Ninebot Max G2 Electric Scooter Available For Pre-Sale

The highly anticipated Ninebot Max G2 electric scooter is now available for pre-sale, delighting electric scooter offering a wide range of impressive features and specifications. The starting price for this highly anticipated scooter is set at 4,999 yuan (around $715), and it has not yet been launched on, building up excitement among potential buyers.

Ninebot Max G2 Electric Scooter Pre-SaleFeatures

One of the standout features of the Max G2 is its high-performance motor, boasting a peak power output of 1000W. This powerful motor enables the scooter to tackle inclines with a climbing angle of 22%, making it suitable for various terrains. Additionally, it can reach a maximum speed of 35km/h, providing a thrilling and efficient mode of transportation.

The Max G2 is equipped with a built-in 551Wh battery, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable ride. When operating at full speed, the scooter can cover a distance of 40km on a single charge. Recharging the battery to full capacity typically takes around 6 hours. It’s worth noting that the battery life at full speed is measured with a load of 75kg, at a temperature of 25°C, and with tire pressure maintained at 40-45psi. These specific conditions are measured on a flat, hardened road while maintaining a constant speed at 100% of the maximum speed.

Ninebot Max G2 Electric Scooter Pre-Sale

To enhance the overall riding experience, the Ninebot Max G2 incorporates front hydraulic shock absorbers and rear double spring shock absorbers. This suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, minimizing the impact of bumps and uneven surfaces. The scooter is also equipped with a TCS traction system, enhancing stability and control. Complementing these features are the 10-inch self-repairing jelly tires, designed to be wear-resistant and explosion-proof. These tires offer exceptional grip, enabling safe maneuvering on wet and slippery roads.

Ninebot Max G2 Electric Scooter Pre-Sale

In terms of dimensions, the Ninebot Max G2 measures 1210×570×1264mm (length, width, and height). When folded, the size reduces to 1210×570×606mm, allowing for easy storage and portability. The net weight of the scooter is 24.25kg, striking a balance between sturdy construction and convenient handling.

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The Ninebot Max G2 offers three different ranges, catering to various riding preferences and needs. In ECO gear, the scooter can travel approximately 70km on a single charge. Switching to D gear provides a range of around 50km, while S gear offers a range of approximately 40-45km. This range variation allows riders to choose the most suitable mode based on their distance requirements and battery preservation.

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