Soundpeats Life Review: Most Affordable $50 Earphones

After several other wireless earbuds, which are more than affordable, Soundpeats has launched its SoundPEATS Life. The earbuds have several advantages, and according to official information, one of these is the extraordinary sound. That’s not all. The earbuds can also come up with noise cancellation and a transparency mode.

The battery life is always important with such headphones, and these buds promise up to five hours of running time at a time. This is a very good value for everyday use, and clear calls should also be part of the repertoire of these wireless buds. The only thing left for us to do is check: can these headphones live up to their claims? Let’s start with our review.


When unpacking, you immediately notice that the look of the charging case is smooth and fine. The SoundPEATS Life charging case is larger than the Air 3 Pro and follows the oval shape of the SoundPEATS Mini Pro and Free2 Classic, including the leatherette texture on the surface.

This case can fully charge the earphones up to four times before they need power again (charged via USB-C). Both earbuds can be easily removed from the case. A magnet ensures correct positioning. This is the industry standard – the headphones will only be charged if the charging pins are on each other.


SoundPEATS Life can also be used, and the overall wearing feeling is comfortable and suitable for long-term wearing. Good quality performance. The logo is embedded in black plastic instead of a gray sticker on the stems, and the LED lights let you know the status of the buds are in at all times.

Wearing comfort In terms of wearing comfort, the body of the earphones is moderate in size. Users with small ears can use them with small earplugs. The in-ear design can block noise physically, and the body has an IPX4 waterproof design.

Touch Controls

  • Double tap L or R to play/pause music
  • Tap R to increase the volume
  • Tap L to decrease the volume
  • Hold R to skip to the next song
  • Hold L to toggle between ANC on, transparency mode, and ANC off
  • 3x on R to activate the voice assistant
  • 3x on L to start the game mode

Sound Quality

As far as the sound is concerned, a very special sound awaits you here. In a word, the SoundPEATS Life is bass-heavy. It likes to play itself to the fore, especially at low and medium volumes. Bass lovers will be happy about that, but otherwise, you just have to live with the bass or counteract it with an equalizer on your smartphone.

Calls with these earbuds work quite well. Your voice is always transmitted clearly and quite loudly. The ambient noise cancellation also does a good job with what you hear and the other person’s.

The extension and penetration of the high-frequency tail are moderate, the position of the mid-frequency vocal is forward, the throat and depth are reasonable, the singing voice is emotionally warm and slightly sweet, the low-frequency performance is Q-playing and powerful, and the extension of the deep dive is moderate and a little more.

There is a little pop, and the overall sound field performance is moderate. Users can adjust the EQ parameters or customize them through the App software. They can also use the self-adjustment function of the App to create their sense of hearing.

Gaming Mode

The Soundpeats Life has a game mode. The game will sync perfectly with the sound if this is switched on. There are no shifts when I play a round on your PS or the computer. Everything is perfectly in sync. No matter how fast explosions go up around you.

I will also switch on this game mode if you are streaming Netflix. Because without the game mode, the transmission is not always lip-synchronous, despite Bluetooth 5.2. However, this problem has been solved with the game mode.


Autonomy is an emphasis put forward by Soundpeats. It announces 5 hours of autonomy for the headphones, which is true because I lost 52% of my battery after 2h30 use. The charging case allows you to charge the headphones four times, giving 25 hours of battery life.

They are equipped with two 40×2 mAh batteries that recharge in 1.5 hours. It is a very good autonomy and positive point. On the other hand, the case has a 460mAh battery that recharges in 2 hours thanks to a USB-C cable provided in the box.


The Soundpeats Life benefits from Bluetooth 5.2, allowing better transmission. But they are also equipped with the latest TWS200 chip, which remained quite rare on wireless headphones a few years ago, unlike current Android devices which offer it natively. This makes it possible to provide quality and, above all, stability. We also have active and hybrid noise cancellation thanks to a dynamic 12 mm sensor.

The quality of the connection is good as the Bluetooth connection maintains a stable signal up to 10 meters from your device. It’s possible to listen with just one or two earbuds at any time, but the music doesn’t automatically pause when you take out an earbud. This is also reserved for the higher-priced competition.

What I Want

That’s two points. The Soundpeats life has small LEDs at the bottom, which cannot be switched off. This is annoying. They’re always on, whether you’re listening to music or not. Another point that bothers me is that I enjoy other headphones.

There is no motion detection. You know you take the headphones out of your ear, and the music stops automatically. You put them back in, and it starts automatically. I found this more useful than a game mode. But that’s almost all.


For under 50 euros, you get a decent product with SoundPEATS Life. Because in this price range, you have to look for functions such as good ambient noise suppression (ANC), which is already available here.

A gaming mode that minimizes the delay between image and sound is also part of the game – other manufacturers can learn a lesson from that! It’s a pity that with this product, it’s almost necessary always to leave this mode activated. Otherwise, videos and other content will also be delayed.

They’re cheap, deliver good (especially bass-heavy) sound, and last up to five hours! – through and are also kept attractive in terms of design. Above all, they impress with their simplicity, you don’t need an extra app to install or use them, but at the same time, you have to live with what the manufacturer gives you in terms of functions and control options.

In terms of value for money, however, it must be said very clearly that only a few competing products can keep up with SoundPEATS Life. If you are looking for cheap ANC earbuds, you have found something good here.

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