Epomaker TH96 Mechanical Wireless Keyboard Review

Epomaker comprises a group of young gamers, software engineers, and product designers who love technology products. They set out to develop the best products that combine personality, functionality, and high CP value.

Not be satisfied with the current keyboard choices on the market, but insist on designing and personalizing the ultimate portable, wireless, and fully customizable mechanical keyboard to meet all your daily needs.

Recently Epomaker released their new Mechanical keyboard called TH96. Gladly we got the Epomaker TH96 for testing and review.

Epomaker TH96 is suitable for players who like light customization, especially for players who want to make the table wireless, which can make the desktop tidy. How is the actual use effect?


Epomaker TH96 comes with extremely nice packaging and a dark blue color box. You’ll see a hard plastic sheet over the keyboard when you open it. a USB-C cable, a Bluetooth dongle back on the keyboard, some extra buttons, a keycap puller, and a manual guide.


The special structural design, using stainless steel plate, is solid while increasing the overall weight and strength. Innovative use of silicone gasket installation structure, adding silicone sound-absorbing foam, using poron foam and thick silicone damping bottom pad, all of which bring better response and quietness to your typing experience.

For special customization needs, choose the QMK/VIA version to easily and completely customize your work, program, and remap every key on the keyboard. Simply connect to your device to create your favorite keys or macros, then remap your keyboard to suit your preferred system. This open-source firmware means endless possibilities for customizing layouts, shortcuts, lighting effects, and more.

TH96 adopts a 96% keyboard layout design in terms of overall structure size. While giving you sufficient functions and settings, it also considers the advantages of being compact and easy to carry. Let you no longer have any troubles whether you work at home or accompany you.

6 Position Angles

Finally, we know that the typing experience is important for keyboard users. The TH96 is designed with a unique 6-position adjustable typing angle, which is very stable and comfortable on the wrist for long-term use.

And the MDA contoured keycaps provide a better angle for your wrist and fingers. Not only will the wrist not be sore from continuous typing, but we have considered every touch of the fingertips.


Not many brands on the market can develop self-develop. Still, the Epomaker team has been researching the design of mechanical keyboards for nearly a decade, so Epomaker has launched a series of mechanical switches.

These switches are custom designed after extensive research of the top-rated switches on the market, optimized with community development and user input. You can also buy these switches separately on the Epomaker website.

Now let’s come to the TH96. As for the switches, It has integrated Epomaker Flamingo. The name says it all, and the external case closely resembles the typical intense pink of flamingos. It is a particularly interesting linear switch, with pleasant sensory feedback and softness that many could appreciate.

The stem (the part that enters the keycaps) is made of POM, while the case is made of polycarbonate. The spring opposes a resistance of 35g, resulting in a particularly light switch. Finally, they are delivered factory lubricated.

CNC Knobs

There is a scroll wheel in the upper right corner of Epomaker TH96, which is used to set custom parameters. Whether changing the volume or scrolling through the control panel, the CNC knob enhances your creative workflow, depending on your program.

You can customize your settings through the magnet cover on the knob. In addition, if the QMK/VIA version is available, you can easily customize your favorite buttons and macro settings through the VIA software.

RGB Backlights

Epomaker believes that the cool RGB lighting effect is a must-have item for a keyboard, but users need help seeing it clearly to avoid having regrets. Therefore, Epomaker TH96 adopts the lower light position to design RGB lights, which can better illuminate the keyboard backlight from the user’s point of view.

Even if you decide to install Cherry-profile replacement keycaps on the keyboard, the RGB light design will not be affected. Features over 19 RGB backlight settings and a static white backlight option. You can also easily fine-tune effects such as RGB hue, saturation, brightness, and speed.


The Epomaker TH96 is an excellent solution for multitasking, increasing productivity, and exploring creativity. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and a 2.4G wireless receiver, you can wirelessly connect TH96 with up to 3 devices, enabling seamless multitasking between laptops, phones, and tablets. For wired use, the TH96 has a USB-C cable that can be used with almost all devices on the market.

And it’s fully compatible with Mac and Windows. No matter what system user you are, you can directly switch devices and use them synchronously. That’s right. A truly powerful productivity tool must be compatible with them.

Gaming Experience

As for gaming, this keyboard responds well and quietly, even in sessions with more demanding titles such as GTAV and Battlefield. We didn’t notice any input lag or negative experiences during our tests.


And finally, a big 6000mAh battery. As a portable keyboard, you can take TH96 anywhere without worrying about battery life. Work and play on a single charge, and stay with you wherever you go.

I just connected the keyboard with the cable just for testing, But otherwise, I used the keyboard wirelessly without worrying about the battery life. I tested it for almost a week and got no low battery indicator. I’m quite satisfied with the battery life of this keyboard.


After using the Epomaker TH96 keyboard for several weeks, I am impressed with its quality and functionality. The build of the keyboard is solid and durable, with a sleek and modern design. The keycaps are made of PBT material, which gives a comfortable and smooth typing experience. The keyboard’s backlight is also a nice touch, providing a great typing experience in dim light environments.

One of the features that I like most about the Epomaker TH96 keyboard is the customizable RGB backlight. You can choose various colors and effects to match your style and mood. The backlight is also adjustable in brightness, which is great for late-night typing.

The keyboard also comes with a built-in USB-C port, a great convenience for users who need to connect to other devices. The cable is also detachable, which makes it easy to replace or store.

The keyboard also features a full set of function keys, allowing users to easily adjust their volume, media player, and other settings. The function keys are also customizable, making it easy to access the apps and shortcuts you use most.

Overall, I highly recommend the Epomaker TH96 keyboard to anyone looking for a high-quality, customizable, and durable keyboard. The keyboard is perfect for gaming and typing, and it’s also a great value. If you’re looking for a functional and stylish keyboard, then the Epomaker TH96 is definitely worth considering. So, buyers interested in this keyboard should feel free to go for it. You can check out the official website if you want to order.


  • Compact Design
  • Interesting Factory Switches
  • Presence of the Numeric Keypad
  • Presence of foam for Better Sound
  • RGB e Switch
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Bright and Brilliant RGB


  • Particularly Bulky Wheel
  • Epomaker’s basic software is spartan but functional
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