Tribit StormBox Pro Review: A Great Value for the Price?

Tribit, a brand known for its commitment to advancing affordable audio solutions, has again captured our attention with the highly anticipated release of the Tribit StormBox Pro. As technology enthusiasts, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this cutting-edge Bluetooth speaker and put it through its paces, hoping to witness its ability to uphold the brand’s esteemed legacy. Our excitement grew when we discovered that this remarkable device had been honored with the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award, a testament to its exceptional performance. However, like any product, even the finest speakers have their own set of limitations.

During our in-depth review of the Tribit StormBox Pro, we were pleasantly surprised that it effortlessly held its ground regarding crucial aspects such as battery life, audio quality, connectivity, and feature set. This portable powerhouse proved itself a worthy contender, impressing us with its longevity, immersive sound reproduction, reliable wireless connectivity, and an array of exciting features that catered to our audio needs. Nevertheless, we would be remiss not to mention a couple of caveats worth considering: charging capabilities and high-volume output.

While the Tribit StormBox Pro excelled in numerous areas, it left us wanting more regarding charging. Although the battery life was commendable, the charging speed fell slightly short of our expectations. In a fast-paced world where time is of the essence, this drawback might inconvenience users who require a quick recharge between adventures. Additionally, when the speaker was pushed to its limits with high-volume playback, we noticed a slight distortion in the audio quality, which detracted from the overall experience. Although this caveat is not a deal-breaker for most users, it’s important to note for those seeking pristine audio fidelity at maximum volume.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the fascinating world of the Tribit StormBox Pro and explore the various features that make it a top-notch audio device priced affordably below the $150 mark.

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The Tribit StormBox Pro, model BTS31, is thoughtfully packaged in a vibrant combination of orange and white, exuding a sense of modernity and style. Nestled within this eye-catching packaging, you’ll find the powerful portable speaker and essential accessories that enhance your overall experience.

The package is carefully designed to meet your charging needs and includes a reliable USB-to-Type-C cable. This high-quality cable ensures a swift and efficient charging process, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted audio bliss whenever desired. The cable’s durable construction guarantees longevity, making it an ideal companion for the Tribit StormBox Pro.

The package also includes a warranty card to provide peace of mind. This card is a testament to Tribit’s commitment to customer satisfaction, offering added protection and support should you encounter any issues with your StormBox Pro. With this warranty card, you can confidently enjoy your music, knowing Tribit has covered you.


a compact powerhouse that defies its size to deliver exceptional sound quality. Measuring a mere 96 x 96 x 180 mm, this audio marvel weighs a proud 1 kg, making it effortlessly portable. A stable and rubberized handle, reminiscent of a trusty Henkelmann, greets you, ensuring easy transport wherever your adventures take you.

Unveiling the StormBox Pro, you’ll appreciate its understated yet pleasing design. The cone-shaped speaker is elegantly adorned with fabric, exuding sophistication. At the top, you’ll find a sleek rubberized control surface, adding both functionality and style. The rubberized base enhances stability, ensuring the speaker remains steadfast even in booming bass and vibrating beats.

Turning your attention to the back of the StormBox Pro, a concealed treasure trove of connections awaits behind a resilient rubber flap. The USB-C (2A) port eagerly awaits to recharge the built-in battery, providing hours of uninterrupted music bliss. And that’s not all—the neighboring USB-A port (1A) eagerly awaits the opportunity to charge your smartphone, transforming the StormBox Pro into a versatile power bank. It’s no wonder the name “StromBox” would have been just as fitting.

Although the StormBox Pro doesn’t offer wired connections or SD card slots, its reliance on Bluetooth 5.0 ensures seamless wireless connectivity. In an era dominated by streaming services, the absence of traditional wired connections hardly poses a drawback. With the latest Bluetooth technology at your fingertips, you can effortlessly pair your devices and enjoy your favorite tunes without hassle.

But let’s not forget to praise the StormBox Pro’s remarkable craftsmanship. The impeccable attention to detail is praiseworthy, with the robust black-grey fabric seamlessly melding into the surrounding rubberized surfaces. Such meticulous construction grants the speaker an impressive IP67 rating, rendering it impervious to water and dust. In a fortunate turn of events, we unintentionally put this claim to the test after a gardening session, leaving the StormBox outside during a heavy rain shower. Remarkably, the speaker emerged unscathed, with only the cover requiring a brief drying period. Its unassuming design, adorned with fabric covers, seamlessly blends into any interior, adding a touch of class without drawing unnecessary attention.


With just a simple press of the power button, this state-of-the-art speaker springs to life, ready to immerse you in a world of captivating soundscapes. However, allow me to delve deeper into the various features and functions that make the StormBox Pro a genuinely exceptional device.

Regarding adjusting the volume, the StormBox Pro offers a range of options, though some users may find the increments between volume levels a tad abrupt. A more refined gradation system would have undoubtedly elevated the user experience, ensuring a seamless transition from softer melodies to powerful crescendos.

