies a significant portion of the frame.

Unfortunately, I didn’t try these features because I didn’t have a mount to connect my EOS 200D in vertical mode.

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BatteryMoza Aircross S

The AirCross S boasts a powerful built-in battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh, enabling it to operate for approximately 12 hours. This amazing battery life suffices for the majority of users. When your gimbal eventually runs out of power, you can conveniently recharge it to total capacity in just one hour using a PD USB charger. Additionally, Gudsen has thoughtfully included a power indicator LED that flashes when the battery level drops below 20%.

VerdictMoza Aircross S

Ultimately, it is a suitable choice if you intend to utilize the gimbal for smartphones, action cameras, compact cameras, and mirrorless cameras. However, if you own a Sony A7 or a comparable camera, it is advisable to opt for a larger gimbal, such as the Moza AirCross, for better performance.

While the Moza AirCross S may not meet the requirements of professional videographers, it presents a compelling option for hobbyists and independent creators seeking a budget-friendly and lightweight gimbal with exceptional stabilization capabilities.

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