Unihertz TickTock Review – Rugged Phone with “Dual-Screen”

I don’t know if you have noticed. Since the popularity of smartphones, the current smartphones are almost the same. It is almost difficult to tell what brand of mobile phone is blocked by the logo. Like our commonly used smartphones, what designs are popular in the market? , most brands of mobile phones imitate and follow, such as narrow bezels, full screens, notch screens, water drop screens, and other designs, everyone should know about this.

However, there is still a type of mobile phone on the market that is different from traditional smartphones, that is, the tri-proof rugged phones. The mobile phone pays more attention to the demand that the mobile phone can still be used normally in the extreme environment, so the product design is very different from the traditional mobile phone, so it is more personalized. However, although the technology of the mobile phone industry is becoming more and more mature, the same and follow-the-fashion design always makes people feel bored. So if you want to be different, you have to jump out of the conventional mobile phone brand, such as this Unihertz TickTock, its appearance is not out of the ordinary, dual-screen design, young people with personality will like it at a glance.

Unihertz is a brand that some friends don’t know very well. In fact, it is an old brand in the mobile phone industry. Since the first product came out in 2017, new phones have been released every year.

The key is that every time Unihertz releases a new phone, it is very individual, whether it is an ultra-mini phone, a smartphone with a full keyboard, a rugged phone, or a three-way intercom phone. In terms of appearance design, the unique characteristics of this brand The truth is getting more and more prominent. What we are reviewing today is the Unihertz TickTock, which is a dual-screen smartphone.

Packaging and Unboxing

The outer packaging of Unihertz TickTock is a pure white box with no other redundant designs on it, only the blue “Unihertz” brand logo, which is impressive.

Open the outer package, and there is a Unihertz TickTock phone, a black protective case, charger, Type-C data cable, a manual, and a C-port to 3.5mm headphone audio port conversion cable also provided. The accessories are very good and rich.


The appearance design of Unihertz TickTock is similar to that of most brands of rugged mobile phones. It is a “tough” appearance with sharp edges and corners. The front of the phone uses a 6.3-inch water drop screen with a resolution of 1080*2340. However, I personally think that there is a free space on the top of this phone, and a front camera can place instead of a water drop screen design so that the front of the phone can also have a symmetrical design view.

I found that the position below the earpiece on the top of the front camera can actually fit the front camera. The front camera is under the earpiece, and the screen is completely full-screen, the effect should better. The front camera is 8 megapixels.

The bottom of the Unihertz TickTock is a charging interface, and there is a waterproof plug at the interface. The charging interface is Type-C (supports OTG function, 30W fast charging), and the interface also has watermark detection.

In addition, the top and bottom of the mobile phone are made of high anti-drop thickened silicone, and the entire frame of the mobile phone is higher than the screen, which greatly improves the anti-drop performance of the mobile phone. For example, the thickened silicone on the top and bottom can protect the screen of the mobile phone Corners; the bezel is higher than the screen so that if the phone is dropped face-on, the raised bezel protects the screen.

The middle frame of the Unihertz TickTock is actually different in color from the top, bottom, and back. The color of the middle frame is a bit like silver gray, while the rest is black, which is a bit of a “color contrast design”. There are three buttons in the middle frame area in the picture above. From top to bottom, they are volume plus and minus buttons, and a power button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. Yes, Unihertz TickTock uses a side fingerprint design, which can record and unlock through actual measurement. The speed is not bad.

In the middle frame area of the picture above, there are SIM card trays and two PTT buttons. These two PTT buttons can also call shortcut keys and smart keys. Through the system settings, the PTT buttons can realize various types of shortcut operations, such as: controlling the on and off of the secondary screen; running some walkie-talkie applications, these two buttons can use as It is used as an intercom key! short press, long press, and double-click are three operation modes, different shortcut functions can realize or applications can open.

As for the shortcut functions that can realize, there are also many functions, such as start recording, screenshot, scan code payment, etc.

The card tray of Unihertz TickTock is a real shot, you can choose to place a SIM card and a memory card, or two SIM cards. In terms of supported network standards, Unihertz TickTock supports 5G full Netcom. At the same time, in terms of positioning design, Unihertz TickTock provides accurate four-mode positioning for GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, and Galileo, and supports fast satellite search and offline positioning.

