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The way you smile says a lot about who you are. In reality, it speaks the language of joy, love, and friendship—the only truly universal language that everyone understands.

Oclean was created to give people the tools they require to make the most of their smiles and benefit from the myriad opportunities waiting to be unlocked by a confident, friendly face. In this review, we discuss four newly launched products from oclean.

Oclean X Pro Elite

Oclean X Pro Elite

In contrast to the Oral-B alternative, the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush is nicely made and remarkably quiet. You can use the device’s eight brushing regions and 6-axis gyroscope technology. The system is capable of a ground-breaking 45 bB bushing of quietness. This gives you a soft-brushing sensation while using award-winning noise-reduction technology. The toothbrush includes a single button to turn the touchscreen display on and off. Along with this, the brush includes a wireless charging base, a significant advancement over the conventional electric toothbrush method. You may also use the brush without an app, and you can choose between four modes by simply touching the screen.

  • Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Massage
  • White
Oclean X Elite brush now available for just $99.99

Oclean W1 water flosser

Oclean W1 water flosser

The smart water flosser from Oclean supports a combination of dental floss mode, gentle mode, gum massage mode, and six more modes to fulfil a variety of demands. Burst mode is one of the most advantageous options. Another helpful detail is that charging can be carried out using a magnetic or USB cable. The battery charges completely in three hours and has a 30-day holding period (when you use it a max of 2 minutes every day). The device’s use of aerodynamic technology also aids in providing you with all-day fresh breath by completely cleaning your teeth. In comparison to the water flosser, which has a unique structural design, a smartphone is more compact and lighter. On the smartphone, there are effective options for flossing.

OCLEAN Water flosser W1 now available for just $79.99

Oclean brush head refills P3 

Oclean Head Refills P3

The Oclean Brush Head Refills P3 8-Pack is necessary if you own an electric toothbrush. The Oclean electronic toothbrushes that this brush head pack is compatible with. Because they are FDA-approved and constructed from extremely safe oral materials, these brush heads are likewise quite safe. Last but not least, a lot of users of this brush agree that it’s fun to brush because of its distinctive spherical brush head. You may clean effectively and comfortably using the rhombus diamond interface of the Dupont Tynex Diamond Bristles. German Pedex Diamond Bristles contain a black surface and a light inner core, which acts as a reminder to replace the brush head when the colour shifts periodically.

OCLEAN Brush Head P3 now available for just $19.99

Oclean F1 toothbrush

OCLEAN F1 Sonic Toothbrush

The Oclean F1 electric toothbrush is constructed from sturdy ABS plastic, providing greater durability at the level of IPX7, a strong motorbike, or an 800 mAh battery that will last for 30 days. The next 2 hours are spent charging. The toothbrush weighs just a little bit more than 100 grammes, which is quite tiny. A 5V converter that is intended to charge the battery is also included in the packaging. The toothbrush’s small size is complemented by its simple one-button operation. The brush is particularly effective and guarantees dependable sonic cleaning of dental and interdental regions thanks to the power of the utilised motor, which was shut off at 36 vibrations per minute. Additionally, the motor is compact and makes less than 45 dB of noise.

Oclean F1 toothbrush now available for just $29.99

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