Kospet Tank T2 smartwatch launched and available here


The Kospet Rock distinguishes itself with a design influenced by vintage Casio watches with protection from water, dust, and collision. Of course, it contains most features that you find in any modern smartwatch, such as fitness tracking, heart rate sensor, blood pressure monitor, and more. It is similar to the competition for the Zeblaze Ares watch, which has several common features.

KOSPET was established in 2018 and has branches in both China and the US. The goal of KOSPET is to establish an environmentally conscious chain technology brand that each and every customer will embrace and trust. While generating long-term value for partners, KOSPET works to deliver great user-centred products and services.

Kospet Tank T2 Design

The TANK T2’s body is made of high-strength metal, which not only gives it an intimidating appearance but also makes it resistant to vibration, drops, and car crushing. Additionally, TANK T2, whose construction and material choices are based on U.S. MIL-STD-810H, has demonstrated its suitability for use in all outdoor activities and challenging environments, helping you to meet a variety of challenges head-on. The gadget is barely 71g in weight.

Kospet Tank T2


The TANK T2 never fails to display every detail clearly and visibly, even in harsh outside lighting, because its self-luminescent AMOLED display powers the device. Furthermore, an AMOLED display of 1.43″ tends to be more energy-efficient than LCD displays because of its ability to control each pixel’s illumination individually. You may always be informed and proactive with TANK T2’s always-on-time display.

Kospet Tank T2 Battery

In addition to a double-mode, single-chip processor, the TANK T2 has a 410mAh pure cobalt battery with excellent capacity and voltage. Our exceptional software algorithms make it possible for the smartwatch to have a long battery life. Along with this, we get 50 days of standby time and 15 days of daily usage.

Kospet Tank T2

Strong waterproof

TANK T2 boats are 5 ATM static waterproof. This means they can endure an equivalent of 50 metres of water pressure. Thanks to their intricate water-resistant construction, which includes watertight speakers and a MIC. Additionally, TANK T2 passed the rigorous IP69K classification test. It allows you to use it throughout all regular water sports and activities, like swimming, diving, surfing, and more.


The most recent Realtek single-chip processor, the 8763EW with dual-mode Bluetooth, is used in the TANK T2. After establishing a connection, you can use the APP to make Bluetooth phone calls and play music on your wrist. Thanks to the included XX audio decoding technology, the sound quality is as astounding as HIFI. It also produces sharp, clear medium-pitch and deep, rich bass.

Kospet Tank T2

Health tracker

In addition to our independently developed athletic algorithm; TANK T2 utilises the cutting-edge BioTracker tracking optical sensor to safeguard your health by continuously monitoring your heart rate and blood oxygen levels.

70 sports mode

In addition to swimming, skiing, and other indoor and outdoor exercises, TANK T2 supports up to 70 sports modes. The smartwatch improves the accuracy of data collection thanks to our brand-new sporting algorithm.

Kospet Tank T2 smartwatch now available for just $99.99

Kospet Tank M2

Recently, Kospet introduced the new smartwatch Kospet tank M2 globally on the AliExpress platform. Actually, the watch is the new version of the Tank M1 Pro and now comes with 60 days of battery life using the standby mode.


The watch features a heart-rate monitoring sensor and blood oxygen measurement in terms of sensors and functionality. For sports people, the watch brings up the 70 sports modes that help them to track their activities during the game.


The 1.85-inch rectangular display gives an astonishing view of the watch on the front with a 320X385 pixel resolution. The new upgrade that might surprise you is that voice commands, and buttons can control the watch.


The 380-mAh battery in the Kospet Tank M2 will allow the users to run it for around 15 days. Whereas if the watch is on standby mode, it can easily last up to 60 days.

KOSPET TANK M2 smartwatch now available for just $89.99

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