Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Review – Compact and Powerful Studio Light

For video and picture photography, fill light is a very important prop, which can directly affect the effectiveness of the film, especially in indoor or night scenes, where insufficient light will greatly reduce the shooting effect, so it is necessary to use fill light Using lights to assist in shooting can not only illuminate the subject and surrounding scenes but also create a different atmosphere and enhance the beauty and texture of the video picture. Outdoor shooting at night requires a higher brightness fill light. At present, many high-power and high-brightness fill lights are bulky and heavy, or only support mains power supply, which affects the convenience of outdoor shooting to a certain extent.

Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light has been fully considered for portability and ease of use. Control function, easy to set up, easy and fast operation, can fill light anytime and anywhere, and there are a variety of lighting accessories suitable for various shooting scenes, allowing users to shoot more freely, and then share the actual user experience below.

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The packaging of the Zhiyun brand remains true to its simple style. When you purchase the COMBO or Pro version, you will notice that the Bowens mount adapter and Mini Softbox (ZY Mount) come in separate boxes. Each item is carefully packaged to ensure its safety and protection during transportation. The Zhiyun brand values the presentation and security of its products, even down to the packaging.

The Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light has recently released three package versions: the standard version, the COMBO version, and the COMBO version. Among these options, I got the Pro version. Alongside the MOLUS X100 Pocket Light itself, the Pro version includes several additional accessories. These accessories consist of the Mini Reflector (ZY Mount), Bowens Mount Adaptor – B (ZY Mount), 120W Power Adaptor, X100 Grip Battery, Pocket Light Strap, Power Adaptor Organizer Bag, Storage Bag, Quick Start Guide, and various other accessories. As a special bonus, a dedicated carrying bag is also provided for convenient transportation of the equipment.

A portable bag with exquisite workmanship is included to solve the problems of daily carrying and storage of pocket lights. The outer layer of the portable bag is made of Oxford cloth, and the side is designed with a zipper. The logo of Zhiyun is printed on the front, and the handle is designed on the top for easy carrying, different positions have been separated by cushioning sponge inside, where pocket lights, handle batteries, mini lampshades, and power adapters can be placed.


Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light adopts a black plastic shell with a flat and square appearance. Dust enters the interior and affects the lamp beads. There is a hollow design around the lamp beads, and black aluminum alloy cooling fins are evenly distributed. The model of the pocket light is engraved on the left side.

The middle part of the back of the pocket light is a cooling fan. When the system detects that the temperature is higher than the set threshold, the fan will be activated for active cooling. The outer layer is covered with a circular protective grid. The lower left corner is a red power button, and the upper right corner is an OLED display screen. The logo of Zhiyun is also printed on the bottom. If you press and hold the power button to switch on and off, click the button three times in a row to reset the Bluetooth function.

Two adjustment knobs are designed on the right side of the fuselage (the left side of the front), which are the color temperature adjustment knob and the brightness adjustment knob. In addition to the two basic function adjustments of brightness and color temperature, you can also switch to different operating modes. Anti-slip texture, a microphone hole is designed between the two knobs for picking up sound in music mode, and there are lanyard holes on the upper and lower sides of the knob.

The two adjustment knobs have a slight sense of step and moderate damping, which can better control the stroke during adjustment. Click the knob to quickly adjust the set value. Taking brightness adjustment as an example, click the button to adjust between 0%, and 50 and Quickly cycle switching between 100%, if you press and hold the color temperature adjustment knob to switch to music mode, long press the brightness adjustment knob to enter the power-on mode setting interface.

The right side of the fuselage is the interface of the handle battery, which is equipped with a dustproof plug made of silica gel for protection. After removing the dustproof plug, you need to keep the dustproof plug properly. Align the handle battery with the corresponding position to complete the installation, and you need to confirm the battery installation It is stable and secure, and the interface has a fool-proof design. Don’t worry about it being reversed. Press the unlock switch on the side to remove the battery of the handle.

Two 1/4-inch universal screw holes are designed on the bottom of the Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light, mainly to cope with the two different states of the pocket light when it is connected to an external power supply or battery input. On the screw hole on the left, if you choose the matching handle battery for the power supply, it needs to be installed on the screw hole on the right.

Two power input interfaces are designed on the side, and the outer layer is protected by a dust-proof plug made of silicone material. They are a circular DC power supply interface and a USB-C interface. The included power adapter is connected to the circular interface, and the USB- The C interface has 100W power input and data transmission functions, and the pocket light supports firmware upgrades, which will be accompanied by the increase and optimization of lighting effects.