In the real shot of the back of Unihertz TickTock, it can see that the back adopts a back cover design similar to “Kevlar texture”. At the same time, there is also a conspicuous circular secondary screen, dual cameras, dual-color temperature flash, and air pressure on the back. Sensor holes and speakers. As for the dual camera, the main camera is 48 megapixels, and the secondary camera is a photosensitive camera.

Let’s talk about appearance first. Although the appearance design style of Unihertz TickTock is similar to most brands of rugged mobile phones, due to the addition of the secondary screen design, it is as differentiated and unique as possible.

Secondary Screen – What is the purpose 2nd Display

What can the secondary screen of Unihertz TickTock do? Presumably, this question should have troubled everyone for a long time, right? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it now. Unihertz TickTock’s secondary screen is 1.3 inches with a resolution of 360*360. Since the entire secondary screen is circular, and there are customization similar to watch frames around the secondary screen, plus In the mobile phone system, the background of the main interface that sets the secondary screen is called the dial, so I personally feel like a built-in “smartwatch” is built into the back of the phone, and the dynamic dial shown in the animation above is also displayed on many smartwatches. The center of the dial is also seen.

In addition to changing the dial and customizing the dial, the secondary screen can also quickly realize the function of the compass.

It can also quickly control the playback of music, and the music application can set through the system, that is, the secondary screen can quickly control the playback of music not only to control the system’s own but also to control third-party applications.

The secondary screen can also be used to take selfies, mobilizing the rear 48MP main camera for selfies.

The secondary screen can also display incoming calls, text messages, and information from third-party applications. The second screen displays the real shot of the third-party application message effect.

Unihertz TickTock’s sub-screen setting interface is a real shot, you can set whether the sub-screen is on at the same time as the main screen, or whether the sub-screen is automatically on when the phone is turned over, etc.

Unihertz TickTock’s sub-screen functions are basically the above. The official definition of the use of this sub-screen is “the low-power display of the sub-screen can solve the power consumption and message anxiety of the mobile phone”, which means that the sub-screen of the mobile phone has low power consumption. When the power is low, you can only use the secondary screen to watch the time and notifications. But here is my personal opinion. I feel that the function of this second screen is not perfect. For example, when an incoming call is notified, you can add a quick message reply while rejecting the call.

How is Tri-Proof Performance?

Although the tri-proof mobile phone is not a new product, most friends should also know about it, but here I will simply say that the tri-proof of Unihertz TickTock refers to dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof, so it will not Water ingress/drop damage occurs like ordinary mobile phones.

In addition, Unihertz TickTock did not reduce the items that should be sent out of the factory due to its tri-proof design, such as mobile phone protective cases, following the concept of “users can not use it, but I can’t live without it”.

The picture above is the effect of the Unihertz TickTock after the protective case is installed. The entire protective case is of a “thin and light” design. It was pre-installed on the phone when it was shipped from the factory. Cover, so what I mean is that this protective cover will not increase the thickness of Unihertz TickTock. After all, the design of the rugged mobile phone itself is of the thicker kind. If the protective cover is designed to be thicker, it will be thicker and thicker.

Unihertz TickTock supports IP68 waterproof. As for the actual performance of drop resistance, dust resistance, and waterproofing, I have also done related tests, for example: falling below 1.5 meters, soaking in outdoor water for 20 minutes, and burying in soil, Unihertz TickTock All passed the test without any problems. In fact, it is normal for a rugged mobile phone to pass these tests. This is the most basic experience that should be possessed. If it fails to pass, it is called a rugged mobile phone.

Hardware Performance

let’s take a look at the performance and system of Unihertz TickTock. Unihertz TickTock comes with Dimensity 700 5G processor. The running memory and storage space are divided into two versions: 8G/128GB and 6GB/256GB. I used AnTuTu to conduct a “running score” test, and I can see that the score is 3,20,721 points. As for the battery capacity, it is 6000mAh, which is quite large, just like plugging a ” mobile power supply ” into a mobile phone.

The performance of Unihertz TickTock is not a big problem when used as a daily main machine. It can use for chatting and watching videos. As for playing games, the personal test shows that the king of players is turning on a high frame rate (the highest can only be turned on at this gear), ultra-high resolution Playing at a low rate, Unihertz TickTock’s FPS can basically be maintained at around 60, while the FPS in multiplayer team battles is around 58. However, I don’t recommend using Unihertz TickTock to play games. After all, AnTuTu scores are there, and being able to play the king with a high frame rate/high image quality does not mean that all games can do this, like Genshin Impact.

