AOHi 240W Modular-Extension Fast Cable Set Review

In the world of electronic devices, a data cable has become an essential accessory for all digital products. Smartphones, tablets, and notebooks all require data cables for charging and power supply, making them a must-have for everyone. With the advancement of fast charging technology, the original chargers provided by manufacturers can meet everyone’s needs in terms of charging speed. However, the original data cables that come with these products are usually only 1 meter long, which may not be enough for many users.

This becomes even more inconvenient when using portable power equipment like power banks, as the 1-meter charging cable may feel too long. To solve this problem, purchasing data cables of different lengths according to different scenarios has become the norm.

Recently, I got the set of AOHI 240W Modular-Extension Fast Cable, the biggest feature of this data cable is that it can be freely DIY with splicing, the length can be converted at will, and the workmanship quality, chip, power adaptability, and other aspects of the cable are very good.

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As usual, look at the packaging first. Taking a closer look at the front of the packaging box of a charging cable set, one can observe that it has a bright surface printing with the word “FUTURE” printed on it. Additionally, the grid-like stripe design below the word “FUTURE” is actually a schematic diagram of the charging cable after it is connected. It is a type of wire that has passed the “MFi” certification, which is a standard for ensuring compatibility with Apple products. On the other hand, the packaging of the AOHI 240W Modular-Extension Fast Cable is exquisitely designed with a trendy play and e-sports style. The black and yellow color combination gives it a dynamic and energetic vibe.

The back of the box features a striking design that resembles a spaceship’s console. On the left column, an icon indicates that the wires can be docked, with the added benefit of customizing the connection’s length. The charging indicator is also included, with the low current displayed in green, standard charging in blue, and fast charging flashing in yellow. Moreover, the extension cable can support power transmission of up to 240W, and the length of each cable is adjustable according to your needs.

Opening the box, the first thing that catches our attention is the neatly organized internal wires that are fixed in a “tailor-made” black foam. It is evident that great care has been taken to ensure that the components are securely in place and protected from any potential damage. The black foam not only offers a sleek and professional look to the interior of the box! but it also provides a level of insulation for the wires against any external factors that could cause harm. Additionally, the box is magnetically attracted, which ensures that it remains firmly closed when not in use, further adding to the protection and security of the contents within.

The package includes various items, such as a 0.33ft USB-C to USB-C short cable, a 0.33ft USB-C to lightning cable, a 2.6ft extension cable, a 5.6ft spring cable, a user manual, capsule storage, an 18-month warranty, and excellent customer service that will last a lifetime. The inclusion of these items ensures that you have everything you need to make the most of your purchase. Moreover, this package is a perfect gift for someone special in your life as it comes wrapped in a fantastic gift box that will undoubtedly delight them. The gift box adds an extra touch of class and elegance to this already impressive package, making it a thoughtful and memorable present for any occasion.

A small minus point here is that this charging cable does not have a charging cord with USB-A to USB-C output standard. In fact, there are many phone chargers from Xiaomi, vivo, or OPPO that still only use the USB-A output standard. Therefore, the integration of AOHi with a USB-A to USB-C cable will help users make the most of older chargers, increasing the charging efficiency.

Design and Appearance

The overall workmanship of the data cable is quite delicate and thoughtful. The yellow outer skin is made of skin-feeling liquid silicone material, which feels very soft and skin-friendly, and it does not absorb dust and is not easy to get dirty. Don’t worry about it will look worn out after a long time of use.

The plug connection of the data cable is silver-gray with a metallic texture. It adopts an anti-break design. The material alloys look very solid and reliable. The surface of the connector is treated with anti-oxidation and anti-rust treatment, which can ensure the data cable’s Durability and service life, and the overall detail workmanship is quite excellent.

The biggest highlight of this Aohi data cable set is that it can be freely spliced and matched to meet the needs of different scenarios. When it comes to this, I have to admire the brain hole of Aohi product design; in order to achieve a more stable and firm connection! at one end of the interface of the two long lines in this set of data lines, a clever detachable threaded connection structure is designed. Just insert the two data C ports and C heads that you want to splice! and then fix them with threads; it can be quite stable and reliable connected together.

This kind of design is not only a bit of DIY fun but also very practical. In actual use, when I go out to use the mobile power supply! I will use its two 10cm short wires. The advantage is that the integration is better. , can be held more easily, short and compact, without cumbersomeness.

In a normal charging scenario, you can connect the short lightning cable or the Type-C short cable to an 80cm extension cable, which is just enough.

In addition to the above two scenarios, when we are charging daily! we often encounter the situation that the power socket is far away from the charging position! and the ordinary 1-meter-long data cable cannot be used at all. At this time, we can use the AOHI to play data The 80m long line in the line is connected to the spring line! and the other end of the spring line is connected to Lightning or the short line of the C port. The total length reaches 2.6 meters. This length can fully meet the charging needs even if the socket is far away.

Of course, in some scenarios that have certain requirements for wiring harness storage! such as charging in a car, or outdoor scenarios, we can also use a short wire with a 1.7-meter spring wire! which can meet the changing needs of different distances. The automatic storage feature of the line will not make the scene too messy, which is very convenient.

