ACEFAST Crystal T6 TWS Wireless Headset Review

The TWS earbuds market is currently undergoing intense competition, making it imperative for new brand products to stand out with their special, novel, and intriguing features to grab consumer attention. Most of the products in the market are aesthetically pleasing with a limited color choice of black or white, lacking innovation in the user experience, and appearing average.

Introducing ACEFAST, a consumer electronics brand that embodies the meaning of ACE (first-class) and FAST (fast). The brand is committed to keeping pace with consumer demands through rapid technological advancements in the digital electronic industry and strives to establish a leading brand. ACEFACE Crystal’s product line includes charging devices, audio equipment, wires, smart electronics, and personal health care products.

Today, we review the newly launched ACEFAST Crystal T6 True Wireless Earphones in vibrant small crystal colors. The charging box boasts a pure and transparent shell design with an open storage feature, adding to its stylish and unique appearance. The product’s colorful design is highly recognizable.

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Let us enter the detailed user experience introduction of ACEFAST Crystal T6 and see what kind of product ACEFAST brings.


The box features a hook hole at its top for convenient display in retail stores. The packaging has a green color scheme, with a prominent product image on the front. The brand logo and product model are located in the upper left corner, while the Bluetooth 5.0 logo can be found in the upper right. Two key features of the earphones, an LED digital display and four microphone noise reduction, are emphasized in the lower left corner. On the lower right, it is indicated that the earphones have a battery life of 4 hours and can be quickly charged to provide 1.5 hours of battery life with just 10 minutes of charging.

The appearance of the product and the included silicone protective case are displayed on the left side of the box. The touch feature of the product is presented on the right side of the box, along with a list of contents which include: earphones, a charging case, four additional ear plug sets, a charging cable, a silicone protective cover, and a user manual.

The product’s color is indicated at the top of the back of the box with a green marker, while the other product features are located in the middle.

To reveal the box’s contents, remove the cover on the right side. Once the cover is fully opened, the left side will display the product and its functionalities, while the product itself, enclosed in transparent packaging, will be visible on the right.

In a beautifully presented box, the ACEFAST TWS handset comes with the following:

  • The earbuds ;
  • Charging case;
  • Three pairs of erasers (sizes S, M, and G);
  • USB-C cable to charge the case;
  • Silicone cover for the case;
  • User manual.

The charging cable features a USB-A to USB Type-C interface, with the brand logo printed on the C port end. Despite its compact size, it can still fulfill basic charging requirements. Additionally, the product comes with four pairs of earplugs stored in a sealed bag featuring the brand’s slogan “BE ACE·BE FAST”. The earplugs are available in sizes XS, S, M, and L, with M as the default size on the earphone. However, users can switch to their preferred size once they receive the product. The included silicone shell is designed with the same appearance and color as the product, with the brand logo engraved on the back.


The design of the “Crystal” charging box is characterized by its sleek and transparent exterior, resembling a vibrant and transparent candy. The earphone body is held securely in place within the charging area through magnetic attraction, ensuring it stays firmly in place and doesn’t slip out easily. Up close, the intricate inner design reveals a technologically advanced look, and the colors used inside the charging box are carefully matched to complement the earphone body. The resulting combination is a miniature work of art, with a captivating appearance that will leave a lasting impression. The combination of size and elegance make it difficult to resist playing with and admiring the charging box.

The ACEFAST Crystal T6 offers a range of five stylish colors to choose from – Youth Green, Sapphire Blue, Modern Grey, Ice Blue, and Pink Lotus. Its Morandi color system, featuring low saturation, adds a touch of sophistication and avoids the typical monotony of black. The earbuds and charging case boasts a sleek and uniform appearance, making it a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals. The charging case is translucent with a futuristic texture, perfectly complementing the overall color scheme.

The protective case is adorned in a youthful green color that perfectly matches the charging box and earphones, creating a harmonious look. Its application is effortless, resulting in an outstanding appearance that is both sturdy and secure. The silicone shell is made of food-grade, environmentally friendly, and skin-friendly silicone, providing a soft, anti-fall, and anti-scratch texture that does not affect the use of the earphones. The back is fully enclosed to protect the charging box, and the charging interface opening is precise. Additionally, the case has a lanyard hole for added convenience in carrying.

The LED screen displays the power of the left and right earphones and the charging box at a glance, making it easy to monitor their status. Once you place the earphones back in the charging box, you can effortlessly check their power levels without the need for cumbersome operations or complicated apps. This user-friendly design offers a refreshing change from the traditional, complicated methods.

The exterior of the charging box boasts a sleek and luminous design. Even when it’s not being utilized, it adds an aesthetic touch to the surroundings. Observing the rear of the box, the internal composition is visible. A screw is located above the brand logo, securing the device. From the top, the symmetry of the structure is evident and organized. Upon closer examination, a groove on the top of the earphone is noticed, serving as a convenient way to access it. Since the storage is open, the design must facilitate ease of access to prevent any inconvenience in retrieving the earphone from the charging box.

The Type-C interface is located centrally and blends seamlessly with the design. Upon closer examination, it can be seen that the opening of the casing is precisely aligned, and the edges are well-finished with no rough spots present. The charging case and earphones exhibit a unified aesthetic appearance. The interior of the sound cavity is smooth and even, and two spring-loaded Pogo Pins, used for charging, are placed on the handle of the earphones.

The design of the ACEFAST Crystal T6 earphone is both simple and sophisticated. It’s worth mentioning that it has an IPX4 rating for protection against sweat and water! making it perfect for sports and outdoor activities. The touch button area is located outside the sound cavity, while the noise-reduction microphone is visible only as an opening. A recessed indicator light can be seen when it’s lit next to the microphone. On the inside, the earphone’s sound cavity and outlet are designed to fit the ear canal for a secure and comfortable fit.

