DT No.1 DT8 Ultra+ Review: Affordable Clone of Series 8

The DT No.1 DT8 Series has released the latest iteration of the Apple Watch Ultra clone, dubbed the DT8 Ultra+. This upgraded model boasts a larger, more vibrant display, increased durability, and extended battery life. And expanded capabilities compared to the DT8 Ultra and previous iterations of the clone Apple Watch that we already reviewed. The DT8 Ultra+ may also be referred to as the DT8 Ultra Plus. For those seeking a smartwatch with a substantial display. The DT8 Ultra+ stands as the optimal selection.

The latest iteration of this smartwatch boasts a host of advanced features that set it apart from its competitors. The device boasts comprehensive hardware and software. And design upgrade. The standout feature is the 2.1-inch Ultra Wide Screen with a sleek, flat design and a 49mm 1:1 Case, providing unparalleled precision and replication of the original. The smartwatch has an array of built-in watch faces, including exclusive options for this new Apple Watch.

Furthermore, the watch boasts an array of health and fitness functions, allowing users to track their fitness and wellness in real-time. Additionally, the smartwatch features the ability to make calls, with multifunction NFC and Voice Assistant capabilities and a convenient Quick Action button on the side.

This new smartwatch offers various cutting-edge technology and features. All are housed in a rugged design at an affordable price of under $30. It’s a device that is truly worth reviewing.


The DT8 Ultra+ boasts several similarities to its predecessor, the DT8 Ultra, including its operating system, button layout, and quick action button. However, the most notable enhancement of this iteration is the display and precision of its replication of the original. The Ultra+ also features a new orange “Action” button on the left side of its case, which activates sports modes when pressed.

While the DT8 Ultra+ and its predecessor may share some similarities in appearance, such as the speaker grill and the side button and crown design. The Ultra+ boasts a sleek, modern design that is both functional and fashionable. With its Apple-inspired aesthetic and high-quality stainless steel construction, the Ultra+ is a budget-friendly yet premium-feeling smartwatch among the best clones of the Apple Watch Ultra on the market.

The DT8 Ultra+’s 2.1-inch screen is square, and its flat, non-3D curved edges make it stand out from other clones. The build quality is top-notch. With a slim, lightweight. And durable body in black and silver. The watch’s dimensions are a replica of the original, and it is comfortable to wear thanks to its 65g weight.

Underneath the watch lies the sensor responsible for all health and sports features, and the metal ring enables wireless magnetic charging. The watch also features two lock buttons for the strap on its sides. The strap is made of silicone, making it lightweight and comfortable for long-term use, and it is also removable for the option to use other 44/45mm belts. The straps come in silver, black, and orange and are available in two styles: Alpine Loop or Ocean Band. Additionally, one can purchase metal or leather straps as an added option.


The DT Series has made a significant investment in the display quality of its smartwatch, recognizing it as a crucial aspect of the device. The DT8 Ultra+ Watch boasts a 2.1-inch IPS flat display that offers superior protection against scratches and dings and provides a larger viewing area than other smartwatches in its class. With a high resolution of 420*485 pixels and a pixel density of 320 PPI, the images displayed on the screen are crisp and clear. The narrow bezel also increases the display area by 25%.

When using the DT8 Ultra+, users can expect a premium experience at an affordable price, thanks to the color accuracy and sharpness of the display. Even under direct sunlight, the screen remains legible, providing a seamless experience for reading notifications and monitoring health stats without the need to retrieve your phone from your pocket. The screen also features two always-on display dials, a feature typically only found in OLED screens. The screen can also be activated by double-clicking on it.

The large display and narrow sides make the DT8 Ultra+’s screen my favorite feature. It rivals the screens of more expensive smartwatches and is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass for added shock resistance. I hope to see this screen utilized more in the future.

Watch Faces

The DT No.1 DT8 Ultra+ boasts a comprehensive selection of watch faces that have been meticulously curated to suit a wide range of preferences. With seven pre-installed watch faces readily available, users can easily switch between them through various methods, such as rotating the button or utilizing the WearPro app.

Additionally, the app offers access to over 500 online watch faces, offering a diverse range of options, including various colors, retro, analog, 3D, and digital faces. Furthermore, the DT8 Ultra+ allows for customization by allowing users to set their photographs or wallpapers as watch face backgrounds. Moreover, it features the latest and exclusive watch faces for Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, providing endless possibilities for fun and personalization.


Beneath its exterior, the DT8 Ultra+ boasts a robust hardware configuration that aligns with its competitive price point. Notably, it features a built-in Realtek 8762Dk chip, accelerating response speed and improving data processing capabilities. Additionally, it is equipped with 128MB of internal storage, enabling users to store a plethora of information such as contacts, watch faces, notifications, and more. Furthermore, the device is equipped with advanced sensors, including a Heart Rate sensor and G-sensor. Which are renowned for providing accurate results and promoting optimal health and fitness.

Easy To Use

The manufacturers of this smartwatch have designed it with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that the platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. The responsive and bright screen makes for an enjoyable experience when utilizing the watch’s various functions. By swiping down from the top, users can access the Control Center. Which displays the device’s connectivity status, allowing for control over music playback, brightness. And the ability to put the watch in silence mode. The Control Center also includes an information icon and AliPay for Chinese users.

Furthermore, by swiping right from the Control Center, users can access additional features such as draining the watch after using it underwater. Turning on the flashlight, activating power saving mode, activating Do Not Disturb mode, making emergency calls, and adjusting sound mode. Swiping left from the Control Center creates a split window that displays the time and date, messages, Bluetooth calls, and the last open applications.

