Wemax Vogue Pro Review – 1080p FullHD DLP Smart Projector

The new crown epidemic in recent years has changed everyone’s entertainment and living habits. In the past, whenever there was a good new movie released, everyone would go to the cinema to watch a movie, go out with friends, and go out to exercise. Now more and more people choose to build a home theater at home and enjoy entertainment without going out. In recent years, the boom in projectors has almost remained high, especially because of the impact of the epidemic, more and more people tend to build home theaters and enjoy the pleasure of watching movies on a large screen without leaving home.

Then it is very important to choose a well-configured projector. The current smart projectors can not only meet daily viewing needs, but also have multiple functions such as online class learning, fitness learning, Bluetooth audio, large-screen games, and karaoke. There are many ways to experience user experience. So are there any good projectors worth paying attention to? Of course, today we bring a new product, which can be said to be a very competitive and interesting projector called Vogue Pro projector from Wemax. This is a flagship model, it uses a brand-new FengOS system; uses a 4-channel LED light source, and the brightness reaches 1600 ANSI lumens; In terms of picture quality, it uses the FAV picture quality engine and supports HDR10+; in terms of user experience, it supports stepless zooming of the picture, the non-sense focus of the picture, and pure far-field voice.

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Nowadays, technology is everywhere. It can also be connected to PS5, Switch, and XBOX game consoles to play games. The screen is so cool to play, and it is equipped with much stronger and better sound effects than the TVs, it cannot be compared with those TVs with thousands of OLED and miniLED, it is not the same level.

After experiencing the new Wemax Vogue Pro Projector for the first time, I would like to share with you the feelings it brings, why I think it is my ideal one, and even a new benchmark in the industry.

Packaging and Unboxing

Next, we will enter the comprehensive unpacking experience. Wemax Vogue Pro is packed in a double box. The outer layer of the khaki carton adds protection, and the inner box also adopts a khaki packing box, the product pattern on the front is clear at a glance, the Wemax brand logo and Model: Vogue 100 are displayed, and the packing box is provided with a handle for easy moving and handling. Very simple packaging design.

After opening the box, the packaging inside is very firm, and the top and bottom are protected by thick foam. The upper layer of the package is the manual, warranty card, and lens cleaning cloth, packed in an envelope, the middle is the main unit protected by an electrostatic bag, which is well protected, and the lower part is the remote control, and power cord.

The shape design of the Wemax Vogue Pro projector is still very beautiful, and it is also very suitable for the simple and European decoration style.


The appearance of the projector is very beautiful, As a projector suitable for a variety of scenarios, Wemax Vogue Pro adopts a relatively square and simple appearance design, with sharp edges and corners, but the edges are processed so that it does not produce a harsh hand feeling, and the main color of the appearance is gray, the projection lens part is black, the distinction is obvious, the size is 200 x 200 x 148 mm and a weight of 3.5 kg, the small size is convenient to be placed in more different areas of the family. The sharp-edged shape and metal-style tinted color make the machine very classy.

The lens part of the projector is designed with an integrated tempered glass light outlet panel, which is high-strength and not easy to break and has a high anti-reflection coating design. The surface is anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch, which is safer; there is a Pro logo on the left side of the lens. Next to it is the TOF focusing module, there is a focusing camera in the lower right corner of the lens, which supports auto-focus; the lens’s left part is designed with a TOF non-sensing focus sensor, which uses laser ranging to achieve fast and accurate focusing distance and focusing speed.

At present, whether it is at home or in the office, it is best to need more and more data interfaces. In this way, it will be more convenient to connect different hardware devices, so that the projector can be used in a wider range. Wemax Vogue Pro You can see the power interface on the backside. As a projector with a built-in adapter, it is very convenient to use and can be done with a simple power cord; the rear interface provides HDMIx2, 3.5mm headphone jack, Gigabit Ethernet port, USB2.0x2, S/PDIF interface, can meet different high-definition video playback experience of local equipment and network.

