Mibro Earbuds 3 Intro Price US$19.59 Ends Dec 16

After introducing the Mibro Lite 2 smartwatch, Mibro Earbuds 3 earphones are now available with a US$19.59 early bird discount. Both devices are on special introductory sale that ends on Dec 16, PT. The Mibro Lite2 smart watch has a US$63.69 price with a US$10 over US$60 store coupon. This deal will also end on Dec 16, PT. For the Mibro Earbuds 3 price at US$19.59, there is a US$2 store coupon with the code: “MIBRO1212” store coupon. Hence, you can buy it for US$17.59 till Dec 16, PT. These wireless earbuds have Bluetooth 5.3, 320mAh charging case, ENC HD calls, and an LED power display.

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Mibro Earbuds 3 Review

The newly launched wireless earphones have a budget price with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology. There is an LED power display on the 320mAh charging case. Thus, the Mibro Earbuds 3 have up to 40-hour battery life with 5 times using the recharging case. These wireless earphones have professional dynamic speakers for shocking Bass, pure treble, and clear voice calls. In addition, it has an ENC feature for noise reduction during calls. The single earbud has 3.5 grams, is lightweight, and is comfortable to wear. Three pairs of ear tips are inside the pack, S, M, and L sizes. You can use touch controls by tapping the earphone.

Mibro Earbuds 3, Mibro Earbuds 3 review, Mibro Earbuds 3 price, Mibro Earbuds 3 specs, Mibro

How to buy it?

There are three things to do before you purchase these earbuds. Collect all the store coupons. Visit the store’s main page and look at the top of the page. Store coupons are listed, and you can click on these to collect. Or you can click “Get Coupons” below the Mibro Earbuds 3 price. Follow the store. And purchase these before Dec 16 PT when the coupons and deal end. You can do the same for buying the Mibro Lite 2 smartwatch, but before Dec 16, PT.

US$2 Store Coupon Code: MIBRO1212

Original Price: US$39.98        Early Bird Sale Price: US$19.59

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