UGREEN DigiNest Pro Review: A 100W Supported Power Strip For the Professional Desktop

If you have many gadgets, you will have more opportunities to charge them, and many people may want a charger that can charge them all at once. I want to charge the laptop on my desk, and I want an outlet for my equipment nearby. Anyone can easily distribute, and there is an increasing demand for desks with laptops and distribution equipment. I want to use both charging and an outlet.

In this regard, this time we will review a charger that has a good-looking design and can be used for both charging and an outlet. We are talking about “UGREEN DigiNest Pro”, which is a 2-in-1 charger that combines a USB charger with a maximum of 100W and a power strip.

It is equipped with 4 USB ports, including a Type-C port of up to 100W, and 3 outlets. It has a powerful specification that allows you to connect home appliances such as monitors, speakers, and printers to an outlet while charging your laptop from your smartphone with a USB port.

There are many things that need charging. UGREEN DigiNest Pro is a convenient product that solves the lack of USB ports and outlets for charging at once. Perfect to keep on your desk. If you are interested, please check it out!

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By the way, You can get this 100W Supported Power Strip directly from their website. They retail for $129.99  (about €120.10) but are currently on sale for $83.36 (around €76).


All specifications are as follows:


Then we will open it.

It’s pretty tightly packed.

The contents of the package include the power tap body and two manuals.


The buttons on the left side of the USB port are the power button for the USB and the outlet. You can switch the power supply on/off. It is also called a “power saving button”, but it is the one that is often attached to general power taps.

There are two outlet insertion slots on the backside. The insertion port is compatible with the 3-pin type, but you can also use the commonly seen 2-pin type. There is no problem in inserting a commonly used 2-pin outlet into the 3-pin type outlet.

There is also an outlet slot on the top. This is a 2-pin type.

100 is printed on the left side to emphasize the 100W power supply.

Product specifications, PSE-mark, etc. are displayed on the bottom. There are rubber feet on both sides to prevent slipping.

The AC power cable is directly connected and cannot be connected or disconnected. Although it is a place where a load is applied, it seems to be quite sturdy.

The length of AC power cable is long at about 1.8m. It is safe in the sense that it is thick, hard, and sturdy, but it may feel difficult to handle. However, since it is a 100W USB charger and a power strip, I personally feel more secure with a cable that is as solid as this.

When I weighed it, it was about 600 grams. It is not suitable for carrying due to its weight and size. The size is large, about 125 x 73 x 52 mm, and depending on the environment where it is installed, it may be difficult to use. But somehow it looks cool.

Output distribution diagram

Let’s take a look at the output distribution of each USB.

There are three USB-C ports, but only two are high-power compatible. The two high-power USB-C ports can charge up to MAX100W using a single port, while the remaining USB-C and USB-A are at MAX22.5W.

The high-power USB-C port splits between 30W and 65W when using 2 ports at the same time.

If you use 3 ports, you can output up to MAX45W.

There is almost no difference between using 4 ports and using 3 ports. Even if you use 4 ports, you can secure MAX45W, so you can charge your laptop.

However, when connecting two laptops with the USB-C port, the USB-C port on one side can only output up to 30W. If you want to connect multiple laptops, it is better to use the AC port.

About usability

Now let’s get to the main topic of the review. I will write about the charging performance, and what I noticed after actually using it.

UGREEN DigiNest Pro’s supported fast charging is as follows:

Compatible fast charging standards

It supports the fast charging standards of major places, including the fast charging standards of smartphone vendors.

Chargers that are originally compatible with USB PD must not be compatible with other fast charger standards according to the USB PD standard. There are other USB PD chargers available at Zara, and there is no particular problem with using them, so I personally don’t mind, but if you are interested, please be careful.

I also checked the PDO of the USB PD together.

As you can see, it supports a maximum of 100W at 20V/5A. It also supports “PPS” which is an option for USB PD.

Reliable 100W Type-C port

Charge the MacBook Pro 16″ with UGREEN DigiNest Pro

When I checked it with a USB current/voltage checker, it was able to charge at about 90W. The MacBook Pro 16-inch can charge up to 140W, but if you have a maximum of 100W you can charge it at a sufficient speed.

Here we are charging an ASUS gaming laptop that supports USB PD charging.

It can be charged at about 92W. This laptop comes with a 200W power adapter. Even if you don’t use that adapter, you can charge it at a sufficient speed with a USB power supply of up to 100W unless it is in a high-load state such as playing a game.

If your laptop comes with a power adapter, you can of course power it from an outlet. The insertion port on the back is compatible with 3 pins, so you can connect directly without using a conversion adapter.

Rapidly charge large and medium-sized devices at the same time

Next, let’s check the wattage and behavior when using multiple ports simultaneously.

As mentioned above, when multiple ports are used simultaneously, they are distributed as follows.

For this test, we are charging M2 MacBook Air and iPad Pro 12.9 inch simultaneously.

They were charged at about 62W and about 28W, respectively. It is as per the specification of maximum 65W + maximum 30W. It is reassuring because you can quickly charge large and medium-sized devices at the same time!

On the other hand, I also connected the iPhone 12 Pro Max there.

Then it was charging at about 21W. Full-speed charging is possible. When using 3 ports at the same time, the maximum power is 45W + 30W + 22.5W, so you can charge your laptop + tablet + smartphone at once.

What you need to know when using multiple ports at the same time is that plugging and unplugging the cable will cause a momentary interruption in charging. This is because the power is redistributed, but it does not hinder use because charging resumes instantly after a momentary stop.

Eliminates lack of power outlets

The rated power is 1250W, which is about the same as a power strip that is commonly sold. Most home appliances can be connected as long as they do not use large amounts of power such as hair dryers and electric pots. I think that it can cover most of the electrical appliances used around the desk, such as monitors, printers, and lights.

It is also possible to extend by connecting another USB charger like this. With this, even if the USB port of the UGREEN DigiNest Pro is full, you can deal with it.

We have three large USB chargers at hand: an Apple 140W USB-C power adapter, Anker 737 Charger (GaNPrime 120W), and Anker 747 Charger (GaNPrime 150W). It’s pretty ugly, but I don’t think there’s anything that interferes with it, and can’t be inserted unless it’s a very large charger.

The outlet on the UGREEN DigiNest Pro is mostly fine, but I wish it had an outlet on the side opposite the AC power cable if possible. However, it may also depend on where and how you install it.

Bulk power switch with shared outlet

ON and OFF of all terminals are managed by a collective switch. This also applies to outlets. It’s very eco-friendly and a great feature if you care about your electricity bill. However, I want to always use only the outlet. It would be even better if there were separate switches for USB charging and outlets.


With that, I’d like to end my review of the UGREEN DigiNest Pro. It supports charging up to 100W with a nice-looking charger. In addition, you can connect up to 3 outlets. These can be turned on and off with the collective power switch.

It supports various charging standards, so you can quickly charge your gadgets and save time. There are outlets on the back and top, and the back supports 3-prong outlets.

Occasionally, there are some foreign-made equipment that do not have conversion with 3 poles. UGREEN DigiNest Pro plugs directly into the back. And my endorser is a design that stands out. It would be interesting if the charger also had a design.


  • Design
  • Up to 100W charging
  • Compatible with many charging standards
  • There is a collective power switch


  • The power cable is sticking out from the right
  • Large size

As mentioned above, “UGREEN DigiNest Pro with an outlet is a stylish charger that looks good on your desk”.

Buy and Save $36

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