The size and weight of this Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light are quite well-controlled, and it has excellent portability. Under the premise of not installing the lampshade and handling the battery, the body size of the pocket light is 144.5x94x36.1mm, and the net weight With weight of 385 grams, it is possible to hold a pocket light to properly fill in light on the subject. Even with light accessories, there is no pressure, and the weight is still within an acceptable range.

You can also install Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light on various equipment such as tripods, slide rails, or monopods according to your own shooting needs. When installing, you need to choose a suitable 1/4-inch universal screw hole, especially when using a handle When the battery is powered and installed on some devices with low stability, it can avoid situations such as imbalance caused by the obvious deviation of the center of gravity.

Since most tripods are only equipped with a 1/4-inch universal screw, only one device can be installed. If it is used with a multi-port expansion bar, three devices can be installed at the same time, including different devices such as fill lights, cameras, or mobile phones. , providing greater installation convenience, the multi-port expansion bar is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and there is no problem in terms of sturdiness.

In order to set up the light at a higher position, I chose a telescopic extension pole. The surface of the handle is covered with silicone material, and it adopts a rotating locking structure. The storage length is about 19cm and the fully extended length is about 73cm. If you use it lightly, you can use the telescopic extension pole. , A small tripod combined with a ball head, of course, is not as stable as a traditional tripod in terms of support, but it is small enough and light enough to carry around.

The height of the tripod can generally reach about 1.8 meters, and the height is very limited, which is not enough for lighting. If the subject is shooting in a standing posture, and the light source is directly facing the face of the subject, the shooting effect will be relatively stiff. If you use a telescopic extension rod The light is set up at a higher position, and the light is directed towards the subject’s head, and the shadow effect will be more natural.

X100 Grip Battery

The X100 is also equipped with a power supply handle. The power supply handle is made of metal, which is excellent in both appearance and grip; there are four indicators on the back to show the remaining power.

The front and back of the charging handle are integrally formed metal panels, and there is a section of rubber ring on the top, which can increase the friction when picking and placing, and prevent accidental sliding.

The power supply handle of the X100 can be powered in two ways. It can be output through the Type-C interface on the top, connected to the Type-C input interface on the X100 to achieve full power work, and the other is through the middle connection structure. Combined with the grip part of X100, an integrated mobile lighting system is realized.

The top button can be used to check the power. The shape of the X100 after the power supply handle is installed is very similar to a camera. The power supply grip on the right and the “CMOS” on the left combine the elements of the camera. better balance.

The MOLUS X100 lamp has a net weight of 384 grams. Among products with the same luminous power, this weight has been simplified to the extreme. The weight of the power supply handle is 438 grams, which is slightly heavier than the lamp body.


Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light adopts a ZY bayonet design, which can be used with a variety of lighting accessories to create different lighting effects to meet the needs of different shooting scenes such as video recordings, portraits, and still life. A mini lampshade comes standard. The lampshade is small in size and is made of plastic as a whole. The inner side is coated with silver, and the edges are carefully treated without burrs.

Mini Softbox (ZY Mount)

Since this is the COMBO version, it comes without a mini softbox, so I used G60’s mini softbox. I prefer to choose a softbox for portrait shooting scenes. The light effect will be more natural and soft. The outer layer of the softbox is single A layer of white soft light cloth, the storage height is about 20cm, and comes with a tie, very light and portable, and can be put into a portable bag after folding.

The installation and unfolding of the softbox are quite simple and fast. Just use both hands to push the extension shaft to let the softbox unfold and lock it. The whole process can be completed in less than two seconds. A grill is included, if you want to add some soft light effects, you can stick it to the inner edge of the softbox, and it will hold the grill well.

Since I often shoot digital products such as mobile phone earphones, I choose a softball with more obvious light scattering. The diameter of the soft light ball is 150mm. The outer lampshade is made of silicone and can be removed. The storage and deployment of the soft light ball are also very simple. You need to push the lampshade inward to complete the storage and use a finger or a ballpoint pen to gently push the inside out to complete the unfolding.

Dome Diffusion (Silicone softball)

The light transmittance of the lampshade of the soft light ball is quite good, and the light loss is small. However, due to the soft silicone material, it is necessary to pay attention to use and storage and avoid being scratched by sharp objects during use and carrying. Aging and yellowing will occur after a period of time, so avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays and contamination with dust and liquids.

Bowens Mount Adaptor – B (ZY Mount)

The ZY bayonet layout design supported by the Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light is similar to that of the Bowens bayonet, but the diameter of the ZY bayonet is smaller. If you think that the pocket light supports fewer light control accessories, it cannot meet daily shooting If necessary, then it can be used with a Bowens mount conversion ring to install the pocket light on a large-size softbox that supports Bowens mounts.

