AGM Glory G1S Review – Rugged Smartphone Comes With Thermal Imaging Camera

Waterproof, drop-proof, and dustproof, Tri-proof rugged phones have been around for a long time, but now that large-screen touch phones are popular, tri-proof mobile phones have gradually become a niche, but they still have their own value. For certain groups of people, rugged phones are still essential. Takeaway boys, engineers, field workers, and even explorers, etc., their living environment is always difficult to avoid harsh conditions such as high temperature, high humidity, high altitude, severe cold, wind, sand and mud, vibration and bumping, even rain soaking. Ordinary mobile phones may not be enough at this time.

A rugged mobile phone that can accompany them up and down the mountain and sea without incident is undoubtedly the best choice. As one of the few brands in China that focuses on mobile phone protection, AGM has been deeply cultivating the design of outdoor rugged mobile phones. If you want to say which brand of rugged mobile on the market is worth recommending, AGM is definitely well-deserved. The AGM Glory was released at the end of last year and left a deep impression on people and made many people understand and like this brand. After nearly a year, AGM has brought a new product – the G1 series, which is also the most complicated mobile phone AGM has ever designed.

Today, We will introduce you to the AGM Glory G1S, which was launched not long ago. In addition to supporting three defenses, it also has a high-precision thermal imaging camera feature, and the mecha-style design brings a very good appearance. Overall, it is much thinner and more fashionable than the previous generation.

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As for the experience of using this rugged 5G phone with the function of a thermal imaging camera, let’s take a look.


Although the AGM Glory G1S is the flagship model of AGM, its packaging is becoming more and more simple, which is a khaki carton with the AGM logo printed on it. As a feature phone, the AGM Glory G1S currently has only one configuration, which is 8G RAM + 128G ROM. I think it is enough, after all, its positioning is not all-round. AGM, as a brand focusing on outdoor rugged mobile phones, will also be clearly marked on some professional logos. On the other side, it is marked that this mobile phone is a Class II laser product, with a wavelength of 629mm to 690mm visible light.

The packaging adopts a top-down opening and closing method. When you open the package, you can see the main body of the phone at first glance. In addition to the mobile phone, it also comes with a power adapter, data cable, user manual, card removal pin, stickers, and warranty card.


The AGM G series mobile phones gave me the impression of being heavy and tough, but this time the AGM Glory G1S has been optimized in terms of thickness, and the weight has also been reduced from 370g of the G1 Pro to 315g. Although it is not light, it is also considered solid. in progress.

The front of the AGM Glory G1S is a 6.53-inch FHD+ full-scale water drop screen. Although the size of the screen is quite satisfactory, it is a large metal bottom screen made for outdoor use. It has diamond-level drop resistance and the surface is quite hard. There will be no traces when cutting vegetables on a cutting board. In addition, like the previous generation, a circle of orange decorative lines is designed around the screen to make it look more recognizable, and it can be recognized at a glance even when the screen is off.

Open the screen to see, although the frame is a bit wide, against the background of the orange lines, the visual effect is quite good.

Compared with the G1 Pro, the design of the back of the AGM Glory G1S is significantly different. The most important thing is that the thermal imaging module is placed in the middle of the camera, replacing the super loudspeaker of the previous generation, so that the entire back of the machine is not obvious. It looks more coordinated.

At the lower part of the back, you can see four metal contacts. This is because the AGM Glory G1S also supports chargers that are now rare in addition to data cable charging, but this accessory has to be purchased separately. I think this design is mainly for convenience, because AGM G series mobile phones are designed with a protective cover at the charging port for tri-proof performance, and you have to uncover it every time you charge it. If you use a charger, there is no such problem. Can prolong the service life of the protective cover.

On the back of the phone, physical lines and Kevlar texture decoration are specially designed, which looks very industrial. In terms of Camera, a 5-camera solution is adopted, including a 48MP main camera + 2MP macro + 20MP infrared night vision + thermal imaging. The arrangement of camera modules is relatively symmetrical, and it also looks quite different.

Buttons and interfaces

Let’s take a look at the keys of AGM Glory G1S. On the right are the necessary power keys and volume adjustment keys. The surface of the keys has delicate physical twill, which feels good.

There is a golden shortcut key designed on the left side! which is also the design that AGM has been using. The default is the camera function. As a photographer, I appreciate this key very much, and it is very convenient to capture the fleeting moment.

The TF/SIM card slot is designed with a special protective cover. The card slot is designed to choose two out of three. It supports TF card expansion, which is very useful for people who like to take pictures, so you don’t have to worry about a large number of photos and videos occupying the limited storage of your phone. space out.

The charging interface is located at the end of the phone, and there is also a special protective cover. Surprisingly, there is also an “extremely advanced” 3.5mm headphone jack next to it, which is rare in rugged phones.

Tri-Proof Ruggedness

As a rugged mobile phone, the AGM Glory G1S adopts an integrated body structure. Except that the screen and the back cover are separated, the whole mobile phone is like a secret room, leaving only a few vents. The advantage of this design is that it can provide safer protection for the internal components of the mobile phone.