Symmetrical vents are designed on both left and right sides of the projector, the holes are very dense, and a large number of heat-dissipating metal parts are provided. From the entire angle, it can be seen that the internal design is reasonable, easy to dissipate heat, and the operation is more stable.

The other side of the projector is also a heat dissipation hole. From this part, you can see the built-in speakers, accompanied by dual 10W, 1.75-inch full-range high-fidelity speakers, and a 45mm large-size passive basin design. The low frequency can dive to 60Hz, and the shocking sound effect is obvious.

There is a power button on the top of the projector with an LED indicator light, but the indicator light is very dark, and only a faint light can be seen from the button in a dark environment, and blind touch holes are designed around the power button. Even if you don’t look at the position, you can switch the power on and off by touching it with one hand. With voice control and remote control power on and off, it is very convenient for daily use.

There are 4 rubber feet designed at the bottom of the projector, which are wear-resistant and non-slip, and have a very good stability effect. There is a 3/4 screw port in the middle of the bottom, which supports a special micro-projection bracket and can also support a photography tripod with the same interface, providing more The ability to place in multiple spaces, the practicality of home is relatively high.

FengOS – How Easy is The System to Operate?

For smart devices, an easy-to-use control system is very important. For myself, I pay more attention to these aspects of the system’s ease of use. The Wemax Vogue Pro comes with the Amlogic T972-H chip. This processing chip is new this year. It has a 64-bit quad-core A55 processor. The performance improvement is 4 times that of the previous generation, and it runs very smoothly. And it has an additional feature, which supports decoding 4K videos. This is rare on projectors. The memory is high-end flagship standard 2+32GB.

The design of the remote control is very simple, the shape of the round design is very comfortable to hold, and the design of the function keys is in line with normal use. From the front, even blind touch operations can be easily completed. The shutdown key, voice key, launch pad key, Four-way arrow keys, back key, volume up and down keys, function keys, etc. The launch pad button is very practical, for example, it helps you open your own desktop system and special settings with one click.

The back of the remote control is designed in a curved shape. In order to facilitate the removal and replacement of the battery, the back cover is designed with a direction arrow to prompt the removal of the back cover to replace the battery, which is more user-friendly.

The system settings provide three sub-columns: General, Graphics and Sound, and Interconnection. There are a variety of independent function settings under the column, which can be set according to your own needs and set to your most practical effect.

The input source function provides 4 input ports, which will be improved on the screen. When plugging in different devices, you can see the most intuitive input source in real time, which is convenient for you to choose from.

When using the projector for the first time, it will set the autofocus according to the position of the projector and the wall surface. After setting the autofocus in the function settings, the autofocus design can be realized after turning on the power.

Wemax Vogue Pro supports omnidirectional automatic keystone correction. No matter how the machine is placed or moved at will, the screen can automatically perform keystone correction, such as automatic fast founder screen, left and right keystone correction, vertical keystone correction, etc. At the same time, it supports a manual fine-tuning function, which is more autonomous.

By the way, the automatic focus and automatic keystone correction functions of the Vogue Pro are really awesome! The response is fast, and the adjustment is also precise. It will automatically adjust every time it is turned on, and you will soon get a square and clear picture. Since the response was too quick after turning on the camera, it was unable to capture a picture. It can only be called up from the operation page to take another shot.

It supports different devices for projection and can complete the interconnection application between mobile phones and projectors according to the settings, which is very convenient to use.

The FengOS system experience is good, smooth, and easy to use, and you can also define your own personalized channel homepage. By the way, it also has a function that I like very much, that is, when you move the selection box to the program, it will automatically play the trailer or preview. This function is very useful, especially for some new films and dramas that have not been watched, you can get a general idea of whether it suits your taste through the preview. After using FengOS, I really feel refreshed. I look forward to other brands of projectors running the FengOS system.

Projection Screen – How is the Performance?

