Degrii Unveils Innovative Smart Home Technologies at CES 2023

At CES 2023, Degrii, a top developer of smart home appliances, will be showcasing its newest product. Known for their commitment to using advanced technology and sustainability in their products, Degrii will be introducing the Degrii Wireless Multiroom Thermostat System and the Degrii Zima Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner. These innovative products embody Degrii’s dedication to providing high-quality, high-performing, and convenient appliances to consumers.

The Degrii Zima Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a revolutionary device that utilizes ultrasonic radar technology to navigate and clean pools of all types and surfaces. With a 5,000 ft2 radar coverage, it can easily reach corners and surfaces such as floors, walls, and waterlines to effectively remove debris. The 250W motors and fine filters allow it to efficiently remove dirt, rocks, algae, and mineral deposits.

The built-in purification system also disinfects the pool as it cleans. Additionally, users can track and control the cleaning progress in real time through the Degrii App! and even lift the Zima Pro manually if needed. The floating battery can last for 3.5 hours of cleaning! before parking itself along the pool wall when the battery is low. Overall, the Degrii Zima Pro is the first intelligent cordless pool cleaner with numerous advance features to make cleaning your pool a breeze.

The Degrii Wireless Multiroom Thermostat System includes a Smart Thermostat and Remote Thermostats! which can connect in groups of up to 12. This system helps to address the problem of uneven heating and cooling in different rooms by allowing users to independently control the temperature in each room through their smartphone. The thermostat system is connect to the HVAC system and can set to follow a schedule or can control manually. It also has a power saver feature that adjusts the temperature based on the user’s comfort preferences to help reduce electricity bills. The system is easy to use, allowing users to create custom schedules! enable geofencing and energy tracking, and more with just a few taps on their smartphones. Users can also easily assign zone controls with just one action.

Degrii’s impressive and diverse product range showcases the company’s innovative and intelligent technologies! as well as the versatility of its latest data-driven products. Come visit Degrii at Booth No. 50523 at CES 2023 to see these innovative products in action!

About Degrii

At Degrii, our team of scientists and engineers is committed to creating data-driven products that support sustainability efforts globally. With advanced manufacturing processes and a talented design team, our products have received accolades from over 300,000 satisfied customers worldwide. We are dedicated to driving innovation and promoting the use of intelligent technologies! that contribute to a low-carbon future for all.

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