Midea M9 Home Robot Vacuum can Lift 10mm to Mop

The Midea M9 is one home robot and vacuum cleaner that automatically lifts itself to 10mm to mop effectively. This technology is not new when it comes to obstacle avoidance. However, the auto 10mm up and down movement for harder mopping is new. Therefore, this best robot vacuum cleaner 2023 is the first to offer reliable mopping. The Midea M9 review for its features and specs shows a 4000Pa vacuum power. Also, there are dual side brushes, four power modes for suction, a V-shaped main brush, and a Supersonic carpet sensor. So it is the best robot vacuum for pet hair, carpets, mopping floors, and house cleaning. In addition, it will be available from March 13th-17th PST with an early bird sale price of US$289.23. You can use the US$10 store coupon for this special price.

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Midea M9 Home Robot Vacuum Review

The latest robot vacuum from the brand has powerful mopping. Most cordless vacuum cleaners have vacuum and mopping features. However, there are less effective than the Midea M9 robot vacuum cleaner. It is because of the 10mm automatic up and down movement. Also, the robot avoids obstacles using 3D tech. In addition, there is pressurized mopping to clean the floors and carpets harder.

The dual-sided and V-shaped brushes help to remove hair clogs and clean floors like no other. There is LiDAR and SLAM for 3D mapping and three cleaning routines as preset. It has an 8-meter scanning range. Other standard features include zig-zag cleaning, 180-minute runtime, and remote connection via a smartphone app.

Price and Availability

The best home robot vacuum cleaner has been launched recently. Therefore, it is available at an early bird sale discount. However, the Midea M9 price of only US$289.23 is from March 13th-17th PST. You can collect a US$10 store coupon by clicking “Get Coupons” below the listed price on the product page. Or you can visit the store and collect coupons from the main page. All are easy to collect.

Buy Midea M9 Robot Vacuum for only US$289.23 on AliExpress

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