Haylou BC01 bone conduction review: Amazing gadget for active lifestyle!

Haylou BC01 Bone Conduction Earphones

The category of bone conduction headphones is thriving amazingly in the market. These are interesting developments to trigger great music sessions. Theoretically, they enable you to listen to your favourite tracks alongside keeping you aware of your surroundings. Today, this guide will elaborate on such an invention by Haylou, dubbed Haylou PurFree BC01. The device pledges to deliver decent sound quality and is comfortable to wear. Continue reading to find more details!

Haylou PurFree BC01 earphones belong to the category of sporty bone conduction headphones. It is a brilliant show of captivating and lightweight design. Solid battery life (8 hours) and dual-device connectivity, CVC call noise cancellation, and dual mics are some of the prominent features. Also, the authority of IP67 waterproof certification will prevent sweat from high-intensity workouts. The open-ear design is specially created for sportspersons.


Haylou BC01 Bone Conduction

  • Titanium alloy-made physique
  • Lightweight and comfortable wearing

For the new edition of bone conduction earphones, Haylou follows a pretty familiar neckband-like design. It is particularly crafted to be synonymous with fitness-oriented headphones. The manufacturer uses a lightweight titanium alloy to construct the body with dual physical buttons. They can be used to adjust volume levels and turn on the headphones.

As mentioned above, Haylou headphones are perfect for fitness and physical activities. They don’t block any noises from the outer environment. The brand also claims to use soft-touch silicone to wrap the body. It ensures a better feel to the touch than other counterparts. Buyers will find dual mics on the set to trigger good phone calling. To control operations, the bone conduction headphones feature dedicated buttons. They can be used to answer phone calls, manage songs, and adjust the volume.

Attractive design exhibits style of neckband!

Also, wireless headphones are certified with an IP67 rating to withstand sweat etc. Physically, it measures 1.77×4.92×0.39 inches and weighs 28g.

Sound Quality

Great sound quality

  • Great for podcasts & audiobooks
  • Bass and treble

In terms of audio output, Haylou headphones promise to deliver premium sound production in all scenarios. It delivers a balanced sound that is suitable for all music types. However, you can’t say the sound quality is of outstanding level because it falls right down the middle. You’ll enjoy a bass but overly heavy and treble but not incredibly high. Hence, music-listening will be enjoyable though but falls short of matching the high-end performance.

Balanced sound quality is ideal for audiobooks and podcasts!

Users will be eligible to tell the difference between bone-conduction headphones and typical over-the-ear earphones. The latest Haylou PurFree BC01 will be a tremendous choice for you to listen to audiobooks and podcasts. However, the results are unpromising for audiophiles.


Bluetooth v5.2 connectivity

  • Qualcomm QC3044 chip
  • Wireless Bluetooth v5.2 connectivity

Incredibly, the latest Haylou PurFree BC01 earphones utilize Bluetooth technology for connection purposes. It integrates Qualcomm’s QC3044 chip to obtain a more stable and faster data transmission. As compared to a bit older Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it ensures 40% more battery life, 50% more transmission speed, and 100% more transmission distance.

Good wireless connectivity is promised within 10m radius!

Furthermore, users will have the provision to connect dual gadgets simultaneously with Haylou headphones. You can switch between two devices to manage multiple tasks with ease. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the services of dual-mic and CVC noise cancellation. It provides good phone calling in the atmosphere of ambient noises. It will serve you within a diameter of 10 meters.


Haylou BC01 Bone Conduction

  • 165mAh high-capacity battery
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life

The battery capabilities of Haylou earphones are pretty impressive. The company has focused on this department to acquire more competition and customer attention. Under the hood, the unit comprises a 165mAh battery. The manufacturer claims the battery lasts up to 8 hours on every charge. The facility of fast charging allows you to charge for 10 minutes to enjoy a 2-hour music time.

Battery life is stunning to make your day!

It is great to enjoy such a duration of work life. For charging, the headphones implement a proprietary magnetic charger. This port makes charging easy, but the proprietary connector isn’t convenient. Individuals will have to carry an extra charging cable while they travel. You have to purchase it again in case you lose it.


IP67 Waterproof

  • IP67 waterproof certification
  • Protection against dust ingress, sweat and light rain

Haylou PurFree BC01 headphones adopt an IP67 waterproof certification. It means that the device is protected and can withstand dust ingress confidently. Also, it is said to go well against water. Users should be able to submerge the unit underwater to a depth of 1m (3.2ft) for 30 minutes. It will show you no objection at all.

Ability to withstand water and sweat is superb!

The ultimate thing is that you can swim by having headphones on the neck. Either rain or sweat can bring any harm to the device, and you are likely to stay stress-free while using it outside. However, you should be alert to the corrosive nature of saltier water. It may have a negative impact on headphones over time.


In final thoughts, Haylou PurFree BC01 headphones are an impressive development in the bone conduction category. They are made lightweight to ensure enhanced comfort and pleasure. Sports enthusiasts might find it more interesting and helpful. Technically, Haylou’s latest invention uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity, good-performing drivers, Ip67 waterproof rating and CVC call noise cancellation technology. The battery performance of the set is something we can appreciate heartily. After every charge, it can run for 8 hours continuously. Overall, the neckband-like earphones are a good appearance of style and comfort alongside having sound technical prospects.

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