Yeelight Pro Officially Supports MATTER through the Gateway Upgrade

Yeelight, a leading brand in smart lighting, has officially announced its support for the Matter protocol in its entire Yeelight Pro product line. This integration enables seamless connectivity with popular IoT platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and more. Yeelight Pro users can now enjoy the convenience, extensive connectivity, and enhanced security provided by the Matter protocol by upgrading their existing S20 gateway.

The Yeelight Pro product line offers premium smart lighting solutions! including professional lighting design, a highly stable smart lighting control system! and high-end smart lighting devices. It provides a comprehensive solution aimed at delivering a superior smart lighting experience. The product portfolio includes smart lights, sensors, and smart switches! and more. By supporting the Matter protocol, Yeelight Pro strengthens its commitment to reliable and secure connectivity! expands compatibility with other smart devices, and enhances the user experience.

“We are pleased to announce the successful integration of the Matter protocol into our Yeelight Pro product line,” stated Coaster Li, VP of Yeelight Overseas Division. “This integration allows our products to seamlessly interact with a growing number of smart home devices! granting customers greater freedom and flexibility in creating their desired lighting environments.”

With Matter protocol support, Yeelight Pro offers effortless connections and unlocks endless possibilities for smart experiences. Users can easily control and customize their lighting settings through a single hub or mobile app! facilitating the creation of the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Moreover, Matter ensures reliable connectivity and enhanced security, providing peace of mind to users.

During the recent Google I/O 2023 event, new Google Home APIs were introduced to simplify the process of building Matter devices and enable easy setup and control through the app. Yeelight shone at the event, strongly advocating for and adopting the Matter upgrade! further fulfilling its promise of “Smart Lighting Made Easier.”

In conclusion, Yeelight’s official support of the Matter protocol in its Yeelight Pro product line brings enhanced connectivity, flexibility, and security to users. With seamless integration with popular IoT platforms and a commitment to making smart lighting easier! Yeelight continues to deliver premium smart lighting experiences.

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