Revolutionary Phone and Tech Updates in 2023

Technology is constantly evolving, and so does every sector along its path. Smartphone technology isn’t new to this evolution, as the world has seen it go from limited-functionality button phones to touchscreen devices with unlimited potential. So, it’s no surprise that individuals strive to keep up with smartphone trends.

New technological updates are released to the public every year, and each model is loaded with better features than the last. Luckily, phone and tech updates can’t fly under our noses. Like MLB picks and parlays, netizens can access tech updates from the internet. 

Read on as we explore some innovative tech updates you should look out for in 2023

iPhone 15

Our highly anticipated release of 2023 is the latest addition to the Apple family, the iPhone 15. The latest sibling of the iPhone series is expected to launch in September 2023, and users are anticipating major improvements in the device. One such change is the anticipated shift to a USB-C-type charger. 

The European Union mandated that all new phones sold in its region must adopt USB-C charging, the latest by 2024. Apple commented that it would adopt this rule, but the jury is still out if it will implement this change globally or specifically in the European market. 

Other anticipated changes include camera upgrades and the possibility of a new processor. Also, Apple may further distinguish the iPhone 15 Pro Max from the iPhone 15 Pro. These updates are expected to completely revolutionize current iPhone features

OnePlus Foldable Phone

Following the launch of Samsung’s foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold 4, other companies have scrambled to join the craze for this new trend. The Chinese electronics company, OnePlus, is not left out in this scramble, as it is set to release its first foldable phone in the second half of 2023. 

Now, there are currently no important details concerning this release in the public space, but one thing we can anticipate is its potential to give Samsung a run for its money. In addition, OnePlus is popular for its durability and affordability, so we can expect a major market shift that may not favor Samsung. 

Pixel 8 

Rumors about the unreleased Google Pixel 8 are beginning to materialize as plans for releasing the foldable Pixel are close to finalization. German tech blog, WinFuture found references to two unreleased Pixel smartphones under the codenames “Shiba” and “Husky,” which are said to be powered by a new processor codenamed “Zuma.” The rumors suggest both devices will run on Android 14 and possess 12GB RAM. 

Leaker, Steve Hemmerstoffer, partnered with tech blogs to publish proposed Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro designs. These renderings show a similar design with softer edges compared to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. So many changes are anticipated, such as next-generation chips that are set to be more advanced than the current Tensor chips. 

These next-generation chips would be able to carry out advanced and varied functions than the Tensor chip, which already performs functions like Magic Eraser, Face Unblur, and speaker labels for transcripts. 

Foldable Pixel

It has been rumored that Google intends to throw its hat into the foldable phone race. These rumors point to a possible release period of June-July. The device may look like published designs like the Oppo Find N or Microsoft’s Duo. 

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski reportedly observed clues in the Android 13 beta code that suggest the foldable Pixel device may possess a main camera, an ultrawide camera, and an inner selfie camera, such as the Pixel 6. 

A vital marketing plot of the foldable Pixel is its affordability. Though the price has been published, users and experts agree that the phone may follow the traits of its siblings that the company released and maintain its affordability. If this is true, we may see the Google Pixel company topping the market and sidelining Samsung. 

Apple HomePod 2

The Apple HomePod 2 is a second-generation version of a voice-controlled smart speaker. The announcements of its release sparked excitement among users, especially because they loved the first HomePod. The Apple HomePod 2 has access to virtually every genre of music, as it brings exceptional quality to your home.

The Apple HomePod launched at a kinder price of £299 / $299 / AU$479. Its predecessor, the original HomePod, arrived at £319 / $349 / AU$ 499. So far, the HomePod has received impressive reviews from buyers across the globe.

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is an already-released portable gaming powerhouse, and it is currently available in the US and UK. While fans are excited about the gaming gadget, they continue hoping for Valve to launch in Australia.

The Steam Deck is well-established in the northern hemisphere and is one of the best gaming gadgets on the market. However, while the Steam Deck has already been released, it doesn’t yet ship directly to Australia from Valve.

You’ll find the Steam Deck in Australia, but only with a small fortune to buy from third-party resellers. 

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 is a third-generation VR headset by Facebook Meta. It is predicted to debut in October 2023, and updates boast that the Meta Quest 3 will be one of the best VR headsets in the market.

Tech-wise, 2023 is looking good for virtual reality, especially as we await the Meta Quest 3 VR headset. We have confirmed its release because Mark Zuckerberg confirmed it himself. We’re also looking forward to its affordable price, modeled to retain the price point of the Quest 2, its predecessor. It currently costs between AU$ 629 and AU$ 789, depending on the amount of storage.

The Meta Quest 3 headset is rumored to cost $300 – $500, and Australian fans expect the pricing to resemble the current asking price of Quest 2. We’re also expecting improvements in certain areas of processing power, resolution, and battery life.

2023 will be an eventful year for tech gadgets across the world. From headsets to music pods and next-generation phones, fans are set to receive what developers have to offer.


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