When the mobile phone is dropped, it usually lands on the corners, so the AGM Glory G1S has been specially strengthened on the four corners. This thick anti-collision rubber strip can maximize the impact of the drop.

The protection standard of AGM Glory G1S is American Standard 810H, which means it has the protection ability of 1.5 meters and 6 sides of drop resistance. Therefore, there is no problem if the hand-held accidentally falls to the ground.

Waterproofing is an essential skill for outdoor mobile phones. The waterproof level of AGM Glory G1S meets the protection standards of IP68 and IP69K at the same time. It can be immersed in 1.5 meters of water for 1 hour and resist 100BAR of 80 degrees Celsius hot water. What I demonstrate here is to put the G1 Pro under the tap and rush for 1 minute, take a bath thoroughly, and the phone is turned on when rinsing, and everything is normal.

Hardware and Performance

In terms of games, the performance of this mobile phone is average, after all, it is not specially designed for games. Tested and played with Glory of the king. There is still no problem with this type of game. The frame rate of 60FPS can be maintained under medium special effects, and the game is quite smooth.

In terms of hardware solutions, AGM G1S Pro comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 platform, and the whole series is equipped with 8GB+128GB memory and can support microSD card expansion up to 512GB.

Let’s run the AnTuTu and Geekbench Tests. All tests passed smoothly, and the final score was close to 35W. Although it cannot be compared with the current main model, the score is higher than the 342,000 of the Snapdragon 845. There is no problem in ensuring the fluency of commonly used apps.

Some friends may not be particularly familiar with the Snapdragon 480. Simply put, this main controller can actually be regarded as a derivative version of the Snapdragon 765 or Snapdragon 750G. Like the Snapdragon 765, it adopts the “2 large and 6 small” CPU architecture of A76+A55 and is built on the same 8nm process as the Snapdragon 750G. It also integrates the same Adreno 619 GPU with 384ALUs as the Snapdragon 750G.

In addition to this, the Snapdragon 480 also uses the same built-in 5G baseband as the Snapdragon 750G and supports WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.1 standards. However, one thing is special is that since the actual release time of the Snapdragon 480 is later, although the Spectra 345 ISP equipped with it is lower than the Spectra 355 of the Snapdragon 750G in terms of total computing power, the architecture is a new generation.

In fact, the ISP of the Snapdragon 480 adopts the same triple concurrent design as the flagship main controller Snapdragon 888, which can drive three cameras at the same time, but this is something that the main controllers such as the Snapdragon 765 and Snapdragon 750 cannot do. So despite the fact that the Snapdragon 480 is only an entry-level SoC with a prefix of “4” in name, its architecture is actually not old. The overall performance, especially the performance of the graphics part, is even better than the Dimensity 700 next door. a cut.

More importantly, if you usually pay attention to the market segment of rugged models! you will find that the Snapdragon 480 is already quite a “top” solution in this field. You must know that most of the professional rugged mobile phones on the market in the same period are still using “antique” 4G platforms such as Helio G95 and even Helio G35. It is true that they can have a new architecture and even support 5G networks. It is very few.

Thermal Imaging Camera – Special Feature

Thermal imaging has been the biggest feature of this series since Glory Pro. Since thermal imaging cameras on the market are very expensive! it is a big breakthrough to be able to integrate this function into a mobile phone worth several hundred bucks. In fact, its technical principle is the same as other thermal imaging equipment, which senses the thermal radiation on the surface of the object! that is, the temperature, so as to form a thermal imaging image. However, AGM Glory G1S has made this technology into an outdoor imaging system, which can not only take pictures! but also shoot videos, and can output thermal imaging image data immediately! which is obviously more practical and fun for ordinary users.

So what is thermal imaging usually used for? First of all, it can be used to find small animals at night, such as a cat hiding under a car! and its trace can be found instantly by using thermal imaging.

Relatively speaking, thermal imaging cameras are usually used in some professional fields. Let’s take a look at the parameters of the thermal imaging camera of AGM Glory G1S. People who know how to do it will naturally understand.

Imagine if you are walking at night in the wild, using this function, can you detect dangers in advance and avoid them! so for outdoor enthusiasts, thermal imaging is not just for fun but has practical significance. The key is that G1S Pro can also shoot thermal imaging video, which is even more interesting. Next, I used it to shoot a cat’s whereabouts.

During the process of taking pictures or recording videos with a thermal imager, it can also display the highest, lowest and central point temperatures on the screen synchronously for real-time viewing, which is very convenient.

The thermal imaging pictures in AGM Glory G1S can also be fused with real-scene pictures, and there are a variety of fusion methods, including dual-screen, fusion, picture-in-picture, etc., which is also more Pro performance than the previous model.

