Xiaomi Could Launch a New Smartwatch With Wear OS 3, Rumors

Xiaomi smartwatches usually run on MIUI Watch OS, but there are plans for a device with the popular Wear OS. Perhaps it is the new Redmi smartwatch that has just been spotted?

According to 9to5google sources, the planned Xiaomi smartwatch will continue to be supported by the Mi Fitness (Xiaomi Wear) smartphone app but Wear OS 3 will be used as the operating system. So far, Xiaomi smartwatches have been powered by MIUI Watch OS – unlike smartphone MIUI, this is not a simple interface overlay, and a completely different operating system, although still based on Android. This means the lack of many popular Google services, but there are also advantages – Xiaomi watches are known for their battery life longer than the batteries of Wear OS smartwatches.

Very little is known about the planned smartwatch – we only expect it to debut in 2023. In 2023, there is also a chance of a new Redmi watch – Redmi M2247W1, whose photos have just appeared in the NRRA Korea database.

Like Redmi Watch 3

Xiaomi Smartwatch Based On Wear OS 3

The new smartwatch has a rectangular dial, but it does not seem to have a microphone hole. The photos also show a replaceable strap, a heart rate monitor and a charging port on the back, and a single button on the side.

There is also some data – the smartwatch is to be equipped with a 2.87 V polymer-ion battery and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Perhaps more of its specifications will be revealed soon.

For those who missed it

Google’s new smartwatch operating system is directly named Google Wear OS 3. Google is working with Samsung for this new smartwatch operating system, combining the dual Wear OS with the Tizen operating system that Samsung uses in smartwatches. Basically, the version that blends the best aspects of Wear OS and the Tizen operating system is called the ” unified platform ” by the duo.


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