For the Wemax Vogue Pro, the hardware provides 1600 ANSI lumens, 1080P full HD, high-fidelity audio, non-sensing focus, omnidirectional automatic correction, etc. How does it perform during use? Let’s see.

Wemax Vogue Pro supports a projection ratio of 1.1:1. Compared with other traditional products, at the same placement distance! the projection screen is shorter, and 2.5m can achieve the effect of a 100-inch 1080P full HD giant screen. The projector is equipped with the FAV image quality engine! which has a lot of improvements in improving the projection image quality. According to the characteristics of projection technology! it optimizes and improves brightness, color gamut, clarity, skin color restoration, HDR display, etc! so that the image display effect is higher. effect display.

In an indoor test without a light source, the projection size is 100 inches, and no parameters are adjusted in the default standard mode. The above illuminance data is measured with a household-grade instrument. The average value multiplied by the area conversion is about 1020ansi lumens.

In the standard mode of keeping the image parameters, etc., only switch the brightness mode to the highlight mode. In the same test environment, the above illuminance is measured, and the average value multiplied by the area conversion is about 1100ansi lumens. The visual perception is also higher than the standard mode, but the hair color tends to be yellow-green, and the tone is warmer (in fact, it is closer to the original picture), but when you use the default standard viewing mode for a long time, you will not be used to highlighting mode, so I will still switch to the standard viewing mode that more people will use for some tests later.

And in addition to supporting the conventional 45-degree adjustment of the side head up and down! Vogue also has a built-in gyroscope, which supports the intelligent auxiliary correction of the trapezoid in the up and down direction. As shown in the figure, when you adjust the elevation angle of the projection! it will be automatically corrected.

In order to test the picture performance under extreme conditions, I chose a picture of opening curtains and closing the curtains when the sun came out at two o’clock in the afternoon to compare. First of all, it needs to be explained that everyone has a different definition of the daytime. In my opinion, can you see it during the daytime? The definition is not that the sun shines directly on the indoor wall on a sunny day, let alone taking the projection outdoors, but that the normal light scatters in, and the picture performance is not drawn under the blackout curtain. As can be seen from the picture above, even if the window is open during the day, the picture is still recognizable.

But it is not recommended to watch in this way for a long time. Being able to watch does not mean that it is comfortable to watch. After a long time, the eyes may be strained. Closing the curtains during the day is the correct opening posture.

If I hadn’t pointed it out, you might have thought it was a picture from a web search (it was compressed after uploading, and the original GIF picture is very fine). In fact, this is a 1600 ANSI lumens Vogue projected on a white wall to reproduce and crop the image. The overall image is evenly focused, and there is no obvious vignetting or virtual focus around it. Zooming in, you can also see that it is a rectangular pixel arrangement, which has better picture and text performance under 1080P than the diamond pixel arrangement on the market.

In addition, for ordinary users who have never been exposed to projection, projections with 500~1000 ANSI lumens are enough to watch at night, but even if you only watch them at night, I still recommend high lumens, because some movies and other programs will have a rather large picture in order to render the atmosphere. Dim, forget it on the TV, the diffuse reflection imaging principle of the projection, the details will be inferior to the TV, in order to preserve the details of the dark part of the picture as much as possible, the LED projection has been working hard to increase the lumen, such as the Vogue with 1600 ANSI lumens in the picture above is better The details of the dark part are restored.

As a user, I don’t want to delve into the specific principles of Wemax’s FAV image quality engine technology and dynamic brightness processing system, and I don’t want to come up with some color scale test charts to go through the motions. I only care about the actual picture restoration performance and what level it is at. Below is the comparison between the original picture and the projection pictures of several commonly used LED smart projectors plus Vogue. The test environment of the comparison picture below: a dark room with no light, white wall background, the projection is in the factory default state, the same projection size, the same camera parameters (the actual perceived brightness will be higher), follow the control variable method as much as possible~

The first picture in the first group is the original picture! and the latter is the pure cropping and stretching comparison of the shooting pictures of the three projections. The official parameters of the last two projections are 1100 and 1000 ANSI lumens respectively. The parameters of camera M are all iso200, f4, 1/13s exposure, and center focus. The following groups are not marked with the same parameters. The screen of Vogue with 1600 ANSI lumens is obviously the brightest overall! which is consistent with the actual lumen data of the previous test. High lumens and the self-developed FAV image quality engine bring brighter images and more details in dark parts.