Infrared Night Vision

In terms of taking pictures and videos, the Glory G1S is not far behind. In addition to different modes of taking pictures, it also adds a night vision function. You can enter and select the night vision mode through the camera function. The actual measurement results are also very good. test environment. In the camera of AGM Glory G1S, there is also a special infrared night vision, which is different from the night scene function in the camera. Its image is a black-and-white object.

But the main function of this function is not simply to take pictures, it can be used to find hidden cameras. If you are walking outdoors at night, it can also be used as a night vision device to see clearly the road under your feet and in the distance, and predict danger in advance.


From the real photos, it can be seen that the light in the close-up will be more sufficient! and the outline of things can be seen more clearly when shooting the distant view.

In addition to the built-in night vision mode, the camera can also choose regular camera functions such as night scenes! video recording (optional resolution 720P/1080P), photo, portrait (self-timer), and 10 categories of camera modes including movie, food, black and white, etc. Filter mode, as well as professional photo mode.

First of all, from the camera UI interface, the default camera function of AGM Glory G1S is actually more comprehensive than expected. In addition to the ability to use the independent night vision lens to take pictures and videos as mentioned above! it also supports independent macro lens recording! slow motion shooting, AI scene optimization, and even the popular portrait blur function.

First, the AGM Glory G1S uses a 48-megapixel main camera CMOS solution. From our real-shot proofs, we can see that its algorithm optimization is at a certain level. Even in an environment where the lighting conditions are not particularly good! the picture is still clear when using the main camera + algorithm double zoom, even if it is enlarged to five times. It is still acceptable.

And here is a small detail, that is, in the EXIF information of AGM Glory G1S! there is actually a lens equivalent focal length information. It should be known that most models will not do the conversion of “equivalent focal length” in this place! but directly display the native focal length of the lens. Although it is not troublesome to convert to the equivalent focal length! and it will not have any substantial impact on the image quality, only from this detail! it can be seen that at least the imaging engineers of the AGM Glory G1S are working hard on the product.

We also tried to use AGM Glory G1S to shoot some pictures in more complex scenes and used some of the additional camera functions provided by it. It can be seen that the performance of the AGM Glory G1S is remarkable both in terms of the blurring algorithm and the photosensitive quality of the macro sub-camera. Even when we used it to capture a fast-moving object like a cat! there was no focus error phenomenon, which shows that the basic quality of its hardware and the adjustment of the focus algorithm also has a certain level.

Video Playback

Playing 1080P Blu-ray movies on audio-visual apps such as Youtube is also very smooth.

Laser Pointer – Additional New Feature

On the top of AGM Glory G1S, there is a special device, that is the laser pointer.

In addition to the thermal imaging function, there is another interesting function the laser pointer! which can be turned on in the drop-down function list of the mobile phone. The laser pointer function can usually be used for PPT explanation or cat walking. The actual measurement found that the projection distance is also very far! but does not shine into other people’s eyes when using it.

Daily Experience

Since the AGM Glory G1S is thinner and lighter than the previous generation, the grip has improved a lot. Even if it cannot be compared with mainstream mobile phones, it is still very good among rugged mobile phones.

AGM Glory G1S uses a rear fingerprint to unlock. Since the upper part of the phone is occupied by the camera, the unlocking device is designed in the middle. When operating in this way, the finger needs to be bent to reach it, which feels a bit awkward. Fortunately, it is unlocked The speed is still quite fast.

Support 5G Bands

AGM Glory G1S is a 5G mobile phone. The measured downlink speed can reach 25MB/s, which means that it can be used in some industries with closed operations! and remotely control operations through the mobile phone 5G network, such as some deployment scenarios or mining scenarios. The AGM Glory G1S has great advantages over ordinary consumer phones.

Charging & Battery Life

The AGM Glory G1S uses a 5500mAh large-capacity battery. It can be used for a day at high intensity. If it is used at medium intensity for two days, it can be used for two days. The standby time is even longer.

Although the AGM Glory G1S is equipped with an adapter plug with a maximum output power of 18W. I think its charging speed is relatively fast, after all, it is equipped with a 5500mAh battery. The test is carried out when the remaining battery power is 3%. At this time, the charging voltage can reach 9.2V! the charging current can reach 1.6A, and the charging power is 14.7W.

It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to charge the battery from 3% to 100%! and it takes 40 minutes to charge the battery. When the battery is about 40%, the current will decrease! and the current will continue to decrease throughout the charging process. The charging voltage starts to decrease when the battery power reaches 80%! the purpose is to trickle charge and protect the battery.


This time the AGM G1S Pro experience is coming to an end here. I think its overall performance is remarkable. The three-proof function is the signboard of the AGM. AGM Glory G1S is an excellent rugged mobile phone suitable for outdoor use. It not only has good call and Internet experience but also supports thermal imaging and night vision shooting! and also has a large enough screen and is easy to operate without using a third party. The equipment can complete the secondary analysis of thermal imaging, which is especially suitable for professionals with special needs. Buying a professional thermal imager at a price of more than 4K also comes with a rugged smartphone, great value!

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