A Comprehensive List of Top 5 Nutanix Advantages

A Comprehensive List of Top 5 Nutanix Advantages

Businesses place a high priority on lowering infrastructure maintenance and support expenses. It is equally important for businesses to be able to react rapidly to the constantly shifting requirements and challenges. Today, you have a wide range of platforms to meet the needs and budgets of any organization. Nutanix stands out as a virtualization vendor that can take your infrastructure to the next level.


The fifth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Xiaomi, has resolved long-standing storage performance concerns by switching its outdated three-tier IT infrastructure to the highly scalable and reliable Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform with a distributed storage architecture. With Nutanix Prism, the single management interface for all computing and storage resources, Xiaomi significantly improved the performance of business-critical applications while achieving a high return on investment (ROI) through savings.


This article focuses on the main advantages of Nutanix and explains how you can ensure optimal virtual infrastructure performance at all times with a third-party backup solution like NAKIVO Backup & Replication.


What Is Nutanix?

Nutanix is a software company specializing in cloud computing, including public, private, and distributed clouds. According to Nutanix, one of the biggest advantages of its product is that software is “invisible” to general users. IT management is so simple that software functions in the background without getting in the way of user tasks. Nutanix’s suite of technologies essentially runs itself.


Let’s quickly review what Nutanix solutions can do for a business and what services the company actually provides.


Top 5 Advantages of Nutanix

Here are some of Nutanix’s main advantages that cater to the requirements of practically every type of business:

Simple to Maintain

Regardless of the infrastructure size, you can simply monitor and manage every application, virtual machine, and other resource from a single console. The administration is as simple as checking your email, according to Nutanix. This management platform enables simple environment control and is built to give one-click monitoring and automation. Furthermore, Nutanix Prism offers a thorough view of your infrastructure and the associated statistics, making it a terrific tool for analytics.


With Nutanix, you can grow your infrastructure exponentially without making any of the regular trade-offs that are unavoidable with the majority of legacy solutions. When trying to extend beyond 200 desktops for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), deployments usually fail. The advantage of Nutanix is that it provides a unique method for addressing this problem. The workstation should be kept as close to the storage as possible. A new node can be added to your cluster when needed, allowing you to add 50–100 more desktops to your VDI.

Extremely secure

The constantly changing nature of cyber threats has made data security a particularly challenging problem. As long as they interact with hardware from various manufacturers, conventional hypervisors cannot be considered to fully comply with security standards.


The platform’s native hypervisor, Nutanix AHV, is resistant to these weaknesses. AHV is specifically designed for Nutanix-based infrastructures, and this improves overall security. The range of security features is fairly comprehensive, including data-at-rest encryption, key management, and multi-factor authentication.

Resistant to Malfunction

Using clients to access services relying on a central management VM or even a third-party database source is a common model. But such infrastructures are vulnerable to a single point of failure scenarios, which may cause downtime for business-critical processes. Automatic self-healing is one of the main advantages of Nutanix.


According to Nutanix, its system was created on the premise that the hardware can fail. Since each module contains a component called Nutanix Prism, the system as a whole keeps running even when a node fails. With the self-heal capability, the core problem is automatically resolved without administrator or user intervention.


The fact that AHV, the hypervisor, doesn’t need a separate license to get analytical data from its environment, is another key advantage. Prism has analytics as a core component, which meets computing, storage, and virtualization needs. This allows you to have a bird’s-eye view across the entire infrastructure as a result. The product’s customized dashboard allows you to make decisions more quickly and accurately while also tailoring the user experience.

Nutanix Advantages in Conjunction with NAKIVO Backup & Replication

You can use NAKIVO Backup & Replication to ensure data protection in your Nutanix AHV-based infrastructure. The solution provides a simple way to create application-aware, incremental backups of virtual machines without the use of an agent on each VM or host that needs protection.


NAKIVO Backup & Replication is the ideal way to manage, maintain, and safeguard your infrastructure when combined with Nutanix’s advantages. Here are a few of the solution’s important features:

Application-consistent mode

Make sure backups are executed in an application-consistent mode if your infrastructure contains apps or databases that need transactional consistency. By using native Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT), NAKIVO Backup & Replication ensures that data is correctly flushed from memory and then maintained frozen for the duration of a snapshot. The entire procedure often lasts no longer than a few seconds. Application-consistent backups enable you to restore data as rapidly as possible during recoveries, which may be essential for business sustainability.

Highly efficient

Several options in NAKIVO Backup & Replication can optimize backup processes and shorten the intervals between data backups. One of these, the LAN-free Data Transfer, enables you to increase backup speed while offloading your network. Direct SAN access and HotAdd are two strategies used to do this. Another function called Network Acceleration uses traffic-reduction and consolidation techniques to speed up data transport. By turning on this function, you can increase data transmission speeds by two times while greatly reducing network load by up to 50%.

Efficient bandwidth utilization

The problem of network overload is addressed by advanced bandwidth throttling. With the use of this functionality, you can create both general and individual rules, giving you fine-grained control over how to use networks without slowing down your production flows.

Exceptional consistency

It is crucial to confirm that your backups are current and accessible before you actually need them. With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can get rid of single points of failure when a malicious attack, inadvertent deletion, file corruption, or disk failure occurs. You can copy backups from one repository to another using the Backup Copy feature without having an impact on your production system.


You can reduce expenses with Nutanix solutions without compromising on output or quality. High efficiency, enterprise-grade adaptability, and aesthetic simplicity are just a few of the main advantages Nutanix customers may enjoy. While NAKIVO Backup & Replication delivers a Nutanix backup solution for safeguarding Nutanix AHV data. With its fundamental features at your disposal, you can substantially simplify data protection management while automating data protection tasks and making the best use of your network resources.


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