GameSir G7 Hands-On Review – Wired Controller For XBOX & PC

Games can provide relief from work and life stress, as well as challenging and visually stimulating experiences for players. To fully enjoy the gaming experience, a good game controller is necessary. Currently, the most popular options are mouse and keyboard and gamepads. These devices have distinct characteristics, with different operation methods and gaming experiences. The mouse and keyboard offer more precise control, making them ideal for FPS and MBOA games, while gamepads with trigger buttons and joysticks are better for complex operations, such as RAC and ACT games. Gamepads also have vibration feedback, allowing players to feel the feedback from characters and game scenes.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in your gaming experience, it’s crucial to have a professional game controller. Whether you play on a PC or XBOX console, a high-quality controller can enhance your gameplay by providing smooth and responsive controls. Whether you’re playing an action-packed first-person shooter or a competitive sports game, a professional game controller can make all the difference in terms of enjoyment. With its positive feedback and precise movement, it can truly elevate your gaming experience.

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The Chinese manufacturer GameSir recently introduced a new controller to the market, the GameSir G7. This wired Xbox controller boasts interchangeable and customizable faceplates and is officially licensed by Microsoft. Following the success of its previous mobile game controller, the X2 Pro, GameSir continues to establish itself as a reputable gaming brand known for its high-quality controllers, keyboards, and accessories for various platforms. The GameSir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox & PC is their latest endeavor to provide a professional-grade controller at an affordable price, and it appears to be their most successful yet. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the GameSir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox consoles and PC.


Before delving into the user experience, let’s first examine the scope of delivery for the G7 game controller. The packaging of the controller has a clean and modern look, featuring a green and white color scheme. The front of the box prominently displays a large image of the controller! making it easy for buyers to see the product. Additionally, the brand and model are clearly labeled, and the Xbox certification logo is prominently displayed at the bottom! indicating that the controller has been officially certified for compatibility with XBOX games.

On the back of the box, the most striking feature is the inclusion of two panels, as well as several core functions such as a low-friction rocker slip ring, an ALPS 3D rocker, mechanical buttons, a Hall trigger button that supports vibration, and a double back button configuration. These features make the controller quite powerful and versatile. Additionally, the controller is compatible with XBOX Series X/S, One, and Windows 10/11 systems.

Opening the package, you will find two separate boxes made of khaki cartons. One box is designated for accessories, while the larger box is intended for the main body and Cable. The carton is printed with the brand name GAMESIR, which is visible through punched holes! and all the details are properly arranged. The overall packaging is relatively stylish and simple.

Open the package to see what is inside. The box includes a controller that comes in either black or white, a 3-meter USB-C cable, a personalized front cover that can be decorated with markers, a comprehensive and multilingual user manual, a GameSir sticker, a card of gratitude with a QR code to extend the manufacturer’s warranty by 6 months, a seal of quality, and a voucher code for a 1-month free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, redeemable for new users.

The package includes a custom-made, 3-meter composite braided cable for improved stability in wired connections. The layer is a composite braided structure, which is more wear-resistant and tensile-resistant and comes with a magic tie for easy storage. The cable length is sufficient to reach the distance between the living room’s large screen and the device, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.


The GAMESIR G7 has a black body with a magnetic shell design that allows for easy color switching between black and white with the included white magnetic shell. The button layout resembles the XBOX controller and has a rounded overall design. It measures 152x103x63mm and weighs 256g, making it relatively lightweight and easy to grip, thanks to the diamond-shaped rubber anti-slip treatment. The G7’s shape design also includes a uniform acceleration curve structure for a full grip and comfortable touch during long gaming sessions.

The layout of buttons on the G7 game controller is similar to that of the Xbox Series X|S controller, but the placement of the buttons has been modified to prevent accidental presses. The indicator light for the controller’s status is located above the Xbox button, while on the Xbox Series X|S controller, it is located under the controller. Additionally, the G7 controller features an M button, and the volume can be adjusted using the direction button, allowing for separate adjustments to the main volume and game volume.

The XYAB controller features four mechanical keys that have a similar feel to the green switch but with a softer sound. The key travel is shorter than traditional conductive rubber keys and has more Q-bouncing, making it easier to double-click. This makes it ideal for playing games with many QTEs, such as Bayonetta, where the keys are more convenient to use. The A/B/X/Y buttons use mechanical micro switches with a 0.6mm trigger stroke and 65±10GF driving force, which allows for quick and stable execution of commands. The pressing sound is crisp and pleasant, and the hand feeling is softer, resulting in faster moves. Compared to the traditional capacitive buttons of the Xbox controller, I prefer the crisp and neat button feedback of the XYAB controller.

