TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GD240E AIO ARGB Liquid Cooler Review

In recent years, with the competition between the two major CPU manufacturers Intel and AMD in the PC market, the new generation of consumer-end CPUs has made significant progress. Only performance, despite the adoption of a new manufacturing process, the CPU power consumption is still gradually increasing, leaving aside the power consumption problem, the biggest worry is the temperature of the heat, especially the Intel 12th generation K version and Ryzen 5000X series and other original manufacturers no longer come with fans, After all, the temperature of this type of mid-to-high-end CPU is basically not suppressed by the original small fan.

To suppress these enthusiastic CPUs, I believe that most players today will choose AIO-integrated Liquid Cooler, which not only has sufficient heat dissipation efficiency but also looks more beautiful and simple overall. Today’s case design is no less flexible than air-cooled tower fans in terms of installation freedom. Even some ITX small case fortresses with 240, 280, and 360 cooling radiators are not a problem; The TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GD240E AIO ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler launched by the peripheral manufacturer T-FORCE.

T-FORCE’s products in the PC market can be said to be quite rich. In addition to the most common memory and SSD, there is this group of classic SIREN AIO Liquid cooling series for CPU heat dissipation. We received is SIREN GD240E ARGB white edition, and there is also a 360 version of the SIREN GD360E ARGB, which is more suitable for matching with 12900K, 5950X, and other flagship processors. And since T-FORCE focuses on the gaming market, there are of course many RGB lighting effects that are almost bound to e-sports.

In addition, in addition to the common black, the SIREN series also provides a white version to meet the needs of users who love white and easily create pure and white PCs. let’s take a closer look at its performance and features!

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Core Specifications T-FORCE GD240E SIREN ARGB
Water Block Dimensions  65.5*49mm
Water Block Plate Material Copper
Radiator Material Aluminum
Radiator Dimensions 276mm x 120mm x 27mm
Pump Fan Speed 4000±10%RPM
Rated Voltage 12V
Start Voltage 6V
Rated Current 0.34A(0.45A MAX)
Power Consumption 4.08W(5.4W MAX)
Operating Temperature -20°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~+70°C
CPU Socket Intel Socket
AMD Socket
Number of Fans 2
Fan Connector  PWM 4-PIN
Fan Speed 600~2000 ±10%RPM
Fan Airflow 500RPM 21.63 / 2000RPM 78.73 CFM

Packaging and Unboxing

Let’s first look at the unboxing of Team Group’s T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO Liquid Cooler.

The front of the outer box of Team Group T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO Liquid Cooler adopts a dazzling design with RGB lighting effects on both the water-cooling head and the fan.

There is an LGA 1700 socket mark compatible with Intel 12th/13th generation processors on the lower left corner of the front of the box. The Intel platform supports from 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 to the latest LGA 1700, which means that the 13th generation without changing the pin position is no surprise. It can go straight up, and the AMD platform has confirmed that FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/AM4 and the latest AM5 pins that will be released are all supported without any problem.

The lower right corner is the support icon for motherboard lighting effects. TEAMGROUP T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO water cooling radiator supports synchronous control of lighting effects for major brand motherboards including Biostar, ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI Function. SIREN GD240E supports a wide range of ARGB specifications.

On the side of the box is the specification sheet of the Team Group T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO Liquid Cooler. In addition to supporting Intel/AMD’s two main processor sockets, it also indicates the material/contact surface material of the water-cooling head, Pump current specifications, fan specifications, radiator size, water pipe length, etc., so that players can have a clearer understanding of product specifications before purchasing.

The boxed back of Team Group T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO Liquid Cooler shows the main product features in a graphical way, including two 120mm PWM fans, a thin pump design, copper-bottomed aluminum water-cooling head, and low evaporation rate water-cooling pipeline Wait.

The T-Force Siren GD240E AIO (all-in-one) liquid CPU cooler offers reliable cooling performance for your computer with a 2-year warranty.

T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB is available in white and black. Although the outer box is a schematic diagram of the black version, in fact, we received the white version.

On the other side of the T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO Liquid Cooler box, the external dimensions of the head, radiator, and fan are marked.

Once we opened the box, In addition to the T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO Liquid Cooler and 2x ARGB Fans, we have the accessories that include the backplate for Intel and AMD, adapters for TR and 20XX sockets, lighting extenders and fans, as well as all the necessary hardware, a small syringe of thermal paste.


The T-Force SIREN GD240E comes in two versions and two colors, on the one hand, sizes 240 and 360 mm while on the other we have it available in black or white, very standard colors ideal to look good in any configuration. As for the design, it is quite conventional except that TeamGroup has chosen to make a slight change that allows for greater performance and is none other than moving the pump away from the processor and installing it on the radiator. The radiator, for its part, does not increase in size, remaining only 27 mm thick, which will allow us to install it in any conventional equipment without having to break our heads a lot.

