Haylou Solar Plus RT3 smartwatch review: Inexpensive package with premium features!

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Wristwatch

This review guide will explore another wrist wearable by Haylou, called Haylou Solar Plus RT3. It is the upgraded version of the original Haylou Solar with some additional features. It is nice that the manufacturer has strived to meet users’ demands by improving several departments. You’ll go through each compartment deeply to know if it is worth your money!

Scanning the feature sheet briefly, Haylou’s latest smartwatch looks fabulous in the circular dial design. It features a more prominent 1.43″ AMOLED screen supporting 100+ watch faces. Users will enjoy approx—One hundred five sports modes in addition to several fitness and health-oriented modules. You can connect the watch to your phone using Bluetooth and Haylou Fun app. The IP68-rated wearable includes a 220mAh battery to ensure up to 7 days of life.


Haylou Solar Plus RT3

  • The traditional circular dial design
  • Lightweight and comfortable silicone straps

For the said price, the build quality isn’t bad. It looks solid with its metal body and plastic-made back panel. Straps on both sides are made of silicone and measure 22mm. It appears pretty beautiful in the round dial design with a 2.5D curved coating on the screen. There are two buttons situated on the right side. The bottom panel houses trackers since it is a fitness-centric wearable.

Elegant design will trigger thorough discussions!

On the left side, customers will see speakers. It is a pair of straps to complete the overall look of the development. Straps make the watch lightweight and comfortable to wear for a long time. You’ll not feel any burden on your wrist since it weighs only 49.5g. Buyers will have dual colour options for the watch – Black and Silver.


1.43-inch display

  • 1.43-inch AMOLED touchscreen
  • 2.5D curved glass protection

This is the element to snatch deeper consideration from the manufacturer. Haylou has focused heavily on improving the watch’s display quality compared to its regular edition. It is a panel to host a 1.43″ colourful touchscreen in the traditional circular shape. The most notable characteristics are that the display is more extensive, brighter and customizable.

AMOLED screen with curved glass panel looks more intuitive!

The AMOLED panel is just to exhibit an extended flow of excitement to users. It offers unprecedented visual clarity with the help of a 466×466 pixels resolution. The Always-on mode brings more thrill to the party and tells you the steps taken, battery level, message notifications and more. Moreover, the smartwatch is corrosion-resistant with an exquisite metal bezel and matte process. On the top, it wears 2.5D curved glass for enhanced protection. Users will also enjoy the liberty to navigate more than 100 watch faces to show off the style.

Sports & Fitness Trackers

105 sports modes

  • 105 sports modes
  • Multiple health-tracking sensors

Haylou is already known for presenting fitness-oriented wrist wearables. With Haylou Solar Plus RT3, it extends the same portfolio and serves enthusiasts with excellent sports and health management technologies. You’ll find the watch your workout companion with the involvement of more than 100 sports modes. It integrates a high-efficiency motion sensor to be an all-around coach on your wrist.

Fitness tracking is the top priority!

Meanwhile, the wearable also incorporates a range of intelligent sensors. It will help you monitor your daily health requirements and status. Individuals will have access to SpO2, constantly tracking to check blood oxygen levels. Further, it supports 24-hour heart-rate monitoring in real-time. The sleep tracker is another prominent module to check. It will record different sleep stages to help you develop healthier sleep habits. In addition, the wristwatch also ensures menstrual cycle management and stress level monitoring.


Haylou Solar Plus RT3

  • 220mAh power storage capacity
  • Up to 20-day battery life (primary usage mode)

As far as battery endurance is related, the smartwatch is again looking to toughen the competition. Inside, the watch carries a 220mAh battery to meet daily power requirements. The battery life, however, entirely depends on how you use the clock. Several features can drain the battery fast.

Battery life is fascinating and promising!

As the manufacturer claims, the watch will serve you for up to 7 days on every charge in the daily usage mode. The primary usage mode will allow the battery to last for 20 days. Depending on using a heart-rate monitor, sleep tracker, and other sensors, you will notice fluctuating battery performance. It will take 2 hours to charge through magnetic charging pins.


Fun app connectivity

  • Haylou Fun app connectivity
  • Bluetooth calling

Many smartwatches in the market only notify you of incoming calls. One of the attention-grabbing features of the new Haylou Solar Plus RT3 is that it also allows you to answer incoming calls directly from the watch. It is possible due to the inbuilt speaker and microphone. You must connect the look to your phone via Bluetooth to enjoy the facility.

Connectivity modules are diverse to meet extended needs!

Furthermore, users will also save important contacts to prevent hassles. In the meantime, people will also be privileged to monitor health-related data on the phone screen. The Haylou Fun app will help you in this regard. It is compatible with Android (6.0 or later) and iOS (11.0 or later) platforms. Additionally, users will enjoy more practical functions such as music control, timer function, phone finding, weather notifications etc.


Haylou Solar Plus RT3 is quite a popular wrist wearable on the market. The high-performing wristwatch will suit your budget and has plenty of remarkable features. Users will get a larger 1.43″ AMOLED touchscreen, 105 sports modes, Bluetooth calling and several health trackers. The battery life is also impressive to support your daily tasks for up to 20 days. Overall, the latest Haylou smartwatch is considerable in the given price bracket.

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 smartwatch now available for just $51.26 Haylou Solar Plus RT3 now available from Official website too

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