The bright area of the eyebrows is not overexposed by projection! and the details are still clear under the actual tolerance of the human eye. Although I can also adjust the parameters to make the TW5600 look closer to the original image! in order for the three machines to not be affected by factors such as screen flicker, adjusted a relatively fair camera parameter. In addition, the Z5 with 1000 ANSI lumens is not bad alone! but it pales in comparison with Vogue.

Continue to look at this group and zoom in proportionally. If the uploaded pictures are not compressed too much! then you should be able to see the advantages of high lumens and 1080P resolution. Vogue and H2 Slim are up to standard in this part of the details. Continue to look closely at Maoyan. Reflection, Vogue has better sharpening detail performance, followed by XGIMI H2 Slim, and Z5 with only 720P! even without lumens, the picture detail performance is still insufficient.

The second group is a screenshot, biggest test of using projection to express this classic scene is the details of the fireworks behind it. Only enough details can be restored to set off the two main characters in the front and make the picture full. There is no harm if there is no comparison. Of the three, Vogue is obviously the best in terms of restoration. It is also suitable to use one white to cover three ugliness here. Only Vogue can restore the details of the dark part of the fireworks behind it to the greatest extent.

The biggest challenge of projection is the performance of many movie screens. Quite a few movies are quite dim in order to better render the atmosphere and immersion! (and to extend the life of the light bulb like a theater~). For example, in this scene of Avengers 4, the original image processing is quite beautiful! and the large-area dark details under the backlight are the biggest foundation of the projection. In Vogue, the backlight details of the faces of the two protagonists are preserved as much as possible! but due to the high lumens, the picture is more vivid than the original film! and the color tone will be closer to the original if you switch to the highlight mode.

Here is another group, which should be the most comparable scene except for the dim movie scene. Under this black and white photo, the lumen level of the three projectors can be distinguished at a glance! and the dog’s head is the focus! and the hair under high light the detail preservation can best reflect the ability of projection! 1080P plus 1600ANSI lumens, even if it is not in the highlight mode! it still has the highest degree of restoration to the original image.

Before the end of this part, I want to talk about other highlights of the playback screen of this machine. In addition to the above screen comparison performance, thanks to the Amlogic T972 processor! Wemax Vogue Pro can even play and decode 8k videos (USB channel and online Play 24 frames of 8K video in VP9 and H.265 formats)! but I really can’t find relevant materials here. All the high-code H264 and H265 4k videos stored at home can be decoded without any pressure.

This is the so-called 4k quantum dot TV in the living room! which can only play a small part of H265 4K, which is not worthy of the name. Another good highlight is HDR10. The performance of this video on devices that support and do not support HDR10 is very different. The effect comparison is shown in the above picture. Wemax Vogue Pro can also easily decode this 4K/HDR10 resource and optimize the picture playback.

Function & Connectivity

Functional expandability is a plus point for projection. In addition to common mobile phone and laptop screen projection, it also supports USB reading. It can also be easily brought up when connected to a mobile hard disk at home. However, the default built-in file manager only supports read-only mode. If you want to edit, you can use a third-party file manager. However, I found that my NTFS format storage is still read-only. Other formats support writing and editing. You can take a look Do you also have this problem? It is guessed that it is related to NTFS authorization! but you can use the remote management function enabled in the external storage disk as mentioned in the previous system chapter! and you can browse and edit the external storage of NTFS through the FTP protocol.

