HOTO 12V Brushless Drill Toolset Review – A Hard-Core Tools Exclusively For men

In daily life, knocking and tinkering are unavoidable at home, and it is especially important to have a set of handy tools. In fact, many people have already equipped toolboxes at home, but they don’t know what tools to buy, and they often buy what they need. Buying one by one not only delays use but also wastes time. Tables, chairs, cabinets, plumbing, appliances, etc. have been used for a long time at home, and problems such as loose screws are inevitable. Usually, repairs and replacements, and furniture assembly also require a set of tools at hand. Commonly used tools are nothing more than Drill, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

I believe that every man who has a family will prepare a set of toolboxes for his home. After all, it is as small as turning on a faucet occasionally and as large as punching holes in the wall to install new furniture. What if there is no handy tool at hand? Therefore, today I will show you a multi-functional toolset that is both convenient and attractive, this new HOTO 12V Brushless Portable Drill Tool Set is a compact and portable toolbox that contains commonly used tools, making it easy to carry around at home or out.

Buy From Official HOTO’s Store at $59.99 Buy From HOTO’s Amazon Store at $183.20

Packaging and Unboxing

First of all, let’s take a look at the packaging. From the perspective of packaging style, Simple and elegant packaging box, the front of the outer packaging is a pure white hard carton, printed with a rendering of the product, in addition to the brand logo and product name, and the specifications and the contains are displayed on the back side of the box. There is not much product information on the box.

After removing the outer packaging, you can see the inner box with all the Khaki boxes. Open the Khaki box, and you can see the exquisite and unique ToolBox, and it is still very suitable for gift giving. The toolbox is relatively compact, so the size is not large. The entire toolbox adopts a light gray tone, combined with the matte texture box made of ABS material, which can bring a very delicate hand feeling while having a high value, and there is also printed on the bottom right of the box. The words Designed By HOTO.

The toolbox adopts a hidden buckle design, which not only has very good integrity in appearance but also has a buckle that is first opened and then pulled down, which can also be well distinguished from ordinary toolboxes on the market, allowing tools to be taken out The process has also become very ritualistic.

When you open the toolbox, you can see the ten-piece tool set, and it also divides the functions of manual and electric in great detail. In the main product list, in addition to the 12V Cordless Brushless Drill, there are also 1 x Multipurpose Screwdriver, 1 x Adjustable Wrench, 1 x Claw Hammer & 1 x Rubber Hammer, 1 x Needle Nose Plier, 1 x Self-Lock Measure Tape, 1 x Case, 18 x Bits & Drills Bits Set, 1 x USB-C Cable.

In the toolbox, except for the screwdriver and the drill bit which are fixed by the cover plate, other tools are fixed with exclusive elastic buckles. Even if there is a certain inclination angle during use, there is no need to worry about the problem of tools falling. , and when you carry it out every day, the fit on both sides of the entire box can also firmly fix all the tools, and there will be no ping-pong-pong sound.

Design & Appearance

HOTO 12V Cordless Brushless Drill

HOTO 12V Cordless Brushless Drill adopts a one-piece minimalist body design. The combination of metal + ABS material and the surface treatment of matte metal baking paint + matte TPU soft rubber injection molding make the grip feel very comfortable during daily use. At the same time, its fine workmanship can also effectively achieve anti-fouling and scratch resistance.

This electric drill uses a 12V brushless motor. Compared with the traditional brushed motor, the brushless motor has a longer service life and a higher rotation speed, and benefits. Because it has a maximum torque of 30N·m and a maximum speed of 1400rpm, it is very easy to screw screws or drill holes in daily life. The 12V brushless electric drill adopts an integrated design and a built-in 2000mAh large-capacity battery. On the basis of ensure that the electric drill has a very powerful work efficiency, a common Type -C data cable can start charging, very convenient.

On the body of the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill, there is an intelligent high-definition LED display, which can be used to display the current power, gear position, pulse mode, and forward/reverse prompts of the device.

There are also three physical buttons around the screen display, which are the gear adjustment buttons on the left and right sides, and the pulse mode switches below. The start button of the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill adopts the most common trigger design, the button damping is very comfortable, the force feedback is moderate, and the engineer’s tuning is still very good.

On the top of the 12V brushless electric drill, we see a circular toggle switch, which allows the electric drill to switch between drilling and screwing. From the function, we can basically know that this switch is for Better control of drill output to ensure efficient torque performance.

The design of the drill chuck has a large span, and I believe it can be compatible with more drill bits and bits. The outside of the drill chuck has a non-slip texture design and the friction between the fingers is increased, and the rotation is more convenient and labor-saving. The actual loading and unloading of the drill bit/bit are also very easy to use, and the direction indication is clear, even a novice can easily complete the operation.