Performance Test

We conducted testing on the MOLUS X100 following the same procedure as the previous evaluation of the MOLUS G60. To begin, we positioned the illuminance meter at a distance of one meter from the X100 unit. Our objective was to assess the illuminance levels produced by the lights when operating at full power with no additional diffusing elements.

Illumination Test

We proceeded by measuring the illuminance at three distinct color temperatures: 2700K, 5600K, and 6500K. Each color temperature was evaluated individually. First, we tested the illuminance levels without any covers or diffusers installed, allowing us to assess the raw light output produced by the X100. Then, we proceeded to install the provided standard cover and conducted the illuminance measurements once again.

By carrying out these steps, we were able to gather illuminance data for the MOLUS X100 at the specified color temperatures, both with and without the standard cover. These measurements allow us to compare the performance of the X100 to that of the previously tested MOLUS G60.

Based on the analysis of the six sets of data, it can be deduced that the G60 exhibits the highest illumination at a color temperature of 6500K. When the lamp is used without any additional cover, it is capable of achieving an illuminance of 2830Lux. However, when a standard cover is added, the illuminance can be further increased to 15000Lux. This level of illumination, even at a distance of one meter, proves sufficient to handle a wide range of scenarios. Moreover, the G60 can serve as the primary light source in certain situations.

Heat Dissipation Capability Test

It can be seen from the test that the temperature of the lamp body of the X100 is also well controlled, but the temperature of the lamp beads and the panel is still relatively high. During use, you still need to pay attention to it. You should not hold the lamp body directly. The screw hole is connected to an external desktop tripod, or the Smooth series extension rod can be used to achieve the effect of holding and moving the fill light.

Power Consumption/Power Test

Next, look at the power supply part. Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light currently supports three power supply methods, namely a 120W power adapter, USB-C interface and handle the battery. The standard power adapter output voltage and current is 24V/5.0A, rated The output power is 120W, but the power adapter is too bulky and heavy to be portable and requires a 220V power input, so it is generally not brought with you when shooting outside.

The second is to provide a power supply through the handle battery, which requires COMBO or the above version. The handle battery is directly installed on the right side of the pocket light. Under the state of 100W full power output, it can continuously supply power for the pocket light for about half an hour. Check the current battery level through the indicator light. If you reduce the brightness of the light, you can achieve a more ideal battery life.

The battery case of the handle is made of plastic, and the upper part of the body is designed with a non-slip silicone strip! which is convenient for daily hand-held light supplements. The size of the handle battery is 52.8x94x61mm, and the weight is 439 grams! which is even heavier than the body of the pocket light. On the right side of the fuselage is the USB-C interface and metal connection contacts! and the USB-C interface has a 30W input/output capability.

A power check button is designed on the top of the handle battery. The built-in battery has a capacity of 15600mAh and supports 30W power input charging. It takes about two and a half hours to fully charge and supports a maximum power output of 30W. It is compatible with FCP, SCP, AFC, QC3. 0 and PD3.0, and other mainstream fast charging protocols! and can also quickly charge mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

The third is to realize the power supply through the USB-C interface. It needs to be used with a charger or a mobile power supply that supports the PD3.0 fast charging protocol and has an output power of 100W. Through the actual measurement, the Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light is at 100% brightness. The operating power is 97.5W. For example, the 96Wh capacity mobile power supply in hand can continuously supply power to the pocket lights under full power operation for one hour.

If the output power of the charger or mobile power is lower than 100W! the pocket light will automatically detect and limit the brightness. For example, when a 65W charger of a laptop is connected, the light brightness will be limited to 65%! and the pocket light can still work normally. It’s running, but the light at this time cannot reach the upper limit of 100%. It is no problem to fill the light in general scenes. It is best to use it with a charger that supports 100W output.

If the fill light only supports 220V input, then you want to carry an outdoor power supply and power adapter when shooting outdoors! and this Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light supports a direct power supply from a mobile power supply! making it more usable and flexible, especially for users who often shoot outdoors! there is no need to worry about the power supply of the pocket light! and it greatly reduces the need to carry equipment and saves the burden of power adapters.

Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light has two start-up modes, which are the normal mode and the live room mode. It is fast and convenient and does not need to be turned on separately! but it does not support the power supply mode of the USB-C interface! and it can only be realized with a power adapter power supply.