Now, let’s explore the versatility of the StormBox Pro’s connectivity. The speaker gracefully enters pairing mode by activating the Bluetooth button, eagerly awaiting its musical counterpart. But here’s where it gets genuinely intriguing: if you press the Bluetooth button for five seconds, you unlock the ability to create a stereo connection with a second StormBox Pro. Picture the scene: a symphony of sound emanating from two perfectly synchronized speakers, enveloping you in an audio panorama that knows no bounds.

For those seeking to enhance their bass experience, the StormBox Pro boasts a dedicated XBass button. Engaging this feature propels your music to new depths, infusing each note with a rich, resonating thump reverberating through your core. The status of XBass is thoughtfully conveyed through a series of LED indicators, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Now, let’s shift our attention to the multifunction button nestled amidst the sleek design of the StormBox Pro. While its purpose may seem enigmatic initially, allow me to shed some light. A single press of this button initiates a pause or resumes playback, giving you convenient control over your audio experience. If you want to skip the next track, a double press is all it takes. Conversely, a triple press gracefully transports you back to the previous way, allowing you to rediscover your favorite musical moments. And for those seeking a truly hands-free experience, press and hold the multifunction button for five seconds to activate the language assistant, which eagerly awaits your vocal commands.

It’s worth noting that the tactile experience of using the StormBox Pro is a testament to its exceptional quality. Each keypress elicits satisfying crispness and reliability, leaving users with a lasting impression of robust craftsmanship. From its impeccable build to its intuitive operation, the StormBox Pro exudes an undeniable aura of quality that is second to none.

Sound Quality

The Tribit Stormbox Pro, with its impressive 2.1 system, managed to captivate every participant in the hearing test with its remarkable sound quality. This speaker boasts two passive radiators designed to enhance low-frequency tones, producing exceptional acoustic performance. Simply put, the Stormbox Pro from Tribit outshines its competitors in terms of volume and clarity. When compared directly, it becomes evident that this speaker delivers an excellent sound experience, surpassing expectations for its price range.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there is one minor point of criticism, which pertains to occasional bass distortion at extremely high volume levels. The distortion is only noticeable when the speaker is pushed to its limits and is not a consistent issue. Despite this slight drawback, the Stormbox Pro continues to impress with its overall sound signature.

The bass may experience slight distortion at high volumes, and the higher frequencies might sound slightly tinny. However, these issues are only present in the uppermost volume range. For those who enjoy listening to quiet music, the optional XBass mode is recommended. When activated, the otherwise relatively neutral tuning of the speaker shifts towards the lower frequency range. This feature proves beneficial if you desire to experience the bass while enjoying soft music. However, it should be noted that using XBass mode can alter the otherwise excellent sound signature of the speaker at higher volume levels, as it is already designed to deliver mighty bass even without the additional boost.

The powerful drivers equipped with the Tribit Stormbox Pro ensure the sound output is always forceful and voluminous. The mid-range frequencies are surprisingly pronounced and sound exceptionally pleasing overall. Moreover, the speaker’s dynamic range is satisfactory, adding to its impressive audio performance.

The Tribit StormBox Pro features a 2.1 configuration consisting of a 76.2mm woofer and two 40mm tweeters strategically positioned on opposite sides of the speaker enclosure. These speakers are complemented by passive membranes, enabling 360° sound playback. Tribit specifies the frequency range of the StormBox Pro to be from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Due to the lateral alignment of the speakers, the sound experience may vary depending on the listener’s position. They stood directly before the drivers, making the treble more precise and nuanced. As the distance from the speaker increases, this distinction becomes less noticeable.

Let’s not forget to highlight the significant volume capability of the StormBox Pro, as it truly packs a punch. While it may be an exaggeration to claim it is suitable for party use, the maximum volume level is so high that it becomes challenging to hold a conversation in a lively gathering. When used outdoors, it possesses enough power to disturb neighboring individuals potentially.

The speaker performs reliably up to nearly maximum volume (85%) without significant distortion. Additionally, it effectively isolates vibrations from the ground. However, when placed on lightweight furniture, slight vibrations may be noticeable, so it is ideal to position the speaker on a solid surface.

The sound produced by the Tribit StormBox Pro is warm and rich and features a commendable bass response that remains well-balanced without using the XBass function. Although it may not produce earth-shattering bass that resonates in your stomach, it delivers a visible low-end presence. Engaging the XBass function significantly enhances the bass, varying intensity depending on the song. This feature unlocks the full potential of the StormBox Pro, mainly when listening to pop music, resulting in a more enjoyable and dynamic experience. However, it’s worth noting that with specific genres like rock or singer-songwriters, the increased bass response from XBass can sometimes make the playback sound slightly muffled.

An exception to this observation is when listening to tranquil music. In such instances, activating XBass is a helpful addition, countering the natural decrease in the bass at low volumes and ensuring a more satisfying audio experience.


The speaker boasts an impressive integrated 10,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite tunes without worrying about running out of power. With such a substantial capacity, this speaker has the potential to provide an uninterrupted audio experience for up to 24 hours on a single full charge. However, it’s important to note that various factors can influence battery life.