The cross arrow keys are typically small and have a stiff feel. Examine the markings on the four arrow keys more closely. You can easily adjust the game’s volume through the M key and the up and down arrow keys. The M key and the left and right arrow keys can be used to control the game’s voice volume. In addition to the standard buttons on the front, there is also a multi-functional M button, which allows players to easily use a combination of buttons to quickly adjust volume (M button + up and down arrow keys), map buttons (M button + M1/M2 button), and turn on or off the quick trigger function (M key + LT/RT key) when connecting to an Xbox console.

The gamepad is designed with an advanced ALPS carbon film joystick that utilizes algorithm optimization for precise control without any dead angles. This prevents inaccuracies in joystick control and drift. Additionally, it features a built-in POM anti-wear slip ring that ensures durability and prevents damage from high-strength conditions. The height of the handle rocker is moderate and the mushroom head is designed with an anti-slip texture to prevent wear and tear under use.

The shoulder and trigger keys on this handle feature anti-slip patterns. The shoulder key has a balance of soft and hard feedback, a gentle sound, and a quick rebound. This makes it ideal for games that use the shoulder key as an attack button, such as Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice and ELDEN RING. Additionally, the linear trigger key is equipped with a Hall element that can detect the amount of pressure applied, providing a more immersive gaming experience. It also has a built-in trigger vibration feature, where the intensity of the vibration increases as the pressure applied increases, making it particularly useful for racing games, as it mimics the feeling of the accelerator’s roar.

The handle features a one-piece molded bread rubber grip on both sides, a design that has been carried over from the Xbox elite handle. This grip is skin-friendly and non-slip, and the ergonomic curve provides a comfortable and reliable hold. This small change greatly improves the overall gaming experience over long periods of use.

The M1 and M2 back buttons are custom buttons that can be used for mapping. They allow for the use of all six fingers on both hands, resulting in increased efficiency. The center of the back features a regular certification brand sticker, while the M1 and M2 buttons are located on the left and right sides. These buttons are designed to be large for easy touch. The grips on the left and right sides feature a non-slip texture and diamond-shaped bumps to increase friction when holding.

The handle of the Gamesir G7 also boasts a unique feature – its four built-in vibration motors. These motors can be customized for each individual game, offering not only Xbox game vibration but also the ability to set vibration settings for games that do not have native support. Additionally, the handle allows for two distinct levels of vibration – trigger vibration and grip vibration – allowing for a more immersive gaming experience.

The cover has been frosted on the surface, preventing it from collecting fingerprints and impacting its appearance. Additionally, the frosted surface provides a good anti-slip effect. The handle part is covered in rubber, offering a stable grip even when hands are sweaty due to its anti-slip properties.

The internal test of the handle features a unique design with a 3.5mm audio microphone jack, allowing for connection to a headset. This is not a common feature in game controllers. The inclusion of a 3-meter-long data cable also provides players with the ability to play from a distance without being restricted by audio cables. Additionally, a mute button is conveniently located next to the microphone jack to meet individual preferences.

The G7 game controller features a wired connection design that utilizes a separate handle wire for easy storage and packaging. It also has a USB-C interface located on the top of the device. While wired connections may not be as flexible as wireless ones, they eliminate the need to worry about battery life and delay. The charging port design ensures a stable connection and prevents disconnections during use. Any USB-C cable with data functions can be used universally with the controller. The detachable wire design makes storing the handle more convenient, and the quality of the wire is also high.

It is important to note that the GAMESIR G7 is compatible only with PCs and Xbox that have Win11/Win10 operating systems. With Microsoft authorization, the controller is easily recognized when connected to the computer without the need for any additional setup. The controller also features a chip with a data refresh rate of 256Hz, ensuring quick response times for typing commands at less than 0.004 seconds.

Interchangeable Faceplates

The G7 game controller boasts a distinct feature with its interchangeable Faceplate. The controller comes with a black panel as the default and an additional white panel in the package. The magnetic design makes switching out the panels easy and efficient, appealing to those who have a fear of commitment and want to have both black and white options, as well as to the younger generation who enjoys having options. Personally, I prefer the white panel as it gives off a sleek and clean look.

The concept of an interchangeable face shell design in handle technology is not new. However, the G7 handle’s implementation of this feature stands out for its ease of use. Unlike older models that relied on physical buckles, the G7’s cover is attached with magnets, making it less tedious and intimidating to switch out. With a bit of practice, removing and replacing the cover becomes a simple task.

The front panel utilizes a magnetic adsorption technique, making replacement incredibly convenient. When removed, it looks similar to this. It features various holes.

The panel features a lightly frosted surface, with the GAMESIR logo in a bold, hot color and the rest of the panel in black. After installing the white shell, the overall appearance closely mimics that of the original white handle. The overall design feels cohesive and pleasing to the eye. After giving it some thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that the panda color scheme looks even better! and I will likely use it as my primary shell in the future.

