FiiO FH15 Hybrid Quad Driver IEM Earphones Breaks Contest

The newly born best IEM earphones from the house, FiiO FH15, sets the IEM competition to new peaks. There is no limit for the in-ear monitors to carry as many added loads of drivers. And many brands, including FiiO, add as many upgrades with tweeters, woofers, and amplifier chipsets as possible. Still, audiophiles desire that perfect audio frequency. So, here are the latest FH15 with quad drivers, 1 Dynamic, 3 BA, and additional Knowles BA drivers for enhanced treble and denser mids. According to the brand, users wanted higher frequency for the treble and heavy mids. Therefore, the HiFi amplifier and music player devices brand added 10mm carbon-based dynamic speakers or diaphragm as you call it.

FiiO FH15 Features and Review

The FiiO FH15 review for the specs shows a 112dB/mW@1kHz Sensitivity with 16 Ohms@1kHz impedance. A high-frequency range of 10Hz-40kHz. Also, there are twist-lock 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs to change at will for the FiiO FH15 IEMs. It employs high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper wire with 152 total wires to eliminate current losses. Thus, producing life-like audio with two custom-tuned Knowles RAD BA drivers for the treble and Knowles ED BA driver for lush vocals and mids. Incredible as it sounds, the CNC aluminum alloy construction locks it up with an extremely comfy patented S.Turbo design. This S.Turbo design is specially shaped for comfortable wearing and producing better sound quality.

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Moreover, there are now three pairs of swappable tuning filters for enhanced Bass, balanced sound, or highly resolving treble. There are new HS18 ear tips for extremely comfortable wearing. Also, these latest ear tips are lighter and designed to minimize frequency loss. So, all the supreme sound experience with DAC music players like FiiO M11 Plus, M17, or 11S. Before we saw these IEMs, FiiO launched its first flagship-level LHDC Fully Integrated Bluetooth earbuds, FW5. These wireless earbuds have one dynamic, two BA drivers, a DAC AK4332 amplifier chip, and a high-end QCC5141 Bluetooth 5.2 chip.

Price and Availability

The new in-ear monitors were introduced on Dec 9 by FiiO’s Winter 2022 Launch Event. After presenting the FH15 IEMs, the brand announced an upcoming DAC music player, FiiO M27 Pro. However, there is no early bird sale price or promotional discount for the new IEM earphones. The FiiO FH15 price is US$229.99, and it is available on AliExpress.

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