Seeing this, everyone should be amazed at the ingenious design of this set of data cables. The whole set of cables can be spliced with each other through different lengths and different interfaces of data cables! which can meet the needs of different scenarios more flexibly and conveniently. Choose, match at will, and flexibly choose the length of the wire that suits you.


In terms of charging protocol and compatibility, the configuration of the Aohi data cable is also very powerful. Among them, the lightning data cable supports Apple’s MFi certification! which meets the latest 27W fast charging of iPhone 14, does not hurt the phone! does not pop up windows, and has a long service life. Certain guarantees. The Type-C interface also has a built-in E-Mark chip, which supports a larger current, up to 140W! and a data transmission speed of up to 480Mbps. The daily file transfer efficiency is extremely high, and it also supports PD3.1 and QC in terms of compatibility. A variety of fast-charging protocols can support the fast charging of mainstream mobile phones, tablets, and computers on the market.

In the design of some small details, this set of data cables is also very thoughtful. For example, a charging indicator is designed at the interface connection of the cable! and the charging status is displayed by color. Yellow means fast charging, blue means it is about to be full, and green means It is already fully charged! allowing us to see the charging status of the device at a glance. At the same time, the cable storage bag it comes with is also very considerate. It is also made of soft silicone material, which is comfortable to hold. The surface is treated with anti-sweat and anti-oil stains. The cable is stored in the middle, which is very convenient to carry when going out.

Use Experience

OK, we already have a general understanding of the AOHI Cable Set! so what can it bring to my life scene? How is it different from traditional data lines? Can it meet my geek needs for “customization”? Combining the 4 kinds of splicing wires and the free and flexible splicing design of the AOHI Cable Set! let’s find the answer together with the above questions!

First of all, let’s look at the 10cm C to the C data cable. This specification is the smallest size of the data cable. Generally, I will carry it with my portable power bank. In a small outdoor environment, it can bring easy handheld supplies. In such an environment, AOHI played perfectly with the soft wire of the charging cable and data cable.

Secondly, let’s take a look at what changes AOHI can bring to my life after playing with the matching of charging cables and data cables. Here I chose the longest spring wire of 170cm. It is not difficult to see from the animation that its overall elasticity is excellent.

Compared with the traditional linear data cable! the spring cable has brought me a longer space for the use of the cable! and it has a better side for storage before and after use. In this regard, imagine that when the data cable exceeds 150cm! it will not only cause headaches and winding when storing but also have to think about how to fix it so that it does not look messy.

The more intuitive performance is when the child is playing with my mobile phone! the AOHI Cable Set can be flexibly spliced into an appropriate length according to the actual use! which can effectively prevent the child from forgetting to charge the phone. The same scene will also appear when playing with a mobile phone on the bed or when charging and replenishing in the rear of the car. The short line + auxiliary line + extension line can reach a performance of up to 260cm! which is enough to meet the length requirements in any place.

In addition to using the AOHI 240W Modular-Extension Fast Cable Set for mobile phones! the AOHI Cable Set also gives me enough hands-on freedom when I am tossing various digital devices. Just like I have been researching various desks for more than half a year! and I have bought a variety of mechanical keyboards. In order to pursue the best performance! I must use the wired mode; the data cables that can be equipped are all straight-line designs! although they can bring In wired mode, the appearance that can be placed on the desktop is really unsightly. With the AOHI fun charging cable and data cable! I can splice through the wires and reserve the spring wire on the table! which improves the appearance of the table and also satisfies the different lengths when the equipment is replaced.

For the gradual attenuation problem that occurs after many data lines are spliced! it will not appear on the data line of AOHI when playing with charging lines. Just like a laptop is a free and flexible portable office and entertainment device! its use position is not fixed in many cases, and the standard 120cm wire is helpless when the socket is too far away from the device. Under such a premise, I can choose a combination of 10+80cm, or 90+170cm. The maximum length of 260cm combined with the spring wire makes it extremely easy to use the laptop when it is charging without headaches. Restricted by the socket distance.

Equipping an exclusive storage box for the data cable! which seems a little flashy but quite a thoughtful design, how does AOHI play with the charging cable? In the final analysis, the storage box is made of soft silicone material! which will not be limited by changes in the storage space. Whether it is placed in the bag or held in hand, it has a great scene adaptation. What makes me extremely satisfied is that the dedicated storage box for AOHI Cable Set can not only put all the cables in easily! but also some small mobile power sources are no problem; that is to say, it can be directly used as a portable charger to go out without having to worry about it. Consider the cumbersome carrying of mobile power and wires.


In my opinion, the AOHI 240W Modular-Extension Fast Cable Set is truly outstanding and can be considered the pinnacle of data cables. This set is exceptional in terms of its appearance, workmanship design, materials, charging power, and compatibility. What sets it apart from other cables is its clever and flexible splicing design. With its ability to connect different interfaces, adjust to different lengths, and splice randomly! this cable set can meet the changing needs of various products in different scenarios. This comprehensive performance ensures that this charging set is more than enough to satisfy all your charging requirements.

Overall, the AOHI 240W Modular-Extension Fast Cable Set sets the bar high in the field of data cables! and its exceptional design and performance make it a must-have for anyone seeking reliable and versatile charging options.

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