GameSir Nexus Software – How To Use

The G7 Gamepad is compatible with PC drivers and, once installed, can be divided into four main sections: buttons, joystick, trigger, and vibration. Users can create and save up to three different modes based on their preferred settings. The GameSir Nexus software can also be used to customize the gamepad’s settings and offers three preset configurations for players to modify. In the button interface, users can map and set the gamepad buttons! with the exception of the M1 and M2 back buttons, which can only be used as handle buttons and cannot be set as keyboard buttons or macro commands.

The joystick interface allows you to adjust the range of movement for both the left and right joysticks. Typically, it is not necessary to change the default settings. However, if the joystick parameters are not properly set, it can result in drift or decreased precision. Additionally, options such as cross-key swap and cross-key oblique lock are commonly used in STG/FTG games.

The trigger button interface allows for customization of the trigger’s range. By increasing the initial value, the depth of the trigger stroke can be increased. Additionally, the option to switch to fast trigger mode is available, allowing for one-touch triggering. This mode is ideal for first-person shooter or action games. To switch modes during gameplay, simply press and hold the M+LT or RT button.

In the vibration interface, you can adjust the handle motor’s vibration intensity. Increasing the motor intensity will result in stronger game feedback. Battery life is not a concern. Additionally, you can set the trigger pressing vibration and synchronous vibration options. The trigger-pressing vibration is based on the depth of the trigger button. The synchronous vibration option causes the trigger motor to vibrate in sync with the grip motor, resulting in stronger handle vibration.

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Gaming Experience

During my recent experience with the Windows 10 system, I found that the gamepad is compatible with many games. The main button functions work properly, and there are no issues with vibration or triggering during gameplay. In games like “Forza Horizon 5,” the gamepad’s designed functions are fully realized.

The gamepad’s grip features a silicone back and anti-slip textures on the surface. It provides a full and secure grip without any unwanted noise when held tightly. The gamepad has a weight of approximately 250 grams, which is well-balanced. The design allows for easy access to the two back buttons with the ring finger while holding the gamepad.

The trigger button is angled slightly upward, featuring a small anti-slip texture on its surface. When pressed quickly and firmly, it will not slip from the finger. The four action buttons all utilize mechanical microswitches, providing a clear and precise touch. The button stroke is short, with a solid bottoming and crisp rebound, making a satisfying clicking sound.

There is no sense of stuttering when turning. When turning, there is no stuttering or hesitation. In the game “Monster Hunter World,” which emphasizes controlling movement! the joystick allows for precise control of the character’s movement and angle of view. The trigger button is smooth and responsive during use, and its stroke positioning is highly accurate. Additionally, accelerator and brake control in racing games is precise and responsive! and the game controller provides accurate feedback to the player through vibration.

Specifically, the trigger buttons are outfitted with pulse motors that provide players with more immersive feedback during gameplay. For instance, in “Forza Horizon 5,” players can feel the vibration of the brake and accelerator when pressing the trigger buttons. The vibration is subtle but rapid, and the intensity changes based on the pressure applied. This type of vibration experience is not possible on traditional gamepads.

The trigger press vibration effect must be adjusted at the game level. If certain third-party games, like “Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown,” do not support this feature! it can be enabled through the control software. By activating the vibration function, players can experience the trigger button vibration effect in any game.

Recently, Gears 5 has seen a lot of play. As a shooter, it is highly enjoyable. The mechanics of the game are relatively straightforward, leaving the player to focus on firing and engaging in combat. The story may be a bit lengthy, but the G7 game controller allows for seamless and smooth operation! including aiming, positioning, screen rotation, and weapon handling.

Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain is a classic masterpiece from Kojima. Its operation complexity and playability are unmatched by other games currently available. The tasks are diverse, and the operations are varied, making for a truly immersive experience. This game utilizes all aspects of a controller, including button operation and handle button distribution. There is no need to adjust settings, as the game is designed to be played directly. The operation is smooth, the keys are accurate, and there are no blind or connected keys, ensuring a stable and reliable gaming experience. This is also true for the wired handle.

The GameSir G7 is designed with built-in compatibility for a variety of popular games! including Far Cry 6, Halo Infinity, Battlefield 2042, Horizon 4/5, the Need for Speed series, Dirt 5, Tomb Raider, and Devil May Cry 5. I often play casual games, and the G7 also seamlessly supports games such as Genshin Impact. When connected to the controller, the gameplay is smooth and more enjoyable than using a keyboard. Additionally, the G7 is also suitable for games such as King of Fighters and simulator games! making it a versatile option for all types of players.


After using the GameSir G7 handle for more than a month! I have found it to be very easy to use for games such as Horizon 5! Tomb Raider, Genshin Impact, God of War 5, Need for Speed, Little Nightmare, Pro Evolution Football, etc. I am extremely satisfied with its holding, controlling, and triggering capabilities. Based on my experience, I believe it is a great option for new gamers! as it is more than sufficient for playing action! racing, and FPS games. Recently, my friends came over and tried it out, and they also liked it, comparing it favorably to the XSX with better customization options! such as the ability to change the shell and bike settings.

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