If the appearance design of the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill is in line with the aesthetics of young users, then in terms of function and interaction, the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill is more suitable for the usage habits of young users. The biggest difference from our common traditional electric drill, the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill also innovatively added a screen, we can understand the working status of the electric drill through this screen, and know the torque output of the motor.

Bits & Drills Bits Set

In addition, there are two types of drill bits that come with the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill this time. One is a drill bit for drilling metal hard objects, and the other is a drill bit for drilling wood. There are 4 drill bits for each of the two types, and their sizes are different. First, when we need to drill holes, we can compare the model size and choose the appropriate drill bit.

There are also 10 commonly used S2 steel Screw bits that come with this Toolset, Basically, it can be adapted to the screw types on household appliances or furniture, it can be seen that this bit is specially designed for HOTO 12V brushless electric drill. Yes, because although the manual screwdrivers of HOTO and the attached bits in the toolbox are of the same type, their length is shorter.

Multipurpose Screwdriver

The Multipurpose Screwdriver adopts a magnetic bit holder, with 10 commonly used S2 alloy steel bits and the bit of the screwdriver is magnetic, so you don’t have to be afraid of losing some small screws. The handle is made of PP+TPE material, which is heavy and non-slip. The anti-roll cutting surface design makes it feel good, easy to hold, and easy to exert force. The screwdriver can be said to be one of the most commonly used tools. This screwdriver has an excellent grip and is very comfortable to screw. I would like to share two points of experience. One is that the screwdriver uses a magnetic bit holder, which is easy to install and not slippery; the other is that the screwdriver handle is made of plastic material, which is comfortable to hold, and the cutting surface is designed to be easy to use without slipping.

Adjustable Wrench

The design of the adjustable wrench is also very interesting. The head of the wrench is engraved with a scale, with millimeter accuracy at the opening, which means that it can achieve accurate size measurement of objects within the range of 25 mm, which undoubtedly meets the routine of a daily wrench In addition to the function, it also has the function of a vernier caliper, such as the daily measurement of the size of screws and nuts, so there is no need to use a ruler to compare continuously. The length of the wrench is 200mm, which is very labor-saving when turning large screws.

Claw Hammer & Rubber Hammer

Now take a look at the design of its claw hammer. The total length is 240mm, and the hammer head is made of metal, which is strong and impact-resistant. The hammerhead is embedded in the process, and it is not easy to fall off. The hammer handle is made of glass fiber + PP + TPE material, which feels comfortable, fashionable, and non-slip.

The claws on the top can also pry up nails, and a rubber hammer head is also attached for use in special environments. Almost the entire handle of the claw hammer is covered with a layer of non-slip rubber, which can provide a better grip during actual use.

In addition to the conventional hammering and prying functions, the magnetic suction recess on the top groove design is very user-friendly. For the grooves of different sizes of long and short nails, the nails can be automatically absorbed and fixed, so that there is no need to hold the nails with hands when hammering for the first time, which can greatly reduce the risk of hand injuries risk.

The claw hammer is equipped with a rubber hammer head, which will not damage the material when striking, such as hitting a wooden board, without leaving hammer marks on the wooden board and damaging the surface.

NeedleNose Pliers

Needle-nose pliers are also a common tool in every home. These needlenose pliers of HOTO are different from the general ones, with an extra spring. The needle-nose pliers adopt a more labor-saving spring design and are also designed with multiple teeth positions with different functions. Stripping, cutting, winding, flattening and other operations can be accurately realized. When I was a maintenance worker before, I found that the scope of use of needle-nose pliers is quite special. Needle-nose pliers are needed to replace the places where wire pliers cannot get in. However, the force is much weaker than that of wire pliers, after all, its head is pointed. The length of the needle-nose pliers in the set is 169mm, and the opening distance is large and convenient to use.

Self-Lock Measure Tape

The design of this tape measure is quite special, it adopts the design of automatic locking and one-button self-retraction, which automatically locks when stretched out, and automatically retracts when the button is pressed. The longest tape measure is 3m, and the overall expansion and contraction are smooth. I think the most intimate is the automatic lock. Press and hold the tape measure lock to recover it with one button. The 3-meter-long tape measure can be stored in a few seconds! any position Release the lock of the tape measure to lock the tape measure! which is convenient and safe when measuring.

Use Experience

HOTO 12V Cordless Brushless Drill

We usually use electric drills. If we want to control the output of the electric drill, it is mostly adjusted through the stroke of the switch. Although this can achieve real-time stepless speed change, the biggest problem is that we cannot accurately control the strength. On the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill, we can manually control the output intensity! adjust the intensity according to different usage scenarios, and choose the normal mode or the pulse mode as needed.

