Soocas X3U Sonic Toothbrush Review – 30 Days Battery Life (Upgraded)

Xiaomi Soocas X3U is a new-generation electric toothbrush. This is an update to the well-known Soocas X3 electric toothbrushes; The SOOCAS X3 electric toothbrush is part of this new generation of products designed directly in China.

And let’s be clear since their domestic market is over a billion people, they have a vested interest in making high-quality products. Today we have a chance to test Soocas X3U, Thanks to Soocas for providing a review unit. Let’s check out the review and find out if it is a good option for you.


In this pretty box, we find the toothbrush, an electric brush, 3 different types of brush head extensions, 1 Facial Cleansing, 1 charging cable,

A user manual, and another quick start to complete the package.


The Soocas X3 has an IPX7 waterproof level; its body is fully washable under water. Convenient to always keep it nice and clean. The autonomy of the Soocas X3U is excellent. The body of Soocas X3U is made of strong ABS plastic and aluminum alloy; we have one control button, which is used to select the cleaning modes – light indicators also inform this.

The toothbrush complies with the IPX7 standard, which is completely waterproof. Below we also have another light indicator, according to which you can understand how much battery power is left: green, yellow, and red.

The different brushing modes are materialized by small lights and placed through a logo that symbolizes the brushing you will use. The set is once again very beautiful.

The Soocas X3 received a lot of criticism for not having a dedicated storage case. The company has considered these complaints, and now the Soocas X3U has a special storage case. At the same time, two brush heads can be placed here. A very convenient thing, especially when traveling.

Cleaning Head

The Soocas X3 comes with a cleaning head with DuPont Tynex Classic fibers. It is a certified fiber, the ends of which are rounded in such a way that they fit the teeth as well as possible, clean them well, and at the same time, do not destroy tooth enamel. Even after a month of use, the fiber has no wear. The heads are delivered in an airtight package and are sterilized by UV radiation.

One charge can be used for 90 days, after which the manufacturer recommends replacing it with a new one, mainly due to the multiplication of bacteria. Although only the standard shape of the cleaning head is supplied with the toothbrush, in the e-shop, it is also possible to order a cleaning head for sensitive teeth or a deep cleaning head, which is suitable, for example, for smokers.


As I just said, the toothbrush fits well in the hands. Its diameter is perfectly suited to this type of use—the total height of the toothbrush and similar to a Philips Sonicare. Therefore, the grip is impeccable; the toothbrush will stay well in your hand without slipping unless you have the least slippery.

Using the SOOCAS X3U Sonic is quite simple. You need to press the central gold button once, which will turn on in normal mode. If you press once more, you will change the brushing mode. If you hold it down longer, it will turn off.

First Mode

The first mode of use constitutes a brushing equivalent to the high-end competitors. This means that the toothbrush will start to vibrate with the same intensity as its competitor. This vibration is quite pleasant. You won’t feel any difference with the Philips toothbrush. In any case, for my part, I did not feel any difference. Yet I have a few years of experience in the field!

Second Mode

The Second brushing mode is for sensitive teeth and gums. This reduces the number of vibrations per minute as well as their amplitude. Of course, this reduction is very minimal. Indeed the global vibrations are not of a monstrous amplitude either. 0.1mm is taken off the overall amplitude. We can not say that it greatly changes the sensations during use. But sensitive teeth will notice it more easily than I do.

Third Mode

The third mode of use concerns very sensitive teeth. Once again, its amplitude and the number of movements per minute were significantly reduced.

Fourth Mode

The fourth mode of use, whiteness mode, is a bit more aggressive. And this is the strongest mode. The number of vibrations per minute reaches 39600, and the vibration mode changes. I think, however, that the white fashion appellation is a marketing effect. One toothbrush can hardly whiten teeth more than another.


No connection with an application, but Soocas X3U still needs to add interesting options. It is recommended to wash your teeth for 2 minutes, and the brush includes an automatic stop. In addition, the brand has added a vibration every 30s during cleaning to remind you to change areas.


The SOOCAS X3U can be charged using the supplied USB Type-C charging cable and therefore does not require a charging station; alternatively, it also offers wireless charging. All you have to do is place the toothbrush on a Qi-enabled charger, and the battery will be charged. You can trust the full battery within 4 Hours—presumably, more on setting via USB Type-C charging cable.


I am very satisfied with this Xiaomi Soocas X3U toothbrush. The object is beautiful and well-finished. It exudes quality. It is a pleasure to use daily. My teeth and mouth are clean and healthier. I have a real feeling of freshness all day. The SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush is like a revolution in the history of oral hygiene. The product is very practical, and you will get addicted to the electric toothbrush after a while.

You can buy it at Soocas Official Store at Just $29.99 in any color after using code SOOCAS35 (Pink, Black, White).

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