In terms of appearance, T-Force SIREN GD240E white version adopts all-white color, radiator, water pipe, and cooling head all come in white color matching, The thickness of the cold radiator is 27mm including the shell, and it is made of all aluminum. It is a standard thin row size and is basically compatible with all kinds of chassis with 280 Liquid Cooler positions. The fins between the water channels are designed with folded fins, and the two water channels are connected through the middle fins to evenly introduce heat into the fins.

Different from the traditional water block, TeamGroup puts the water pump on the radiator to reduce the chance of damage to the CPU due to the vibration of the water pump. The heat is dissipated directly by the cold radiator, and the better heat conduction path can be used without any worries! The aluminum water-cooling head is used to effectively discharge the heat of the CPU, and the high-density spray fins greatly increase the heat dissipation area, effectively improving the heat dissipation efficiency! You can also see the water-cooled, which provides a high speed of 4000 RPM, generates a flow rate of 850 ml/min and has excellent thermal conductivity!

The ultra-powerful 4000RPM high-speed water pump has a speed performance of 1.5 times that of general commercially available water-cooled products, and it still maintains the need for quietness and noiselessness under excellent cooling efficiency! Additionally, the rubber tubing is reinforced with a thin nylon sleeve to act as a protective layer, protecting the cooler tubes from potential damage during handling.

The water pipe is 40cm long and 1.1cm in diameter. SIREN GD240E ARGB adopts a reinforced double-layer pipeline and uses a thin nylon sleeve to strengthen the rubber tube as a protective layer, which improves the overall resistance to winding and greatly reduces the risk of damage.

A high-pressure ring is also used at the junction of the pipe and the radiator to enhance the connection strength, and multiple protective measures are for one purpose – to avoid water leakage. The water injection hole is not recommended for users to open and add water by themselves, which may cause warranty problems.

T-FORCE Logo is printed on the side of the radiator.

Next, take a look at the head, the T-Force Siren GD240E AIO adopts a circular mirror design ARGB head. The head is printed with the T-FORCE logo and coated with white paint, giving it a sleek and stylish look. The head is made of aluminum, which helps to improve the heat dissipation performance of the system. The ARGB lighting on the head adds a touch of color and style to your build! and the round mirror design gives it a unique and modern appearance.

The connection between the head and the water pipe adopts a rotatable design to improve the convenience of installation. The Intel LGA 1200/1700 clips come pre-installed out of the box, saving you time and effort during the installation process.

The contact surface of the processor is made of copper, and the mirror polishing design is adopted to increase the contact area and improve the heat conduction efficiency, and the manufacturer also thoughtfully provided heat dissipation paste. Before use, don’t forget to remove the film first and then apply the paste evenly on it.

The RGB lighting effect wire is a device that allows users to add colorful lighting effects to their computer setup. It is design with a detachable plug that can attach to the side of a head! allowing users to easily remove or add the lighting effect as desired. The device is particularly useful for gamers who want to customize the look of their setup! as it allows them to choose from a wide range of colors and effects. Additionally, the detachable design means that users can easily remove the lighting effect if they no longer want it.

Next, take a look at the fans,  the T-Force Siren includes two 120mm fans with a 9-blade design! and RGB lighting effect and a speed that ranges from 600 to 2200rpm! generating an airflow of 93.97CFM and a maximum noise of 35.6dBA. Despite being somewhat “noisy” if we are a bit special with sound! if we have the equipment on the ground or slightly separated, they will not be a major problem. Something we like is that they have PWM control, so the performance will be dynamic and adapted to the needs of the team. with a rotation speed of 600~2200 RPM, providing 25.62~93.97 CFM air volume and 0.26-3.53 mm-H20 static pressure.

The four corners of the fan are equipped with shock-absorbing cushions to reduce the transmission of fan vibration to the cold row and the chassis. Air guide groove design on the fan blades. Team Group T-FORCE Logo design on the fan frame. Since it is an RGB fan, besides the 4 Pin fan power cable on the left! each fan also has an ARGB pin socket. Team Group T-Force SIREN GD240E AIO liquid cooling radiator does not adopt the fan hub design! but integrates the ARGB lighting effect cables into the same ARGB lighting effect socket through an all-in-one transfer cable! and then plugs it into the motherboard ARGB addressable lighting effect pin.

The installation of the Cooler is quite simple. First, arrange the two fans as shown in the picture above, then fix the two fans with four screws each, and then connect the power supply of the fans to the main board in series.

ARGB Lighting Effects

After the power is turned on, the overall lighting effect is very beautiful as shown above, the texture of the head is even more outstanding and very eye-catching. It uses a standard 3pin 5V ARGB light interface, so it can directly plug into the corresponding interface on the motherboard and controlled by the motherboard lighting control software. As long as there is this interface on the motherboard, the light can be synchronized.