HOTO 12V Cordless Brushless Drill

The installation of the drill bit is also very simple. According to the marking of the position knob of the electric drill bit, we can easily install different drill bits or bits. I tried it, just put the drill bit into the drill hole, and then turn the top knob! the test bit is still very stable, and it will not fall out when using it.

HOTO 12V Cordless Brushless Drill in Wood

In terms of operating experience, I first tried to punch holes in the wooden board. This should be the most commonly used scene for many friends. After all, occasionally install a cabinet, or install a fixed hanger on the wardrobe! is still necessary to master this skill. very necessary. As can be seen from the moving picture! the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill drills holes in the wooden board very smoothly.

Next, drill screws directly into the wooden board. This is not only a test of the stable output of the electric drill but also forward and backward. You can also see that the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill is excellent in one-handed operation and functional feedback.

I tried punching holes in the aluminum strip, and it was very simple to operate.

Occasionally disassemble some electronic equipment to see if the operation speed is very fast. However, it should be noted that since the torque of the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill is relatively large during use, it is necessary to fix the object to be operated during operation to avoid accidental injury.

Installing an IKEA wall bookshelf on the wall is no problem at all, and it is quite stable after installation.

HOTO 12V brushless electric drill is a power tool product for young users. Its product design is very in line with the aesthetics of young people! its function can basically meet 90% of the installation needs of the family! the application of screen interaction! Let users know what to expect when using an electric drill! In terms of use, whether it is on wood or on aluminum strips! the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill performs very well in drilling holes. No problem at all, as an electric screwdriver, installing some electronic products is even more stress-free.

Multipurpose Screwdriver

I actually tried this Multipurpose Screwdriver, it is very easy to use, the magnetic attraction is very stable after the bit is installed! and it is also very convenient to change the bit, and its handle is also fully protected with a rubber sleeve. It feels comfortable in the hand and will not slip off easily. The hexagon socket screws and the triangular screws on the plug-in board cannot be disassembled without a screwdriver! because there are only ordinary slotted or Torx screwdrivers at home, and there is a small screwdriver. This multifunctional screwdriver of HOTO easily handles the dismantling and maintenance needs of various home appliances and furniture.

Adjustable Wrench

I believe that this adjustable wrench is not used by everyone. It is mainly used for screwing faucets or nuts. The opening of this adjustable wrench in the HOTO toolbox can be adjusted to a maximum of 25cm. It is basically like the furniture of ordinary users like me. The kitchen and bathroom can use it. It is really good to have an adjustable wrench. For example, sometimes the faucet of the washing machine leaks or is blocked. Just use the adjustable wrench to unscrew the faucet and deal with it. It is easy to solve some emergencies in life.

Claw Hammer & Rubber Hammer

I have to say that this claw hammer is designed with a long and short nail groove design! which is really very user-friendly. The nails can be absorbed in the groove through the small magnet on the top! no matter when we are driving nails or taking nails, single Easy to work with your hands.

NeedleNose Pliers

HOTO NeedleNose Pliers

The multi-functional NeedleNose Pliers are designed with labor-saving springs, without manual removal! they will open by themselves, and the operation speed of peeling, winding, and pressing! and cutting is faster than ordinary needle-nose pliers. For example, when cutting iron wire! the ordinary needle-nose pliers need to be opened manually after cutting the iron wire! while the Hoto multi-functional needle-nose pliers are automatically opened and can be cut continuously. In addition, the multi-functional needle-nose pliers are equipped with multiple tooth positions with different functions! which can quickly and accurately complete various operations, such as turning small screws on toys.

Self-Lock Measure Tape

HOTO Self-Lock Measure Tape

This tape measure adopts the design of automatic locking and one-button self-retraction! and its toothed belt adopts a cut-resistant hand design, so users can use it with confidence. I still suggest that everyone must prepare a tape measure at home! although It is not usually used, when you need to add some electrical appliances to your home! the manufacturer needs you to provide the space size of your home. If you don’t have a ruler, it is difficult to measure it accurately. It happens that the one in the HOTO’s toolbox is 3 meters! The length, basically, most families can use this length.


After so many days of looking at the HOTO 12V brushless electric drill toolbox! I have to marvel at its exquisite workmanship, and each tool has its own ingenuity. While satisfying traditional functions, they also have more features. Operability. then if you also want a set of multifunctional tool sets that are both convenient and attractive! why not try the HOTO 12V Brushless Electric Drill Toolbox?

In general, every tool in this HOTO toolbox is very commonly used! which can meet the needs of daily maintenance and use! and it is also a very design sense that is rarely seen in toolboxes. In terms of price, it is indeed not particularly cost-effective! but in terms of the quality-price ratio, if you care about texture and design! this HOTO toolbox is still worth buying.

Buy From Official HOTO’s Store at $59.99 Buy From HOTO’s Amazon Store at $183.20

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