Xiaomi Mijia H900 Hair Dryer Now On the Low Price of $219.99

Looking for a hair dryer with multiple features that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Xiaomi Mijia H900 Hair Dryer! Whether you’re at home or in a professional hair salon, this hair dryer is designed to enhance the beauty and appearance of your hair.

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Design and Appearance

The classic color and matte texture of the hair dryer complement each other, and its secondary anodic sandblasting process gives it a concentrated shine and neat lines. Its size of 25 x 76 x 111 cm makes it perfect for various uses, particularly for women with long hair who struggle to dry it quickly during winter.


The Xiaomi Mijia H900 hair dryer is equipped with a high-speed motor and digital control that rotates at an impressive 106,000 revolutions per minute. The flow channel design reduces pressure loss, allowing a gentle stream of air to be directed at each hair strand, eliminating moisture at a speed of 60 m/s.

The Mijia H900 has an intelligent temperature control system that monitors the outgoing air temperature in real-time, preventing heat damage to the hair, ensuring a comfortable and safe hair-drying experience.

With four buttons on its body, users can control temperature, wind speed, cold air, and switching. These buttons can be coordinated to provide 12 different temperature and wind speed combinations, offering more flexibility and options for effective hair drying.

It comes with two model nozzles – a diffusion nozzle and a collector nozzle – that have a lightweight magnetic suction design, allowing 360° free rotation and convenient switching angles for desired hair styling.

The Mijia H900 features a negative ion generator that produces up to 10 million units/cm per second, neutralizing positive charges on the hair’s surface, making hair smoother and more elegant.

The hair dryer comes with its own special holder, made of a single piece of aluminum alloy, ensuring it is always at hand.


The Xiaomi Mijia H900 hair dryer is an excellent choice for a powerful, efficient, and convenient hair-drying experience. Its advanced features, including digital control, temperature monitoring, magnetic nozzle fixation, and a negative ion generator, make it a top-of-the-line device for home use.

Where to buy

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Buy and Save $30

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