Real Shooting Experience

Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light is equipped with a high-power COB lamp bead! the peak power can reach 100W, the dimming range is 0~100%! and the color temperature can be adjusted in the range of 2700K~6500K. The official name is CRI color rendering index>95, TLCI>97! the illuminance at 100% brightness can reach 3881 Lux (bare lamp, one-meter distance) it comes with a mini lampshade! the illuminance can reach 17317 Lux (one-meter distance).

If it is not used with lighting accessories, the range of the light’s irradiation angle is close to 180°. The picture below is a picture taken by a mobile phone. The pocket light has 100% brightness and irradiation effect in the state of the mini lampshade. The lighting effect is good and the irradiation distance is long. The light is sufficient to cover the entire road surface! the edge of the light is clear and the secondary light spot is not obvious! and the trees in the distance can also be illuminated.

The lighting angle of the mini lampshade is close to 60°, and the lighting ability is quite excellent. Maybe you have no idea about the actual lighting effect of the pocket light! so to put it bluntly, the lighting effect is similar to a 100W lighting lamp! which illuminates the shooting scene in the dark During the daytime! you must pay attention to avoid direct exposure to human eyes during use. If it is a general fill light, mid-range is enough.

As a digital self-media, I need to often shoot product evaluations and share videos. I seldom use the standard mini lampshade in the daily shooting. The more concentrated light will create a hard direct light. If the brightness angle of the light is not properly controlled, there may be A relatively strong light-dark contrast effect may be formed, or some details may be reflected and overexposed. For filling light for human objects, soft boxes, and light control grids are preferred.

The picture shows the shooting effect of the Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light with a mini softbox + grille. It was already dusk at the time of the shooting. The character was standing under the big tree, facing east and the sun was behind him. If there is no proper fill light in the scene, the front of the subject may be slightly underexposed.

Because the height of the original carbon fiber tripod was not enough! the tripod, the telescopic extension rod, and the spherical head were combined together! and the pocket light was erected on the upper left corner of the subject and illuminated downward at 45°. This angle can illuminate both the subject and the microphone at the same time! It can also avoid situations such as overexposure to reflections caused by direct light shining on the surface of the microphone.

The picture shows the shooting effect of the Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light with the mini soft light ball. The lighting angle range is wider, the light effect is soft and delicate! and the transition from the center to the edge is more natural! but the irradiation distance is not as good as the softbox. If it is used together For use soft light balls, since the light intensity of pocket lights will be attenuated in the reflection process! it is necessary to increase the light brightness appropriately.

Use the telescopic extension pole to mount the pocket light on the top of the computer desktop in a horizontal manner! but it is necessary to increase the weight of the tripod to avoid imbalance. If the pocket light is set higher and the brightness of the light is increased! a pocket light can be illuminated The entire area of the computer desktop! and when shooting from a low angle upwards, the display screen does not reflect the light from the pocket lights.

Pocket light with the mini soft light ball is enough to cover most still-life shooting scenes. For example, the picture below is to shoot the memory stick at a relatively close distance. The pocket light is directly set up above the subject to illuminate the entire computer case! and the soft light ball comes out The light is more uniform and the shadow effect will be softer! which can create a cleaner and brighter shooting effect.


Sometimes the pocket light is set up at a higher position! which makes it impossible to adjust the color temperature and brightness in time through the knob on the fuselage. Zhiyun MOLUS X100 pocket light supports Bluetooth wireless control function! which needs to be matched with the “ZY VEGA” mobile app! one or more devices can be added to the same group in the lighting control software! and then the color temperature and brightness of the devices can be adjusted individually or globally.

The actual user experience of the application is relatively good, and the control logic is clear and clear. The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted in real-time by controlling the horizontal bar. There are also a variety of preset color temperature options for users to quickly switch. The color temperature matching function is to detect the current ambient color temperature! and then the application controls the pocket light to adjust to the corresponding color temperature value! which significantly improves the efficiency of light control.


The Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light is a lightweight and portable lighting solution. Its slim design allows for easy transportation, and it offers various power supply options, including compatibility with mobile power sources. The pocket light supports Bluetooth wireless control, enabling remote adjustment of brightness and color temperature. It can also control multiple pocket lights simultaneously, simplifying the handling process. With a high-power COB lamp bead, it delivers exceptional brightness and color rendering! allowing for adjustable color temperature within the range of 2700K to 6500K. The light comes with a cooling fan for optimal performance and can be used with a range of lighting accessories for different effects.

Overall, the Zhiyun MOLUS X100 Pocket Light provides a versatile and user-friendly lighting solution! offering portability, ease of use, and excellent lighting performance.

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