70Mai Omni Review: World’s First 360 Degrees Car Camera

This is the 70Mai Omni Dash Cam, the world’s first 360 Degrees full-view car dash camera that films everything around your car without any blind spots. It also offers AI motion detection, very good day and night video quality, voice control, app settings, and many other features. Let’s take a look.


The 70Mai Omni dash camera comes in a pretty nice-looking box. Where all the items are packed neatly, you get the dash cam itself, a power cord, a car charger, and an electrostatic sticker: a wiring crowbar, an adhesive sticker, and some paperwork. I also have a hardwire kit that allows you to connect the dash camera to your car’s battery, which is required for parking security features like a collision.


Out of the box, The camera on the Dash Cam Omni is designed for panning your vehicle smoothly and continuously managing your car from all directions. This will give you more protection than a dash cam that only records in one or two directions.

Omni comes with Enhanced Collision Detection, which has a specially designed collision detection algorithm to protect your car while driving.

When an accident occurs, the camera can detect the direction of motion, then turn in that direction and record up to 30 seconds of video after the accident. This is a useful feature for documenting any accident and what happened shortly after it happened.


It’s really easy to install all you do is simply stick this clear acetate, then mount your dash camera over here, then you can 3D twist this one, okay? Gate the angles 140 degrees angle then. Of course, try to avoid rotating this one.

This is motion detection which is later you’ll see throughout the app. And consider the record. It’s recording right now, and we have a lot of bottles over here that are the power buttons.

And some other setup buttons over here on the side, so we’ll be trying to navigate some settings over here. We have your power button, and of course. Some navigation buttons over here just simply press up.

And you’ll go to the neighborhoods just simply press the power button just to be able to go in or navigate yourself out, so we have to be back over here going back then emotion detection.

Display Screen

The 1.2-inch display is rather small but is used mostly for basic operation. You can see the live view of the camera. And adjust the basic set. You can turn on or off the Wi-Fi hotspot sound recording. And Watermark mutes the device format the storage reset the device. And so on, you can also turn them on or off the display by pressing the power key.

Night Vision

Another great feature of the omnidirectional dashcam is the top-notch night vision, which ensures you get high-quality recordings daily and at night.

70Mai Omni Equipped with a large F1.5 aperture and PureCel®Plus-S HDR technology, the camera is designed to deliver excellent low-light performance and color performance.

While many dash cam available today record video at 30 FPS, the Dash Cam Omni records video at 60 FPS, which makes picking out important details like car license plates much easier.

AI Parking

The built-in AI parking monitoring function is like a digital security guard for your car. It uses an upgraded AI motion detection algorithm that can detect people around the vehicle. It can also see their movement and locate their location.

Artificial intelligence can differentiate between someone passing by your vehicle and a suspicious person approaching your car. It’s a great feature that adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle and keeps you safe while parked.


A full-featured dash cam with an array of high-end features, the Omni is also designed as a driving safety aid. It comes with an upgraded ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) that alerts you to potential hazards while driving.

For example, it can alert you to pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle braking, and more. It also comes with a built-in lane departure alert, a useful feature that alerts you if you drift into another lane, which often happens when people are tired.

Built-in GPS

The 70Mai Omni dash cam omnidirectional comes with built-in GPS, another useful feature that can help you with route tracking and finding your car when you can’t remember where you parked it. This feature is available for 4G hardwired kits, which will be available in Europe and Southeast Asia in 2023.

The 70mai app will sync with your dash cam for route tracking, and you can also check your route and GPS information after the journey.
Voice Control

The 70Mai Omni also features smart voice control, another great feature you don’t usually get on dashcams. You can move the camera in any direction with simple voice commands. You can also use voice commands to start recording on your device. This ensures you can focus on driving while using the Omni.


The Omni packs a 300 mAh battery, and an optional 4G hardwire kit lets you expand the Omni’s remote control options. You can use the device to check in with your smartphone when you leave the vehicle.

The package also adds Instant Alerts to alert you of any issues while your vehicle is parked. It can keep you informed of any suspicious incidents or collisions.


You need to download and install the 70Mai app, which is available on both Android a. Withinwithin the app, we can adjust quite a few settings, including the compression ratio. And video resolution up to 1080p. Keeps in mind that the HDR feature only works in 30fps mode.

You can also adjust other settings related to video clip duration and turn on or off watermarks. And logos that are shown in the recorded footage. Besides, we can set the default position of the tripod head once the camera starts. And when it is in parking mode, I simply set it to record what’s happening in the front of the car.

If you have set up the hardwire kit you can use it for parking security features that utilize the camera’s rotating head. And AI algorithms for instance when a collision happens the Omni will automatically pinpoint the direction of the motion, then turn towards it and record footage for up to 30 seconds after the crash occurs. The advanced AI motion detection algorithm, identifies humans around your car, detects their motion, and precisely targets their location.


The Dash Cam Omni comes in a range of options and many different storage options to suit everyone’s requirements. The storage on the Omni is eMMC storage, which is more reliable than the memory card storage used in many dashcams today. You can check out more about 70Mai Omni you can check out the official webpage.

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