Maono DM30 RGB USB Microphone Review: $50 Worthy?

To record your podcast or stream, buying expensive equipment with complex settings is optional. The Maono DM30 is a great entry-level microphone with decent specs that will make you a streamer or podcaster in just a few moments.

The MAONO DM30 is an attractive desktop microphone optimized for live streaming and recording. Developed by the same company as the great HD300, which we had not long ago in our office to test, this DM30 is a proposition focused on gamers.

Its manufacturer has also given it to us to check its benefits and share the experience with the product here. Grateful for so much kindness and the constant trust in our website, we give you the review of the Maono microphone. Join us to discover a peripheral capable of raising the level of your content.


The MAONO DM30 is presented in an attractive box, the usual in this company. Colorful, black, and orange packaging is the business card of the MAONO DM30. A close-up image grabs the user’s attention on the front of the package. A glance is enough to recognize the layout of the product since the photograph anticipates that it is served fully assembled and ready to use.

The rest of the faces of the box are used to expand the characteristics, highlight functionalities, and indicate the color of the reference it contains. All texts are only written in English.

Inside the package, the microphone awaits us, assembled with its support, wrapped in plastic, and held in place with sponges at the ends. The DM30 is accompanied by a connection cable ( USB-C to USB-A/USB-C ) 1.5 meters long and a manual.


My first impression of the Maono DM30 is very good. Maono product transmits quality through their appearance, magnificent finish, and the good materials used for manufacturing. It could be more innovative. It replicates the shapes of many other desktop gaming microphones on the market.

The Maono DM30 that they have given us is black. There are variants in finishes: white, pink, and purple. It has approximate dimensions, excluding the integrated stand, 12.5cm in length and 5cm in parameters. The total weight of the DM30 is 480 grams, approximately.

Maono has built the peripheral almost entirely in metal. It only has a few plastic elements. The device is laterally attached to an arm that allows it to rotate through 300 degrees. A thread connects this arm to the blunt and heavy foot used as the microphone’s base.

The microphone has an RGB lighting system in the lower area. Which shines through the slots in its base. Just below, it has a USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack. In addition to a button to rotate the lighting modes. The front has a multifunctional knob and a pair of small indicator LEDs.

Control and Connectivity

The Maono DM30 is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. We will use the USB type C port provided on the base. The end of the cable has a double connection possibility, USB type A or type C.

The peripheral includes a 3.5 mm jack where you can connect headphones to monitor in real-time what the microphone captures. With the multifunction control, you can toggle, with a long press, between regulating the volume of the headphone output (blue led) and the microphone gain (green led). In addition, with a short press, we activate or deactivate the microphone (the led changes to red ).

PC Software

To enjoy the good qualities of this easy-to-use peripheral, there is no need to install any software. Any compatible computer recognizes the peripheral instantly when connected. However, the manufacturer offers us the free Maono Link program, available on the company’s website, to make the most of the microphone’s possibilities.

It is a simple and intuitive software available for Windows and macOS. It offers some simple management options in the Basic mode and other more complete ones in the Advanced mode tab. You can adjust the RGB lighting, apply filters to the voice pickup, or select different equalizations to give a few examples.

Sound Quality

The microphone impressed me with the quality of sound recording and excellent sensitivity. It seemed that in the monitor headphones you could almost hear the movement of the tongue across the palate. And the cardioid pattern provides excellent filtering of extraneous noise. And even the recorded voice becomes much quieter at the slightest deviation of the face from the microphone.

Use the up/down keys to increase or decrease the volume. The Skype voice call microphone test passed perfectly. The sound is very clear and pleasant, the voice is 100% recognizable. Affordable quality – 24 bits with a sampling rate of 48 kHz.

Above you can listen to a test voice recording I recorded for this review. The distance to the microphone is about 40 cm, the location is directly opposite the face, and the gain is 50%.

And here is a recording with background music from a smartphone at a distance of about 30 cm behind the microphone. Which was playing at full volume. Thanks to the cardioid pickup pattern, the voice is clearly in the foreground, but the music is still audible.

As for the frequencies it cannot pick up, it could be a small problem if the Maono DM30 were to be used for ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos or videos in which the audio recording must be decidedly low and very clean without having to work with another external editing program. Often it might be useful to have to do this, but that’s exactly why the Maono DM30 software comes into its own.

My Experience

As for directivity, we have a classic cardioid, which means that only what is directly behind the microphone chokes best. In terms of noise, this is around minus 54 dB, which is worthwhile. The voice on the recording was approximately the same as it was in the older PD400X as if they used the same stuffing. That is, with slight mitigation and such good expressiveness.

I have no questions about the quality, it writes well and cleanly, and the main thing is to adjust the sensitivity. This is the best inexpensive USB microphone I have ever met: the possibilities are higher than the roof, the bit depth is high, and the sound itself is very decent.


The Maono DM30 microphone is a quality product, full of possibilities. MAONO offers the content creator an ideal tool to provide followers and viewers with high-level live broadcasts and make recordings that meet the expectations of the advanced user. It is important to note the good manufacturing of the product and the ease of use for those who want to save time on adjustments.

High-quality sound recording, intuitive setup in a convenient application, and easy operation of Maono DM30 will allow you to sound at a decent level in streams and podcasts, thanks to its stylish design, bright lighting, and a variety of colors.

Final Words

If you’re in the market for a new microphone and you’re considering the Maono DM30. I would definitely suggest giving it a try. It’s a high-quality, affordable option that delivers great sound and has a compact, portable design. The built-in headphone jack allows for real-time monitoring, and the included pop filter and shock mount add to its versatility. Overall, the Maono DM30 is a solid choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use microphone that delivers professional-level results.

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