Realme 240W Fast Charge Official and Will Arrive With GT Neo 5

Realme has officially confirmed that the latest model Realme GT Neo 5 will be the first smartphone on the market with a 240W charger. Its premiere will take place next month. A few days ago, information appeared that Realme GT Neo 5 will be the first smartphone on the market with a 240W charger. The manufacturer has just officially confirmed this fact, thus becoming the first company with a commercially available charging system of such power.

Realme 240W Fast Charge

This is the new Realme 240W Fast Charge

Of course, high power in such a small device can pose a serious threat to user safety. The manufacturer explained that he had used many solutions to avoid the threat. Therefore, the system has as many as 13 temperature sensors that monitor it in real-time, ensure work safety. The battery is also enriched with graphene, which ensures better dissipation of heat generated during charging.

The company also ensures that when designing new technology, it focused on quality. The battery is supposed to withstand 1600 charging cycles, which is why it was subjected to all extreme tests, including exposure to a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius.

Realme 240W Fast Charge

The quality of the hardware was also taken care of, including the USB-C port, which was specially made using the “double-layer platinum electrophoresis” technique. This will eliminate any chance of damage due to variables such as impedance. And also avoid port corrosion or deterioration due to exposure to its environment, which of course includes oils from human hands or sweat.

The power supply itself is based on the technology of double GaN, which allowed it to obtain a power density of 2.34 W per cubic centimeter. The specification also includes a special custom wire containing heavy gauge 21AWG copper wire. It is designed to supply a current of 12 A to the battery.

So far, the Realme has not confirmed whether the new cable and charger will be available with the smartphone.


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