Buy 5 In 1 Digital Water Quality Tester In Just $17.28 (Instead $40)

A water quality tester is an essential tool for anyone who wants to ensure that their drinking water is safe and free of contaminants. In this regard, we have a 5-in-1 digital water quality tester, which is an ideal tool for many types of water analysis all in one handy instrument.

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The product is currently available for purchase on Aliexpress at a discounted price of $17.28, which is a significant reduction from its original price of $40. This is a great opportunity for customers who are looking to save money on their purchases while still receiving high-quality products.

It has the following parameters.

The multi-functional digital water quality tester is a highly versatile tool that can measure several parameters related to water quality. It can be used to test the quality of drinking water, swimming pool water, aquarium water, and other types of water.

It is designed to measure pH, salinity, temperature, TDS (total dissolved solids), and EC (electrical conductivity). The tester has a waterproof design that makes it suitable for use in any water environment, whether in the lab, field, or industrial setting.

The specifications of the water quality tester include a conductivity test range of 0 to 10000uS/cm, 10.01-19.99ms, 20.1-400mS/CM, with a resolution of 1uS/cm; 0.1mS/CM, and an accuracy of 2% of reading. The TDS test range is 0 to 1000ppm, 1000ppm to 10000ppm, 10.1 to 200.0ppt, with a resolution of 1ppm; 0.1ppt, and an accuracy of 2% of reading.

The salinity measuring range is 0.00 to 25.00%, with a resolution of 0.01%, and an accuracy of 0.01-5.00% (0.1%), 5.10-25.00% (1%). The pH test range is 0.01-14.00pH, with a resolution of 0.01pH, and an accuracy of 0.05pH. The pen also has automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and can work in temperatures ranging from 0 to 60.0C (32.0-140F); RH 100%.

The water quality test pen has a compact and user-friendly design, with a display size of about 33*24mm, and supports backlight for better visibility in low-light conditions. It is also IP67 waterproof rated, ensuring that the pen can withstand exposure to water without getting damaged.

The pen operates on 3×1.5LR44 batteries and has a low power consumption of 2.9mA, with an automatic power-off feature that activates after five minutes of inactivity.

Buy and Save $23

In summary

This 5-in-1 digital water quality tester is an essential tool for professionals who require accurate and reliable measurements of water quality parameters. It is easy to use, portable, and highly versatile, making it suitable for use in various applications, including water treatment, aquaculture, and environmental monitoring. The package includes the water quality monitor, but the battery and correcting powder are not included.

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