Tronsmart Halo 100 Review – a Unique Portable Party Speaker

Tronsmart is known for its innovative and high-quality audio products! and their latest addition to the product line, the Halo 100 and Halo 110 speakers, are no exception. The Halo 100 is a powerful Bluetooth speaker that delivers outstanding sound quality with its dual 10W drivers. The LED effects add an extra dimension of fun and excitement, making it the perfect choice for parties and gatherings. It also comes with a convenient carrying handle, making it easy to take on the go. The 18-hour battery life ensures that the music never stops, no matter how long the party lasts.

The Halo 110 takes the party experience to the next level with its karaoke version. The wired microphone included in the package allows for a complete karaoke setup! Making it the perfect choice for those who love to sing and entertain. The powerful speakers and high-quality microphones ensure that every performance is clear and crisp.

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Tronsmart has generously provided us with a brand new Tronsmart Halo 100 Portable Party Speaker for us to review. This speaker has some unique and impressive features that make it stand out from the rest. One of its coolest features is its ability to sync with another equal device. This allows you to enhance your party experience and create a truly immersive sound experience. So let’s take a closer look at what the Tronsmart Halo 100 speaker has to offer.


The Tronsmart Halo 100 speaker arrives in a spacious cardboard box, which features a handy plastic handle for easy transport. Although the packaging appears straightforward, it does have some unique elements. The front of the box highlights the key features of the product, such as its IPX6 water resistance! The ability to play music for up to 18 hours and its compact design for easy portability. A graphical representation of the speaker is also displayed on the front of the box, demonstrating its sleek and modern design. Furthermore, the box emphasizes that the speaker offers RGB backlighting! which adds an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to the device.

On the other hand, we will find information that the whole thing works in 2.1 modes and whether it is possible to adjust the sound using the equalizer in the application. There is also mention of the possibility of pairing two such speakers to work in stereo mode. However, the sides of this packaging may attract the most attention.

The pictures on the equipment will showcase a celebration where the equipment is a central feature. Alongside these images, there will be information about the three-part design of the equipment. The structure of the equipment consists of three essential components – a woofer, a midrange, and a tweeter. These three components work together to provide a comprehensive and balanced audio experience. Additionally, the information about the contents of the box should also be included! which will provide a comprehensive understanding of what the equipment comprises.

During transport, it is protected by two solid foams and foil, and in addition to it, the set includes an English manual, a warranty card, and SoundPulse technology advertising card, and two cables. One is a traditional USB-A to USB-C designed to charge and turn the speaker into something like an emergency power bank, and the other is a 3.5mm analog jack (in other words, AUX). With the use of the latter, you can ensure a wired mode, although Halo 100 was, of course, created mainly for the wireless one.


In terms of design, Halo 100 has a completely different appearance from Tronsmart’s previous Bluetooth speakers. The speaker has a standing design with rounded corners, and the drivers are surrounded by RGB LED rings; when the lights are on, Halo 100 reminds me of the Minions in the movie of the same name. The two small drivers on the top and the large ones below look like gaping faces, looking quite funny.

A large, solid block made of hard plastic painted black, which is crowned at the front with a metal mesh that does not yield even under considerable pressure. This is how you can briefly describe the Halo 100 speaker when it comes to its form, which comes down to a cuboid with very rounded corners, dimensions of 287 x 198 x 150 mm, and a weight of 2.72 kg. This suggests problematic transport, but Tronsmart made it easier by using a thick leather handle that tilts “forwards” and “backward”, which is held in place by two solid plastic pins topped with the manufacturer’s logo.

The common point of the party speakers that Tronsmart has introduced so far is that they all have a handle for the convenience of users who can carry them everywhere or hand-in-hand during the party. Halo 100 is no exception, but unlike the Bang series with a hard plastic handle, Tronsmart’s latest speaker has a rubberized, non-removable handle.

Above the speaker are physical control buttons. In addition to the usual control buttons, we also have the SoundPulse sound mode toggle button, Stereo Pairing connection, and LED mode switch button. In terms of wireless connectivity, Tronsmart Halo 100 supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standards but does not integrate NFC and cannot connect to a microphone if you want to show off your singing talent.