When swiping right, users can access shortcuts for features such as weather, steps, Spo2, music, heart rate monitoring, and more. The side button also serves as a Multitasking bar for previously opened apps, similar to the functionality of the Apple Watch. The main menu can be accessed by clicking both buttons or swiping up and includes features such as heart rate and sleep monitoring, sports modes, and settings. And the ability to capture photos and control music, weather, and more. The menu also includes simple games for added entertainment.

To add to the personalized experience, the menu comes in 11 styles, including the Striped six-square grid, grid style, and more. Each style uniquely allows for navigation and can be easily changed by double-clicking the scrolling wheel. Overall, the manufacturers have ensured that this smartwatch is convenient and highly customizable to the user’s preferences.

Health and Fitness

The DT8 Ultra+ smartwatch is a formidable device that caters to fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals needs. Its comprehensive range of sports activities is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing users with a complete and versatile device.

With over 159 different exercises, the Ultra+ is equipped to handle virtually any physical activity, from walking and cycling to winter sports and ball games. The device’s intuitive interface makes it easy to explore the various options, and users can quickly access a wide range of activities. Including outdoor and indoor running, walking, cycling, mountain climbing, hiking, cross-country running, elliptical running, rowing, and free workouts. Additionally, by clicking on the “more sports” option, users can access an extensive list of additional activities. Including curling, table tennis, karate, archery, frisbee, darts, barre, belly dancing, and many others.

The DT8 Ultra+ also boasts an array of health metrics that allow users to track their progress throughout the day. The device records steps, distance, resting energy, vibrant energy, and 24/7 heart rate, ensuring that users can monitor their cardiovascular health in real-time. Additionally, the device features a SpO2 sensor. Which enables users to track their blood oxygen levels and a sleep-tracking feature that measures the quality of their slumber at night. Furthermore, Ultra+ introduces a new part of body temperature measurement, providing users with unprecedented insight into their overall health and wellness. The DT8 Ultra+ is a comprehensive and versatile device that offers users many features and options to help them achieve their fitness and health goals.


The cutting-edge technology integrated within this timepiece boasts the advanced Bluetooth v5.0 chip, allowing seamless communication without any hindrances. The fast and stable connection ensures you will never experience any difficulties when making calls. Additionally, this watch is compatible with Android 5.0 and above and iOS 10.0 and above. Ensuring that the connection is established through the exclusive WearPro app. However, it should be noted that this watch does not possess a GPS sensor, thus requiring a smartphone to obtain location information.

Wearfit Pro

To fully experience the advanced capabilities of the DT8 Ultra+ smartwatch, it is essential to connect it to a supporting app. The Wearfit Pro app is recommended for this purpose, as it offers many features that will aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, making it accessible to a wide range of users. To download the app, simply visit your mobile device’s Google Play or App Store.

Once the app is downloaded, it is necessary to launch it and set the required permissions. Afterward, connect the smartwatch device to the app by adding it to the list of devices. Before using the smartwatch, setting the Personalization Options and settings is important. Once this is done, the smartwatch will communicate seamlessly with the app, automatically adjusting the time and language and providing weather updates and a phone call feature. The app will also automatically update the smartwatch software if there is an available update.

The DT8 Ultra+ smartwatch and the WearPro app work perfectly. Expanding the smartwatch’s capabilities by providing a wealth of additional features. One such feature is the health menu, which displays all the data collected by the smartwatch. Such as the number of steps taken, the daily goal, and the number of calories burned. And the distance traveled. The data can also be expanded to show more information on broader time frames such as weekly and monthly. The app also features a sleep monitoring label, where you can access information on light and deep sleep, and total sleep. And awake time, data collected over a week or a month, all displayed in a visually appealing graph. Additionally, the app also has labels for heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels, allowing you to either m

Microphone and Speaker

The DT8 Ultra+ boasts a state-of-the-art integrated microphone and speaker system. Allowing for crisp and clear sound that can be easily heard even amidst background noise such as traffic. The microphone, specifically, is designed to facilitate on-wrist calls or, when connected to a smartphone. The ability to initiate and receive calls directly from the watch via Bluetooth connectivity. This eliminates the need to constantly pull out your phone for simple calls, providing ultimate convenience and ease of use.


The DT8 Ultra+ is just as crucial as its other capabilities. The DT8 Ultra+’s battery performance varies based on usage and the features utilized. Some functions have a greater impact on the battery’s depletion rate. However, the watch boasts a robust 380 mAh battery that provides up to 20 days of standby.

The watch can last 5 days when the heart monitor feature is engaged for prolonged usage. The watch can be charged wirelessly in two hours, an exceptional feature. To ensure that the watch charges efficiently, it must be aligned with the charger. The watch will be fully charged and ready for use in two hours.


The DT No.1 DT8 Ultra+ is a formidable player in the budget smartwatch market. And its sleek design and advanced features make it a formidable rival to the Apple Watch Ultra. With its orange side button and flat screen. The Ultra+ stands out from the other clones on the market and offers a unique and unparalleled experience.

The latest software update of the Ultra+ takes it to new heights with the addition of a multitasking bar, and body temperature measurement. And two games, new standby dials, and independent ringtones. The performance and smooth navigation of the system are also noteworthy, and the battery life is more than satisfactory.

In conclusion, the DT8 Ultra+ is an exceptional clone watch that offers a high-quality experience. It is a must-have for anyone looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch that is comparable to the Apple Watch Ultra.

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