FOSSiBOT DT1 Rugged Tablet $480.96 Price Android 13 10.4” Display 11000mAh Battery

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the FOSSiBOT DT1 Rugged Tablet has emerged as a game-changer, combining robust features with exceptional durability. Packed with a host of impressive specifications, this 10.4” powerhouse takes performance and reliability to new heights. From its massive battery capacity to its cutting-edge camera technology, the FOSSiBOT rugged tablet is designed to excel in the most demanding environments. In this article, we explore the remarkable features of the DT1 and delve into how it can elevate your productivity while withstanding the toughest conditions.

FOSSiBOT DT1 – Check the price at AliExpress

The Main Features:

The rugged tablet comes with amazing features. Here are some of the main features of the rugged tablet.

Unmatched Display and Battery Life:

The DT1 rugged tablet boasts a vibrant 10.4” display, offering stunning visuals for both work and entertainment. Whether you’re reviewing documents, creating multimedia content, or enjoying your favorite movies, this tablet ensures a visually captivating experience.


With an impressive 11000mAh battery, the FOSSiBOT tablet guarantees extended usage without worrying about frequent recharging. From long workdays to extended outdoor adventures, this tablet will keep you powered throughout.

Android 13: A Smooth and Intuitive Experience:

Running on the latest Android 13 operating system, the FOSSiBOT DT1 delivers a seamless and user-friendly interface. Experience enhanced performance, improved security features, and access to the latest apps and updates, ensuring your tablet stays ahead of the curve.

DT1 rugged tablet

Four Hi-Res Speakers: Immersive Audio Experience:

The FOSSiBOT rugged tablet is equipped with four high-resolution speakers, providing an immersive audio experience. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or participating in video conferences, these speakers deliver rich, clear sound, making every audio detail come to life.


Advanced Camera Technology:

Capture your memories in stunning detail with the DT1’s advanced camera system. Its 16MP front camera ensures crystal-clear video calls and selfies, while the powerful 48MP rear camera captures breathtaking photos and videos. From professional photography to video conferencing, the FOSSiBOT tablet is your ideal companion.


Unparalleled Navigation Capabilities:

Thanks to its comprehensive navigation support, the FOSSiBOT DT1 is an excellent companion for outdoor activities and fieldwork. With GPS, Glonass, and Galileo support, you can confidently navigate unfamiliar terrains and find your way with precision.

FOSSiBOT DT1 Rugged Body and Certified Durability:

When it comes to durability, the DT1 Rugged Tablet is in a league of its own. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions, this rugged tablet is built to endure extreme environments without compromising performance. Let’s explore the remarkable features that make the FOSSiBOT tablet a dependable companion in demanding industries such as construction, logistics, and more.


IP69K Certification: Unmatched Water Resistance

The rugged tablet holds an IP69K certification, making it exceptionally resistant to water and dust ingress. This certification ensures that the tablet can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature water jets, making it ideal for use in environments that involve exposure to water, such as outdoor construction sites or marine applications. With the FOSSiBOT DT1, you can confidently operate in wet conditions without worrying about water damage.

IP68 Certification: Comprehensive Waterproofing

In addition to its IP69K certification, the rugged tablet is also IP68 certified, providing all-around waterproofing. This means that the tablet can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes without suffering any damage. Whether you’re working in rainy weather or in environments prone to accidental spills, the FOSSiBOT DT1 ensures that your data and functionality remain protected.

MIL-STD Drop Test Compliance: Withstands Rugged Handling

The FOSSiBOT DT1 is designed to withstand drops, shocks, and vibrations, meeting MIL-STD drop test standards. This means that the tablet can endure accidental falls from a significant height without compromising its functionality or structural integrity. With its rugged build, the FOSSiBOT rugged tablet provides peace of mind, ensuring that it can handle the bumps and knocks that come with demanding work environments.

Extreme Temperature Resistance: Thrives in Challenging Climates

The FOSSiBOT rugged tablet is engineered to operate flawlessly in extreme temperature conditions. Whether you find yourself working in scorching heat or freezing cold, this rugged tablet can withstand a wide temperature range, ensuring optimal performance when you need it most. No matter where your work takes you, the rugged tablet adapts to the environment and keeps up with your demanding tasks.

Why to buy FOSSiBOT DT1 ?

In the world of rugged tablets, the rugged tablet stands out as a true performer. With its impressive 10.4” display, long-lasting battery life, advanced camera technology, and comprehensive navigation capabilities, this tablet empowers you to achieve more, regardless of your surroundings. Moreover, its rugged build and multiple certifications ensure that it can withstand the most challenging conditions, making it the ideal choice for professionals working in tough environments. Embrace the power and durability of the FOSSiBOT DT1 Rugged Tablet and unlock new levels of productivity and reliability.

Where to buy FOSSiBOT DT1?

The rugged tablet is available at AliExpress for $480.96. Check the price at AliExpress.

FOSSiBOT DT1 – Check the price at AliExpress

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