Remove your earplugs, and you’ll observe that the audio output is circular and has a dense mesh layer to protect against any foreign objects. The center of the earphone grip displays the L/R emblem, while charging ports are located on both sides. The microphone is located at the tip of the earphone stem. The ACEFAST Crystal T6 has dual-mic ENC call noise reduction capabilities, providing a clearer voice transmission.

Based on the measurements, the ACEFAST Crystal T6 weighs approximately 40.2g, and it is effortless to carry it daily. The weight of a single earphone is a manageable 3.6g, making it a great option for daily use.

LED Display

The LED display is a standout feature of this product. It displays the current battery level of both the case and the headphones, which is crucial information. By keeping track of the battery levels, you can ensure that you won’t be caught off guard with a dead case and headphones. In contrast, many other wireless headphones we have tested lack a way to show the battery percentage on the device itself. You would need to check your phone to see the battery level of the headphones, but there was no way to check the battery level of the case.

Touch Controls

Connecting the in-ears to the smartphone or notebook was very easy. When removing a headphone, the Acefast Crystal T6 switches on automatically. The device was found immediately via the Bluetooth setting on the smartphone! and the in-ear headphones connect automatically if used multiple times. The control for music or calls also works exceptionally well via touch control. In our practice check, a light tap on the headphones was enough to regulate the volume. The voice assistant can also be activated on the smartphone via the touch control, which is very practical when moving, for example.

The Acefast Crystal T6 comes with 6 mm drivers and four microphones. When testing the sound quality! the first thing we noticed when making calls was that the sound was not very clear! and there was a slight hissing noise. The sound was also rather homogeneous when listening to music. The bass was too weak, especially with the pop and hip-hop songs. Overall, the sound quality lacked depth, which was also evident in the calls.

Hands-on Experience

After the previous unpacking session, everyone must comprehensively understand the appearance design of ACEFAST Crystal T6. In the following content, we will start from the aspects of interactive experience and music experience and give a detailed introduction to the actual user experience of ACEFAST Crystal T6.

Interactive Experience

The ACEFAST Crystal T6 charging box is designed for easy handling with just one hand, allowing you to simply take out the earphones without the need for any unnecessary actions like opening a cover. The suction effect when taking out the earphones adds to the sleek and streamlined feel of the product, which makes people question the need for covers on other earphone charging boxes.

Pairing the earphones with your mobile phone is a quick and simple process! simply select ACEFAST Crystal T6 in the Bluetooth settings device list, and you’re ready to go. Additionally, the earphones come with AAC encoding, providing enhanced sound quality. The short-stem in-ear design and lightweight construction of the earphones make them comfortable to wear! while the ergonomic design conforms to the shape of your ear canal for a secure and snug fit.

Music Experience

Before delving into the experience, let’s briefly revisit the configuration of the ACEFAST Crystal T6 earphone. It features a 6mm titanium dome PEEK composite diaphragm speaker. The titanium dome enhances the clarity of treble, and the PEEK composite diaphragm ensures strong and tight bass. Additionally, the earphone supports AAC high-definition sound quality, resulting in improved detail retention.

For our listening test, we chose a mix of rock and pop songs. The ACEFAST Crystal T6 earphone exceeded our expectations, delivering powerful sound despite its small size. The sound was impactful and precise, dispelling any doubts about the quality of the 6mm dynamic unit. Overall, the audio performance was satisfying, with a well-balanced and impartial sound. Each frequency was well-defined, and the separation between vocals and instrumentals was spot-on.

Sound Quality

The Acefast T6 headset offers a high-quality sound experience for its affordable price range. It does not have active noise cancellation (ANC). However, it does offer passive noise cancellation (ENC) through its structural design. The silicone rubbers and earphone design help to reduce external noise, allowing for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Additionally, the T6 has a unique feature with two microphones on each earbud. These microphones work together to isolate external noise during calls, making your voice sound clearer and sharper. The software improvement ensures that the sounds you hear are more precise, giving you a better call experience. Overall, the Acefast T6 offers an impressive combination of sound quality and features! making it an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable headset.

Battery and Charging

We conducted a wired charging test on ACEFAST Crystal T6, which is about 2.15W. ACEFAST Crystal T6 earphones have a single battery life of 4 hours; the charging box can provide an additional 16 hours of battery life. The overall comprehensive battery life can reach up to 20 hours. Provide one and a half hours of battery life; even if the time is tight, it can quickly replenish the battery life of the headset.

Device Compatibility Test

We conducted connection compatibility tests with the ACEFAST Crystal T6 using six mobile phones! Namely the iPhone 13 Pro, Huawei Mate 30, and Xiaomi 11 Pro! Black Shark 5 Pro, Meizu 18 Pro, and OPPO Reno. These mobile phones represent the latest and most popular models released within the last three years! and the testing system covers the iOS, Android, and Hongmeng platforms. The test data is displayed in the accompanying figure. The results demonstrate that the ACEFAST Crystal T6 can effectively connect with the leading mobile phones in the market, ensuring a stable user experience.


In conclusion, ACEFAST Crystal T6 earphones are the perfect combination of style and functionality. With its sleek transparent design and trendy fashion colors, it is sure to make a statement. The LED digital display and open storage design make it easy to use and understand. The earphones are lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for extended listening sessions. The sound quality is excellent, and the fast charging and long battery life ensure! that you can enjoy your audio-visual entertainment without any interruptions. In short, ACEFAST Crystal T6 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and functional pair of earphones.

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