Connection ports, including USB-C for charging, USB-A for backup charging and music playback via flash drive, microSD card slot, and 3.5mm AUX located at the back, protected by a thick rubber layer. Halo 100 is IPX6 waterproof, so splashes in the pool won’t be a big deal, but don’t completely immerse this speaker in the water!

Buttons and Pairing

As in other models of the brand, such as the Bang, the use of this speaker could not be more simple and transparent for the user. The buttons are the usual ones: on/off, play/pause, volume up and volume down, Sound Pulse mode, link to another speaker, lighting mode control, and in this case, we have a dedicated button for changing the source of audio marked with an M, and that also serves to reset the speaker.

The power button serves this purpose if we keep it pressed for 2 seconds. In this case, it does not carry extra functions. It has blue LED lighting to indicate whether the device is on or not. A shorter press, one second, is used to switch between the possible audio sources (Bluetooth, micro SD card, USB port, and 3.5 mm auxiliary Jack).

  • The button dedicated to the RGB lighting modes offers us, in this case, 5 different modes and an off mode. We have a memory effect, remembering the last lighting mode selected, and it also has white LED lighting so that we know at all times if we have RGB lighting on or not, although this is something quite evident just by looking at the front of the speaker.
  • As we have seen in other models, the SoundPulse button activates or deactivates the brand’s special equalization mode, which offers a much better sound than if we keep it deactivated. It only gives access to said mode, although in this one, we almost do have more equalization possibilities. In addition, it also has LED lighting to know when it is activated.
  • The M button allows us to change the Mode, although we believe that an S, for source, would be better, since its function is to change between the different audio sources. With each press, we go from Bluetooth to a MicroSD card, to a pen drive, or to an auxiliary. Pressing this button for 8 seconds activates the reset function of the speaker.
  • It is worth mentioning at this point that the Halo 100, like other models, has the power bank function, although it does not need any button to activate it. We simply have to connect our smartphone to the rear USB-A port so that the speaker battery provides a charge to our phone.
  • As on other occasions, the playback button, located between the two volume buttons, comes with the expected function and other extras. In addition to playing and pausing with a short press, two short presses invoke our phone’s voice assistant. To answer an incoming call (we have a microphone to use hands-free), we must press it, while to hang up a call, we must hold this same button down for two seconds. Finally, holding it down for three seconds will release the Bluetooth connection of our smartphone, leaving it free to pair with another device.
  • The volume buttons to the left and right of the playback one are used either to increase or decrease the volume or to advance or go back tracks if the press is for two seconds.

Finally, we also have a button dedicated to pairing with a second Halo 100 to achieve greater volume and stereo sound at our parties.

Also, say that, as in most speakers, pairing with our smartphone or device via Bluetooth 5.1 in this case, is simple and transparent. Just find our speaker in the list of available devices and pair it. Once again, we have not had problems in this regard, nor have we suffered unwanted disconnections! at least when using it at home! without going too far away; in this aspect, the speaker allows us to stay connected up to 15 meters away.

In this case, we do not have NFC, or at least we have not found any indications! Neither with the system logo nor in the specifications. In return, it should be noted that, in this case, the speaker allows two simultaneous Bluetooth connections, so we can select tracks from two different sources! Something that will be appreciated, especially at parties.

Halo 100 is also one of the few Bluetooth speakers of Tronsmart that supports control via a mobile app. By downloading the Tronsmart app available on both Android and iOS platforms! you will be able to update the firmware (if available), change and customize the equalizer, and select the LED mode. Halo 100 has a total of 5 different LED modes, and all-flash to the beat of the music to bring your favorite music and the party to life. This is played and paused, forward and backward tracks, volume, control lighting modes, and switch between different audio sources! we can pair it with a second speaker, turn off the speaker and schedule it to turn off up to an hour later or at a certain time personalized, disconnect it from our smartphone! we can update the firmware of the speaker and, above all, equalize it.

This function is especially appreciated, which offers us three extra default equalizations in addition to the SoundPulse Mode to which we have access from the speaker itself, plus a flat or default one and a personalized mode, in which we can adjust the bass, the midrange ourselves and the treble to our liking.

When you turn it on for the first time, the system will prompt you to update the firmware. By and large, working through the application at the speakers is an optional option but worthwhile due to updates.

