EKX X20 Electric Bike Gets Thumbs Up from Unbox Therapy


Famous YouTube reviewer Unbox Therapy loves EKX X20 dirt electric bike for its price and features. Many times we have shared the same deal also loved by our readers. This incredibly useful electric mountain bike has all the perks for riding in the city, mountains, or outdoor adventures. The best EMTB off-road Ebike comes with a rear shock absorber for extra comfort. There are two motor options, 48V 1000W, and 48V 2000W. However, it is the extremely attractive electric cycle price of this beauty that makes it one of the best electric bikes for 2023. This E mountain bike with 20-inch FAT snow tires, electronic brakes, LED lights, and hydraulic suspension, offers much more. Also, a US$200 store discount is available till Feb 28 for the 2000W with 30AH battery model.

US$200 orders over US$1,780 Store Coupon Code: LOKVJ3O0DWBM 

Off Road Mountain E-Bike Spec Sheet

Motor: 48V 1000W/2000W High-Speed Brushless Motor with Variable Frequency
Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Speed/Mileage: 55km/hr, up to 60km with 10AH 48V Battery
Tires: 20-inch Chaoyang 4.0 Fat tires, puncture resistance
Brakes/Transmission: Double Disc Brakes, Shimano 7-Speed
Battery: 20AH/25AH/30AH, 4-6 hours charging time
Weight: 36kg
Display: LCD
Load Capacity:
Riding Modes:
 Pure Electric, Electric Assist, Pedal

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EKX X20 Best Electric Mountain Bike Price and Features

The electric cycle price starts at US$1,299 for the 1000W motor at the EKX official store on AliExpress. This is impressive because of the expensive off-road dirt electric bike features this beauty offers. The 2000W motor EMTB with a 10AH battery starts at only US$1,399. If you want the maximum specs, the EKX X20 electric cycle price is US$1,799 with a 48V 30AH battery and a 2000W brushless motor. Yes, there is a big size 30AH battery. But there are many options available that can help you save and get the best specs according to your needs.

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Unbox Therapy recommends the same EKX X20 best electric bike but at a different store on AliExpress. It also offers almost the same price with extra US$200 discount store coupons over the purchase of US$1,780. So, you can get the 48V 30AH battery with a 2000W motor E mountain bike with a US$200 discount. Therefore, you can buy it for only US$1,599. But the store coupon is valid till Feb 28. Hence, you can get the best electric mountain bike with a large-capacity battery and specs for much less. Also, the store launched a new best EMTB off-road Ebike, EKX X21 electric mountain bike. 

Buy X20 Off Road Electric Mountain Bike for US$1,299

Buy X20 Off Road Electric Mountain Bike with US$200 store coupon for US$1,599

US$200 orders over US$1,780 Store Coupon Code: LOKVJ3O0DWBM 

Note: The US$200 over US$1,780 Store Coupon Ends Feb 28

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