Anyway, its autofocus is very convenient. I often put it on a trolley at home recently and combine it with the HDMI output of the convenient Surface version to make a mobile projection workbench. Reaching the 1080P level can be regarded as really reaching the standard of my office projection. And the delay performance of HDMI projection is also good.

Compared with mobile games, I actually prefer to play some casual end-games in my spare time. For example, Doraemon · Farm Story just came out a while ago, and now I can use it to project a larger screen in the bedroom and living room. With Bluetooth Handle, more relaxed and comfortable.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Wemax Vogue Pro is also very good. Two 10W full-range high-fidelity speakers and the FAA sound engine make the projection a strong sense of presence and space when playing movies and games. If you don’t have a special fever! you don’t need additional I have purchased speakers! and the ones that come with the projector are completely sufficient.

In addition to being able to use it when watching movies! the projector can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Its sound quality can completely kill desktop Bluetooth speakers with a price of about $150 on the market. It has three-band balance and strong bass, but don’t turn it too loud when using it. The explosive power is really strong, and it is easy to cause dissatisfaction among neighbors. When I drive to about 40%, I feel that the sound is very loud.

Power Consumption & Noise

In addition to the first selection factor of screen performance! many users will also be more concerned about the performance of power consumption and heat generation. Here is also a simple test.

The indoor ambient noise with doors and windows closed is around 35 decibels. After turning on the projector and running it for a while, pause the playback! and then you can hear the noise of the fan running 1 meter away from the projector! but the measured noise is only about 37 decibels! which is almost consistent with the environmental noise of my home. The noise control is good, and normal viewing is completely complete. Can’t hear the sound of the fan.

Continue to look at the heating situation. The room temperature is 24 degrees. After starting to play online videos for half an hour! you can see through the infrared thermal sensor screen that the highest temperature is mainly located on this side! where the cooling air outlet is located, and the temperature is about 39 degrees. Some are also higher than other desktop areas.

Turn the lens to the side with the largest heat dissipation! and you can see that the highest temperature is 40 degrees! and you can find that the reason for the extremely low temperature in the small half of the right side of the side is that this side is where the speaker is located. This temperature is much gentler than the heat dissipation of the bulb projection at least 70 or 80 degrees. After the machine is turned off, there will be a short time for the fan to run.

The power after shutdown is 0.1W, and only the weak power for the remote control to wake up and start up is reserved. When the shutdown is turned off during network platform playback, the sound continues! the actual power is 11.9W. (at more than half the volume), the actual power is about 153W in the default viewing mode! and about 165W in the highlight mode. The overall power consumption of normal operation is higher than that of LED micro-projectors with low lumens of tens of watts in the past! but it is still lower than those of traditional bulb projections. And the life of the LED light source is much longer than that of ordinary light bulbs.


The New Year holiday is coming soon. I have used Wemax Vogue Pro for a while, and I have a clear understanding of it. For me personally, the overall experience is good. Both children and queens are very satisfied with it, although! They didn’t say too much about the advantages of the projector! I understand the advantages, such as compact design, autofocus, omnidirectional keystone correction, and voice control! FengOS down-to-earth functions, 1080P full HD screen! 1.1: The large projection ratio of 1 satisfies the experience of large-screen projection! and 1600 ANSI lumens can minimize the impact of light in daily projection viewing, and the overall experience is satisfactory.

For the selection and use of projectors, I am still willing to share several suggestions for selection. For example, for true lumens verification! high lumens can reduce the effect of bright light affecting image quality! for example, pay attention to easy-to-use experience, and system settings! and control. Experience, voice control, mobile phone control, etc. The more modes, the better the user experience! for example, the small space brought by the high projection ratio can achieve a larger screen display, and the viewing experience is better! for example, the shocking viewing experience brought by high-fidelity sound quality! The experience is unmatched by ordinary speakers.

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I hope that when the holidays come, you can use different ways to achieve a happier way of vacation. Happy New Year

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