Soocas W3 Pro Review: Still a Worthy Water Flosser?

Soocas is a premium brand of the Xiaomi ecological chain. It focuses on electric toothbrushes and tooth irrigators. Thanks to Soocas for giving me a chance to review Soocas W3 Pro Flosser.

Today I’m talking about Soocas W3 Pro water flosser after using it for over 2 weeks. If you are wondering whether to buy Soocas W3 Pro Water Flosser, read this article and make a choice.


Inside, water flosser products and accessories are neatly arranged in the box. We will all have 1 Soocas W3 Pro water Flosser, 4 Flosser tips, 1 USB-C charging cable, and an instruction manual.


Regarding the main product, the Soocas W3 Pro water flosser will have a removable body and water tank. Water tank with up to 240ml, with an open lid for pouring water on the side. With a total of 240ml, that is enough to use for 1 time of cleaning teeth carefully.

As for the body, there will be 2 control buttons, indicator lights (I will talk in detail in the function section), a USB-C charging port, and a push button to remove the Flosser at the top. The body is designed to be IPX7 waterproof so that you can wash it comfortably with water.

Soocas W3 Pro is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and intelligent voltage control that helps generate water jet pressure up to 140 PSI, and the clock frequency of Mijia Flosser reaches 1400 times. /min and Soocas W3 Pro is 1300 times/minute, effectively cleaning food residues.


The Soocas W3 Pro has 3 operating modes with 7 different intensities, meeting all user needs. You can easily choose the right mode and power for each oral state, thereby protecting your gums better. Specifically, the mild method is suitable for first-time users or sensitive gums. The standard way suits most users with the most thorough cleaning. Massage mode with effective gum massage, reducing bleeding gums. Its sprayer operates with voltage control to help stabilize the nozzle flow for more effective cleaning.

4 Separate Nozzles

Compared to the previous W3 version, the Soocas W3 Pro is more special this time when it has up to 4 nozzles, supporting cleaning many different positions in the oral cavity.

Specifically, the standard nozzle helps clean teeth, between teeth, and the gums, wash away food residues, and remove bacteria, effectively reducing plaque formation.

For periodontal pocket nozzles, when using this nozzle, the flosser should be set to the lowest spray level and aligned at an angle of 45° to the gum line, then place the soft end of the nozzle into the periodontal pocket and then turn on the flosser.

Finally, the Orthodontic cleaning nozzle is recommended to be set to the lowest spray pressure and can be sprayed directly on the tongue to clean the tongue.

Water Pressure

Soocas W3 Pro water flosser is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and intelligent voltage control that helps to generate water jet pressure up to 140 PSI. And also a standard nozzle diameter of 0.6 mm.

W3 Pro has the advantage of strong water pressure. The highest level can reach 140 PSI, while other brands’ highest level only ranges from 110 PSI.

Soocas W3 Pro is equipped with a voltage stabilizer sensor, which keeps the water jet pressure stable for a pleasant feeling when used.


If the battery life of the Soocas W3 for oral hygiene is only 30 days, the W3 Pro version has been upgraded with a usage time of up to 80 days, comfortably carrying it with you without worrying about it. Must be charged frequently.

It also equipped the IPX7 waterproof to help the water flosser work easily in wet environments and can be cleaned by washing it directly with water without affecting the internal machinery.

In my experience, I used 15 days with a single charge, and the battery was around 80% still. I also researched with other reviewers who tested it for almost 2 months, and yes. It normally gives 2 months of battery life.

My Experience

Once you get used to it, it’s hard to give up because it helps to clean the mouth perfectly. Before going to bed, I use a Flosser to clean it and then use a toothbrush. When I woke up the next morning, my mouth was still very clean.

I tested it by brushing my teeth with a regular toothbrush. After that, I used this Xiaomi Soocas W3 Pro water flosser to clean it, and I found that the water flosser still sprayed out a lot of small pieces of food stuck in the teeth. That proves that if you brush your teeth, it will not be possible to clean them completely.

Final Verdict

If you have experienced this Soocas W3 Pro water flosser, let me and everyone know how to feel. And if you haven’t experienced it but want to buy a water Flosser, consider using this Soocas W3 Pro Water Flosser.

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