Like the head, the RGB lighting of the fans also has an excellent texture. There are several bright RBG LED lights designed on the fan shaft, and the white fan blades are very light-transmitting so that the RGB colorful lighting effects are perfectly presented, giving people a sense of Ambilight visual experience, has strong penetrating power and impact.

Testing Build

After the Appearance and Visual effect of RGB, let’s look at the performance. The most important thing about AIO Liquid cooling is to be able to suppress the temperature of the CPU. Let’s see if this AIO Liquid Cooler can hold down the latest inter-processor.

The Deepcool CK560 WH Mid-Tower Airflow Case uses the recent one I got from DeepCool! the appearance of the case is very beautiful. There is a large area of glass on the side of the chassis! and three fans that support ARGB lighting effects on the front. While the appearance is very beautiful! it can also provide sufficient front airflow for the front of the chassis.

The motherboard is MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI DDR5 (INTEL Z690)! which is a high-value white motherboard with a silver-white + grid pattern design. It adopts 16+1+1 phases directly connected to the DRMOS luxury power supply! which can easily cope with i7-12700K to achieve a large For overclocking! four slots of M.2 PCIe 4.0X4 solid-state drives! all ofcover by cooling vests.

The power supply is DeepCool’s PQ850M, which uses all Japanese capacitors! has passed the 80Plus gold certification, is fully modular, and supports Hybrid Mode! and the power supply fan will stop when the daily low load is running, and the quality is very good. Comes with a 10-year after-sales warranty, and can stably use the i7-12700K to play overclocking performance.

In terms of memory, I chose TEAMGROUP T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5-5200 (32GB)! With the excellent white appearance, the overall texture is very good. T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 supports lighting effect control software from major motherboard manufacturers! such as Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASRock Polychrome, etc.

The graphics card is the PNY GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB VERTO™ Triple Fan. The GPU comes with NVIDIA Ampere architecture, which has high performance and power efficiency. It features 8GB of GDDR6 memory, which allows for fast data transfer and smooth gameplay. The triple fan design helps to keep the GPU cool, even during intense gaming sessions.

Build Specification


After turning on the PC and waiting for a few minutes, check that the CPU temperature in MSI Control Center is about 25°C, and the indoor ambient temperature is 15°C.

Then run the CPU-Z and start the benchmark, so that the CPU load is 100%. At this time, the temperature is about 64°C, and the performance is quite good.

In Cinebench 20 and Cinebench R23 tests, the CPU fully loads to 100%. After running for a period of time, the temperature remains between 76 and 77°C. After the Cinebench test is completed, the CPU temperature will show a largely downward trend! and the temperature will return to about 25°C when it is turned on.

Now after starting the AIDA64 stability test, the temperature rose steadily! and after 10 minutes, the temperature tended to be stable, about 51°C! and the performance was quite stable, which proves that there is no problem for T-Force Siren GD240E ARGB to suppress 12700K. In the AIDA64 Extreme stress test, the overall temperature fluctuates between 51 and 60 degrees, and there is no frequency reduction.

After observing the temperature through Core Temp! it can be found that the highest temperature has reached 72 degrees! but it is already quite good that the 240 AIO cooler can have such a performance under the condition of 100% full-speed load of the CPU. After the whole machine is fully loaded, the recorded noise value reaches 49.8 dB, which is acceptable.


The overall performance of TEAMGROUP T-Force Siren GD240E AIO ARGB Liquid Cooler is still very good. The installation is very simple and convenient, and the wiring is also very convenient. The temperature effect is not bad. In addition, in terms of the appearance of the T-Force Siren GD240E! especially the appearance of the head, it is very beautiful. There are very beautiful ARGB lighting effects on the head. Team Group enters the PC cooler market with an interesting product. Aesthetically it is one of the ones that I liked the most because of its simplicity! and at the same time the ability to customize it with ARGB lighting to which we add a negligible sound.

In terms of temperature, facing the 185W 12700K, the core temperature can easily control below 80°C! and the heat performance is very strong. And this is only the default situation, the speed of the water pump and the cooling fan is not fully loaded. If the speed is fully pulled, the overall temperature performance will be even better. In terms of silence, even in the case of the benchmark! the overall running noise of the water cooling is very small. Except for the sound of the wind, there is almost no other noise, which is very quiet. It is even quieter in standby mode, all the cooling fans are stopped directly! and the fan noise is reduced to 0, which is super quiet.

The technology of AIO Liquid Cooler products is basically quite mature now! there is no need to worry about the risk of liquid leakage and tube explosion! but I still hope that TeamGroup can provide a longer warranty so that users can start with more peace of mind.

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