When it comes to battery duration, a few factors come into play. For instance, if you crank up the volume to enjoy your music at its loudest, the battery might not last as long as expected. Additionally, the surrounding temperature can impact the battery’s performance. In colder environments, the battery might deplete faster than under normal conditions. Nevertheless, even with these considerations, you can still expect a remarkable battery life ranging from 16 to 20 hours, sufficient for most listening sessions.

Conveniently located on the back of the speaker is a rubber flap that conceals a duo of versatile ports: USB-C and USB-A. Opening this flap unveils a world of possibilities. Connecting the provided USB-C cable to the corresponding port allows you to recharge the speaker’s internal battery effortlessly, ensuring it’s ready to accompany you on your next audio adventure.

But here’s where things get even more enjoyable. The USB-A port grants the speaker a power bank functionality, allowing you to harness its stored energy to charge your smartphone or any other compatible device. Yes, that’s right! With this speaker, you have the power to share power. This capability proves exceptionally useful, especially when you’re on the go and find yourself in the unfortunate situation of forgetting to charge your phone or other essential gadgets. Connect your device to the speaker, and let it come to the rescue, providing a much-needed boost to keep you connected and entertained throughout the day.

In essence, this speaker not only delivers an exceptional audio experience but also serves as a reliable and versatile power hub. With its remarkable battery life and the ability to share power with your other devices, it becomes an indispensable companion for any adventure or everyday use, ensuring you never miss a beat or a crucial phone call due to a drained battery.


Utilizing the advanced capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0, the StormBox Pro takes wireless connectivity to the next level by integrating an internal Qualcomm Bluetooth chip and incorporating advanced AptX decoding technology. This impressive combination ensures a seamless, high-quality audio experience without compromising sound output.

One of the standout features of the StormBox Pro is its remarkable wireless range, which spans an impressive 100 feet. However, skeptics may question whether such an extensive range is genuinely achievable. To address this, we conducted thorough testing to ascertain the accuracy of the claims. Our findings indicate that under ideal conditions, where there is a clear line of sight between the paired device and the speaker, the 100-foot range is indeed attainable. Line of view refers to an unobstructed path without physical barriers, such as walls or objects. It is important to note that the wireless range is significantly affected when introducing obstacles like walls or furniture into the equation. The StormBox Pro delivers ample range in most real-life scenarios, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted connection.

Moving on to another noteworthy feature, the StormBox Pro offers multi-point functionality. This means that you can simultaneously connect two devices to the speaker. This feature allows for versatile usage scenarios, enabling you to play different music from one smartphone while enjoying a separate playlist from another. While not always an essential requirement, this capability adds a touch of convenience and flexibility to your audio experience.

Last but certainly not least, the StormBox Pro presents an exciting option for those fortunate enough to own two speakers. By activating the “Party Mode” feature, you can effortlessly pair both speakers simultaneously, creating a stunning stereo effect that engulfs the entire room. Position one StormBox Pro in one corner of the room and the other speaker across the way, and witness the immersive audio experience as the synchronized speakers fill the space with a rich, balanced sound.


The Tribit StormBox Pro boasts a high-quality appearance and is surprising with its unexpected weightiness. Its sleek design conceals a powerhouse of performance that sets it apart from its counterparts on the market. This remarkable device delivers a winning combination of exceptional sound, seamless connectivity, and an unbeatable price point that often outshines similar products its competitors offer. The StormBox Pro not only holds its ground against direct rivals but also manages to surpass them in numerous aspects.

Regarding audio quality, the StormBox Pro truly shines, producing an excellent sound output that immerses listeners in a rich and captivating experience. Despite its powerful performance, this speaker maintains a compact footprint, making it suitable for placement on even the tiniest shelves or cramped spaces. It effortlessly blends into any environment while delivering unparalleled audio fidelity.

Under the section aptly named “whining at a high level,” any concerns raised are mere nitpicks, such as the slightly longer charging time and the absence of an auxiliary input or output. The speaker’s impressive features overshadow these minor drawbacks and are unlikely to hinder the overall satisfaction derived from using the StormBox Pro.

One of the standout features of this speaker is its robust battery capacity. The StormBox Pro’s battery offers an extended life span and provides the convenience of acting as an emergency power bank for charging your mobile devices. With this exceptional functionality, you can rely on the speaker to keep the tunes playing and your phone set during your on-the-go adventures.

Furthermore, the StormBox Pro delivers a powerful sound even at high volume levels, ensuring your music resonates throughout any space. Its ability to achieve such impressive volume without compromising on clarity and detail is awe-inspiring, making it a top choice for those seeking a portable speaker that can make a statement.

Above all, the Tribit StormBox Pro’s most remarkable attribute is its incredible value for money. If you’re in the market for a well-crafted, waterproof speaker that offers convincing sound characteristics and an extended battery life, the StormBox Pro is undoubtedly a clear choice. Its exceptional performance and affordability make it highly recommended for anyone seeking a superior portable speaker that exceeds expectations.

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  • Good design
  • Safe at high volume
  • Decent sound
  • Effective bass boost
  • AptX
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Power bank function
  • Attractive design
  • High range
  • Water and dust protection (IP67)
  • Simple operation


  • A bit dull in the middle
  • Almost 7 hours of charging time
  • Some significant steps in volume control

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