Sound Quality

If you are looking for high-end features in the currently available Tronsmart Bluetooth speakers, you will be a little disappointed. After the Bang SE, the Halo 100 now only uses SBC as a codec. Not even AAC for the apple fans made it into the program. The use of Bluetooth 5.3 is positive. Although one is mostly stingy with the hardware data! at least the sizes of the speakers are visible in the advertising images. 4.53 inches for the largest, 2.09 inches for the duo, and 1.22 inches for the smallest driver sound plausible. In fact, one might have preferred to do without LED rings or make them a little smaller in order to give the drivers a little more space instead.

There’s a lot to be said about the Halo 100, and not all of it is good. The very high volume that is shown and the spectrum that one is able to cover should be praised once again. At about 10-20%, it is still able to serve as a background sprinkler. From 50%, you can already use a small to medium-sized room with a decent volume! in the office that would probably be too loud in the long run if you also want to have a conversation. Anything above that increases the volume until you can comfortably fill very large rooms with sound.

However, the Halo 100 fails at 90-100% accuracy. It is then very loud but no longer delivers very cleanly. If you are outside, it is not particularly noticeable, but inside it is. The highs, in particular, fail, despite the tweeter. Not only is the tuning so low that everything sounds a bit dull from the start! The drivers also don’t really work in high resolution in this area. Now the Halo 100 is certainly not a hi-fi device and is intended for party tracks rather than orchestral sounds! but even the Bang SE does better there. Unfortunately, it is difficult to counteract this with the equalizer.

Speaking of which, ” SoundPulse ” is again the choice with this speaker from Tronsmart. However, this mode does not eliminate the basic tuning! Which is simply very, very low, and the sound is at least a bit more balanced. Unfortunately, the mids are also clearly superimposed but still come off well in comparison with the highs. So voices are easy to understand, even if not as clear as you might be used to. Especially with female interludes, it seems as if the singer suddenly starts an octave lower. But the bass and the depths, are they flawless? No, Although the Halo 100 comes down quite low, it still lacks the resolution for a really strong experience.

More than once, I would have wished for a proper bass reflex tube on the back to give the sound more fullness. It seems as if the loudspeaker would want more, but fails because of its corset that is too tight. Tronsmart’s party speakers have a hard time with complex titles. The simpler the song, the better it performs because there are clearly separated areas where the individual drivers can play to their strengths.

Battery Life

With the battery capacity, one has to wonder what Tronsmart’s thought process was behind it. In comparison, the Tronsmart Bang SE provided 8000 mAh! you have to be satisfied with only 6000 mAh for the much larger Halo 100. A smaller battery, with a larger speaker, several and sometimes larger drivers, and LED lighting. Even Tronsmart has to acknowledge that the battery life has to be significantly lower! which is why they only give a maximum of 18 hours at 50% volume.

In reality, you should end up below this value! since you will usually use the Halo with a little more volume. This is not to be equated with short battery life. Even 10 hours straight at 60-70% should be enough for most occasions, especially in rooms. But compared to other Bluetooth speakers, you have to accept a significant reduction in runtime. After all, the Halo 100 can also be charged while music is being played.

But charging the Halo 100 takes forever. Tronsmart itself gives the charging time as 5.5 hours. Despite the smaller battery, it lasts as long as the Bang SE. And you’re going to have to put in that time faster than you’d like! Especially if you’re charging your phone with the Halo 100. Again, the function is supported to use the speaker as a power bank. But as with the sister model, the maximum charge is sufficient for a device with 4500-5000 mAh! after which the Halo 100 has to be connected to the electricity itself. In addition, fast charging is not supported here either, which means that charging such a device takes almost three hours.


In summary, the Tronsmart Halo 100 Bluetooth speaker is powerful and portable! and versatile device that offers a wealth of benefits to music lovers and party-goers alike. Whether you’re looking for great sound, lighting effects, or just an ultra-portable speaker! The Tronsmart Halo 100 has what you need if you are looking for a good option to liven up your parties or to take your music with you anywhere! At a very low price, this is an excellent choice that we can only recommend. Possibly, of all the brand’s speakers, it is the most recommended for sound quality and for value for money.

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