Tower.bet Provably Fair: How the Site Ensures Fairness in Gaming

One of the biggest concerns for online gamblers is the fairness of the games. There is no better casino today than Tower.bet, thanks to its high integrity and complete transparency. The site never manipulates the games in any way, guaranteeing fair play on every hand. This is made possible through the use of advanced technology that integrates blockchain transactions into the gaming process. Think about it: if someone was going to create an online casino with complete honesty and transparency in real time, would that be the first thing that came to mind? Probably not! But Tower.bet bitcoin casino us understands this concern and has implemented a provably fair system to ensure that all gaming outcomes are completely random and fair. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Tower.bet’s provably fair system works.

What is Provably Fair Gaming?

Provably Fair Gaming is the concept of allowing players to check the fairness of the results of a game. The idea is that each player should be able to verify the results of the game to ensure that it was fair and random. This is achieved through the use of cryptographic algorithms that generate random numbers and ensure that the game result has not been tampered with.

How Does Tower.bet’s Provably Fair System Work?

Tower.bet’s provably fair system is based on the SHA-256 algorithm, which is used to generate random numbers. Each bet placed on the site is assigned a unique SHA-256 hash, which is displayed on the user’s screen before the bet is placed. Once the bet is placed, the site generates a random number and uses the SHA-256 hash to encrypt it.

After the game ends, the site reveals the encrypted random number, and the player can verify that the result was randomly generated by entering the original hash and site cipher into a third-party verification tool. This ensures that the result of the game was completely random and not manipulated by the site.

Tower.bet also offers a “Server Seed” and “Client Seed” system to further ensure game fairness. The Server Semple is a random character string generated by the site’s server and the Client Semple is a character string chosen by the player. These two samples are used to generate a SHA-256 hash, which is used to encrypt a random number. By allowing players to choose their own client seeds, Tower.bet ensures that no one can predict the outcome of the game.


We think the biggest problem with gambling industry is a lack of trust. Tower.bet’s provably fair system ensures that all game outcomes on the site are completely random and fair. Through the use of the SHA-256 algorithm, unique hashes for each bet and the client/server seeding system, the site offers a transparent and reliable gaming experience. Players can rest assured that the games at Tower.bet are completely fair and random, and the site strives to provide a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.


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