AZDOME GS63H 4K Night Vision G-Sensor Dash Cam $50.44 Price Deal

The AZDOME GS63H is a high-quality dash cam that is designed to provide drivers with reliable and accurate video footage of their driving experiences. With its compact and discreet design, the dash camera can be easily installed on your car’s dashboard or windscreen without obstructing your view of the road.

AZDOME GS63H Dash Cam – Check the price at AliExpress

Features of AZDOME GS63H Dash Cam

One of the standout features of the AZDOME dash cam is its 1080p full HD video recording capability. This ensures that the dash cam captures clear and detailed footage of your drives, whether you are driving during the day or at night. The dash cam also has a wide-angle lens, which allows it to capture a broad view of the road and surrounding area.

GS63H dash cam


In addition to its video recording capabilities, the GS63H dash cam also has a number of other features that make it an attractive option for drivers. For example, the dash cam has a built-in G-sensor that can detect sudden movements or impacts, such as in the event of an accident. When the G-sensor is activated, the dash cam will automatically lock and save the footage, ensuring that you have a record of the incident. Additionally, The AZDOME GS63H dash cam is equipped with a number of features that make it well-suited for night-time driving and 24-hour monitoring.



Another useful feature of the dash cam is its loop recording capability. This means that the dash cam will continuously record video footage, and when the memory card is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest footage to make room for new recordings. This ensures that you will always have a record of your most recent drives, even if you forget to manually delete old footage.


In terms of battery life, the AZDOME dash cam is equipped with a supercapacitor, which provides a longer lifespan than traditional lithium-ion batteries. The the dash cam can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and is less prone to overheating. It  can withstand extreme tem erature fluctuations and is less prone to overheating, making it well-suited for 24-hour monitoring.

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Overall, the AZDOME GS63H is a reliable and feature-packed dash cam that is well worth considering for anyone who is looking for a way to document their driving experiences. Whether you are a professional driver or simply want to have a record of your daily commute, the dash camera is a solid choice. So, it can be a good investment for the safety of you and your loved ones.

Where to buy and price

The dash camera is available at AliExpress for only $50.44. Click below to get one.

AZDOME GS63H Dash Cam – Check the price at AliExpress

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