Android 11 OS

In terms of the system, Unihertz TickTock’s system is very clean and close to the original system. The system version is Android 11. The overall operating experience is very smooth. For example, the full-screen gestures that I care more about, side back and swipe up to return to the home page. The operation is very smooth. Personally, I like it more, and it is easy to operate. Although the system as a whole is not as beautiful as those customized by traditional mobile phone manufacturers, the simple and smooth operation can fully meet the needs of daily use.

As mentioned earlier, this phone comes with a physical fingerprint recognition module on the side. To be honest, it is indeed much easier to use than the fingerprint on the screen, and the response speed is faster.

In addition, in terms of hardware, TickTock also supports infrared and NFC functions. As a backup machine, many mainstream mobile phones on the market have canceled the infrared function. In fact, the infrared function is very convenient when using software to simulate remote control air conditioners, TVs, and other electrical equipment. For example, if you eat outside, you only need to know the brand of the air conditioner, you can use the mobile phone infrared remote control air conditioner switch, very convenient.

In addition, the NFC function can realize functions such as simulating access control cards and taking buses and subways outdoors, and it is also a very mainstream function at present. The figure below is the interface of the simulated community access control card.

In addition, in the system, you can see that TickTock has many built-in rich tools! which are very suitable for outdoor use, such as the built-in toolbox, you can see the noise test! compass, flashlight, level, height measurement, protractor, underwater photography, and heart rate testing tools.

When measuring heart rate, start the test through the rear camera of the mobile phone! which is somewhat similar to the principle of the infrared heart rate test.

Camera Performance

In terms of Camera, Unihertz TickTock has a 48-megapixel main camera on the rear and an 8-megapixel selfie on the front. The camera specifications and parameters are average.

The specific shooting effect is as follows:

Pic# 1: It’s an outdoor scene during the day, where the leaves and buildings are relatively clear! and the levels of light and shade are acceptable and distinct.

Pic# 2: A close-up shot of flowers, the definition is not bad! although the stamens are a bit blurry, they can still be seen.

Pic# 3: Backlit flowers and stone pier, no blur caused by overexposure, clarity, and color are relatively accurate.

Pic# 4: It’s a wide-angle shot of a building. The sky is a bit dull. Fortunately, the outlines of the glass windows of the building are clearly visible! and the clothes drying on the balcony can also be distinguished.

I feel that Unihertz TickTock is quite average in terms of camera effects. The camera functions are not comprehensive, there is no HDR, and there is no night scene mode.

Battery and Charging

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of Unihertz TickTock has reached 6000mAh, which is very large. Even if the ordinary mobile phone reaches 4000mAh, it is considered a large capacity. You can understand it yourself. For daily use, you can use it once and use it normally for five or six days. The standard 12V/2.75A charging head can support up to 30W fast charging. With the blessing of the fast charging function, the charging speed will also be fast a lot of.

In the actual experience, even if there is only 75% of the battery left! which is not full, and can continue to be used for more than two days. It can use for three to five days with almost one charge. The conventional smartphone can charge once a day, so it is commendable that the Unihertz TickTock has a strong battery life. Outdoor use is more secure than conventional smartphones. The standard 30W wired fast charge is not particularly slow.


Overall, after experiencing it for more than a month! I am still very satisfied with the performance of this Unihertz TickTock rugged phone. Strictly speaking, it is not only a very good phone with rugged performance but also! but it also innovatively brings a circular secondary screen, which can use in extreme outdoor environments. It can use to check the time, check the compass, and other functions! which can be faster and can better save power. After all, turning on the main screen will consume more charging. In terms of usage details, it comes with GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, and Galileo’s precise four-mode positioning. Whether it is star search or offline positioning, it is unmatched by ordinary mobile phones. This also greatly enhances the extreme outdoor environment. Accurate positioning can allow rescuers to find us better and improve the probability of survival.

In fact, even if it is a rugged mobile phone, its Dimensity 700 5G processor! as a mid-range 5G processor, can fully meet daily smooth use, plus functions such as infrared and NFC! This mobile phone is competent whether it is used as the main machine or as a backup machine. The price of more than 300 USD is still very high for a rugged mobile phone. To be honest, it is very worth recommending for outdoor work. or outdoor extreme enthusiasts.

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