C3STROM Astro Pro has Next-Gen Perks at Superb Electric Bicycle Price

High-end specialized E-bike comes at a higher price. But the C3STROM Astro Pro review for the electric bicycle price and electric mountain bike features suggests the opposite. Recently launched electric bike for adults, the Astro Pro offers next-generation e-bike parts and comfort. It comes in a vintage E bikes design, almost a motorbike shape. But all of the technology is advanced and completely upgraded. No wonder it is gaining popularity. There are retro-style E-bikes without advanced features like the Astro e-bicycle has installed. This specialized electric mountain bike has the best balance of power, comfort, usability, and price. And why is that? Let’s take a deep look at its features and specs.

C3STROM Astro Pro Review

The Astro Pro electric cycle has modern technology and a retro style E-bike design. It looks like an electric motorbike. Under the hood, this specialized E bike packs a Bafang 750W rear hub brushless motor with 1800W peak power and 80Nm torque. There is a comfortable seat that is raised up for a better riding experience. Another benefit of the C3STROM Astro Pro off-road electric bike is that you do not require a license in many countries. However, you can also adjust the top speed up to 32mph. There is a 52V 20AH (1040WH) removable battery for 32-78 miles mileage. Thirty-two miles range is achievable using Electric Mode, and 78 miles with pedal-assist with Class-1 speed.

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The C3STROM Astro Pro review for other specs highlights the 35A frame integrated controller for battery protection and best power consumption. The specialized E bike handlebar has a 3.5-inch LCD meter, throttle, electric horn, and LED headlight control. Reading the LCD meter is easy because it is at the center of the ergonomic handlebar. There are 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes for the front and the rear 20-inch x 4.25-inch wide tires. Both tires are puncture-resistant. The front and rear fenders offer full coverage for this electric bike for adults. Moreover, the Astro Pro has a 6061 aluminum alloy specialized electric mountain bike frame.

The Retro E Bike Design

To enhance the riding experience, the Astro Pro electric bike for adults offers vintage E bikes style and FAT street tires. The aluminum alloy frame uses triangular shapes to connect like a diamond. Therefore, the C3STROM Astro Pro review shows extra accessories you can use. Like a customized cupholder, optional rear rack, Camelbak, water cup, or even a spare battery. There is also a USB port for charging smartphones on the go. You can switch between high and low beams for the front 130 Lux headlight. The turn signals are integrated. However, the rear 18 LEDs taillight offers eye-catching and modern lights. It has a complete retro E bike shape with some vintage motorbike designs to add more spice.

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Specialized Electric Bike Features

The transmission, motor, frame design, and brakes play a vital role in the rider’s comfort level. Therefore, the C3STROM Astro Pro retro E bike uses high-end parts like the 8-speed derailleur and KMC Z7 chain with 56T, 170mm Crankset. It supports the 750W Bafang motor with 80Nm torque to speed up to 32mph max. The Astro Pro electric bike for adults also has adjustable riding modes. So, you can use it as an off-road electric bike, city E bike, mountain bike, trek E bike, or specialized bike. The extra-long saddle or seat uses silicone for extra comfort. In Off-Road mode, you can accelerate to 32mph top speed within 11.3 seconds with throttle and 12.5 seconds pedaling. In addition, the 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes offer greater braking safety.

The Samsung 52V 20AH extra long-range battery differs from the standard 48V 20AH electric mountain bike battery. Other vintage E bikes use the common 48V battery, and even the over US$3,000 priced electric bicycles use the same. However, the C3STROM Astro Pro review for the battery shows more mileage range, better durability, and a high 58.8V 4 A faster charging. So you can recharge it within 4-5 hours. But the retro E bike step frame design adds space for an extra battery. It is why the C3STROM Astro Pro price of US$2,699 is of better value. In comparison, other specialized E bikes and retro-style electric bikes offer much less.

C3STROM Smartphone App

Another price-to-performance ratio increasing factor for this specialized bike is the smartphone app connectivity. So, you can use the C3STROM app to switch between off-road electric bike mode and the standard mode. These vintage E bikes have a standard Class 3 license-free classification mode with a top speed of 28mph. But you can unlock the top speed and change to Off-Road Mode for a max of 32mph. Android and iOS smartphone connectivity is supported.

Astro Pro Electric Mountain Bike Spec Sheet

Motor: BAFANG 750W nominal, 1800W peak power, rear hub, 80Nm torque
Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Speed/Mileage: 28mph Standard Mode, 32mph Off Road Mode
Tires: 20-inch x 4.25-inch wide tires, Anti-Puncture
Brakes/Transmission: Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes, 8-Speed Derailleur
Battery: Removable Lithium-ion

1040WH (52v20ah) SAMSUNG 21700 cells

Charging Time: 4-5 hours

Weight: 94.5lbs (42.86 kg)
Display: 3-inch LCD Meter
Controller: 35A Frame Integrated
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB Charging Port
Riding Modes: Pure Electric, Electric Assist, Pedal (Intelligent Pedal Assist with 5 levels)
Chain Wheel: KMC Z7, 56T, 170mm Crankset
Wiring IPX6 water-resistant connectors and wiring

Price and Availability

There are many overpriced electric bikes for adults with high-end features, but what about high-end retro-style E bikes? Can you find the right technology, durability, and performance? It is where the C3STROM Astro Pro vintage E bikes step in. The Astro Pro price is only US$2,699, and it offers Bluetooth connectivity, an extra comfy seat, a motorbike riding experience, and great practical use. It comes with a 1-year warranty and full assembly. You only have to install the wheels and handlebar, which is easy. So, the electric bicycle price and the specialized E Bike features are balanced with more affordability.


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