GauTone PG103 Smart Alarm System $75.18 Price Deal

The GauTone PG103 Alarm System is a high-tech WIFI security system designed to protect homes and businesses from intruders and other potential threats. With advanced features and a user-friendly interface, the PG103 is a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their security systems.

GauTone PG103 – Check the price at AliExpress

Features of GauTone PG103 Alarm System

One of the standout features of the GauTone PG103 is its ability to detect and alert homeowners of potential threats in real time. The system uses a combination of sensors and cameras to continuously monitor the premises and alert homeowners of any unusual activity. These sensors can detect a range of threats, including motion, door and window openings, and even smoke or fire.

GauTone PG103

The PG103 also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows homeowners to control and monitor their security system easily. The interface can be accessed through a web browser or via a smartphone app, making it easy to stay connected and in control of the system even when you’re away from home.

One of the benefits of the PG103 is its flexibility and expandability. The system can be customized to fit each homeowner’s unique needs, with the option to add additional sensors and cameras as needed. This means that homeowners can easily scale their security systems to meet the changing needs of their homes or business.

PG103 alarm system


Another key feature of the PG103 is its integration with other smart home devices. The system can be connected to a range of devices, including smart thermostats, smart locks, and smart lighting systems. This allows homeowners to control and monitor all of their smart devices from a single, convenient interface.

The GauTone PG103 alarm system also comes with a range of security features designed to protect against potential threats. For example, the system includes a siren that can be activated in the event of an intruder. It is an amazingly smart security that comes with WIFI as well as GSM support. In other words, it allows you to travel with a peace of mind.


In addition to its advanced security features, the PG103 is also designed with convenience in mind. The system is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for homeowners and businesses looking to upgrade their security without the hassle of a complicated system.

Overall, the GauTone PG103 Alarm System is a top-of-the-line security system that offers advanced protection and convenience for homeowners and businesses. With its range of sensors, cameras, and integration with other smart devices, the PG103 is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their security and peace of mind.

Where to buy and price

The smart alarm system available at AliExpress for only $75.18.

GauTone PG103 – Check the price at AliExpress

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